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Features. Gephi is a tool for data analysts and scientists keen to explore and understand graphs. Like Photoshop™ but for graph data, the user interacts with the representation, manipulate the structures, shapes and colors to reveal hidden patterns. The goal is to help data analysts to make hypothesis, intuitively discover patterns, isolate structure singularities or faults during data sourcing. It is a complementary tool to traditional statistics, as visual thinking with interactive interfaces is now recognized to facilitate reasoning. When Is The Best Time To Post To Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Google+? [STUDY] « AllTwitter.


Instagram. Réseaux sociaux professionel. Youtube. Twitter. Outils réseaux sociaux dev. Outils interconnection RS. Facebook. CM. Veille. Drap it: Facebook-Tabs per Drag & Drop erstellen. Wenn man einen eigenen Blog betreibt, eine Facebook-Seite pflegt oder sich sonst als Content-Produzent im (Social) Web herumtummelt, muss man meistens eine Fähigkeit beherrschen: HmpfTML.

Drap it: Facebook-Tabs per Drag & Drop erstellen

Das ist also quasi HTML mit schmerzhaften Gedächtnislücken. Diese lassen sich oftmals nur durch ausprobieren schließen. Manche Leute sollen ja auch mit einer Tasse Kamillentee im Schneidersitz auf ihrem Schreibtisch sitzen. In der Hoffnung, dass dieses Teufelszeug da im Bildschirm nachgibt. Für Facebook-Seiten gibt es zum Glück jetzt eine etwas einfachere Lösung. Meine Kollegen bei redpeppix haben nach dem Start der Open Beta von pixoona noch mal einen nachgelegt.

Bilder und Texte lassen sich einfach hochladen bzw. hereinkopieren, und mit der Maus an die gewünschte Position schieben. Google+ Über den Autor: Julian Grandke Mein Name ist Julian Grandke. Social marketing : pourquoi les marques ne comprennent pas l’influence (et comment faire) L’intertitre est provocateur.

Social marketing : pourquoi les marques ne comprennent pas l’influence (et comment faire)

Le dernier rapport de l’Altimeter Group (Brian Solis, Jeremy Owyang…) fait le point sur l’influence en ligne et l’apport du social media dans la gestion de la marque. Ce rapport rappelle, si besoin en était, la puissance du bouche à oreille sur les réseaux et comment cette viralisation dépasse le marketing traditionnel. Selon Altimeter, dans les trois prochaines années utiliser l’influence deviendra un pré-requis pour n’importe quelle marque et l’enjeu consistera à utiliser les personnes présentes sur les réseaux comme autant de prospects et clients potentiels. Social Media. Twitter Launches New Look And Features For Profiles By Chris Crum · April 8, 2014 Twitter is launching a new look for profile pages, and some new features to go with it.

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The design features a large image across the top of the screen, even bigger than your Facebook cover photo. New features include Best … Twitter Use Could Damage Relationships, Shows Study By Sean Patterson · April 8, 2014 Social media is a wonderful new technology, keeping distant friends and relatives from across the world connected. L’histoire des réseaux sociaux. Fabernovel presentations channel. Facebook. Facebook. Twitter. Foursquare. Opengraph 2.0. Medias sociaux. Facebook Offer Snapped up by 28,000 users in 24 Hours. Facebook may have quietly introduced Offers in February, with the new feature only really getting noticed in April.

Facebook Offer Snapped up by 28,000 users in 24 Hours

The results, however, have been anything but quiet for a small Northern Irish hotel, with its latest offer claimed over 28,000 times in 24 hours, Simply Zesty reports. With the new feature, businesses can provide special offers to fans on Facebook, with these offers appearing in the newsfeed if you’ve ‘liked’ the page. The important twist to Facebook Offers is that when they’re claimed, they appear on the user’s timeline, and by extension in their friends’ newsfeeds. This worked in the Roe Park Resort’s favour, as in the space of just over 24 hours, its offer for a 1 night stay at the hotel for £42.50 went viral. The hotel was, however, quick to advise people to check availability and make a reservation before showing up.

A recent study by Socialbakers showed that a brand-related Facebook page with the highest rate of engagement has under 15,000 fans. Facebook Offers: How and Why They Work. In the past 24 hours, coverage has spread across the Internet of the launch of a new feature by Facebook, one that allows businesses and brands to utilise an ‘Offers’ feature that delivers daily deals to a brand’s Page and a user’s News Feed.

Facebook Offers: How and Why They Work

The new service is a twist on the traditional Daily Deals market, particularly because it allows Facebook users to remain in direct control over the offers they see. Instead of functioning as a dedicated website like Groupon, LivingSocial and AmazonOffers, Facebook has the ability to drop targeted deals into a user’s News Feed in line with status updates, photo posts, location checkins and other more social features. To some, it may be puzzling as to why it has been reported that Facebook launched Offers over the past couple of days. The truth is, it didn’t. The company actually announced and rolled out the feature on February 29: Offers are a free new way for businesses to share discounts and promotions directly from a Facebook Page.

Will it work?