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Fb ads. FBmobile. Facebook actualité. Facebook, le World Wide Graph ? (with images) · smcfrance. Applications mobiles socialisées, boucle virale, résultats de l’opengraph V2…Les derniers communiqués de Facebook. Le dernier Facebook Garage Developer du 19 avril 2012 a réuni au sein des locaux de France Télévision différents développeurs d’applications et acteurs du social media.

Applications mobiles socialisées, boucle virale, résultats de l’opengraph V2…Les derniers communiqués de Facebook

Celui-ci s’est essentiellement axé sur les nouvelles possibilités de l’Opengraph et du mobile. Tout d’abord pour rappel, Facebook c’est aujourd’hui : - 403 minutes en moyenne par mois pour les utilisateurs - 850 millions d’utilisateurs dans le monde - 25 millions d’utilisateurs actifs en France Cette hausse de la fréquentation s’explique par le succès des différentes applications sur Facebook et notamment les plus récentes intégrant l’Opengraph V2. L’intégration de l’Opengraph a permis de viraliser un certain nombre d’applications. Pour le populaire jeu Diamond Dash, il s’agit de plus de 20 millions d’utilisateurs chaque mois sur Facebook dont près de 64% sont Facebook connectés. Les différentes actions réalisées sur ces applications sont répercutées dans le feed d’actualités quotidien. Move Fast & Break Things Le login.

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7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses. Facebook pages are changing.

7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses

And that means your business strategy will need to change. In fact, Facebook has made many new changes that will impact anyone with a Facebook page. These changes emerged from Facebook’s fMC 2012 Conference. The overall message was that Facebook is looking at pages as a “mission control” point (which is where the MC comes from in the conference title). Here is an overview of the changes and how brands can take advantage of some of the new features. #1: Cover Photo and Profile Image Obviously one of the biggest changes that we all knew was coming was the cover photo. The new Timeline cover photo. One of the biggest restrictions is the fact that you can’t have any calls to action in your cover photo. The profile picture size has been changed to 180 pixels by 180 pixels. . #2: Larger, Highlighted and Pinned Posts One of Facebook’s mantras during the conference was the way we tell stories with Facebook.

Use Highlight to emphasize a particular post. #4: New Applications. Facebook Timeline for Business Pages – What The Changes Mean. The new Facebook Timeline page format So we all thought it was coming, but a week ago at Facebook’s fmc2012 event, they introduced Timeline format pages for Businesses.

Facebook Timeline for Business Pages – What The Changes Mean

Having had time to review the implications, it’s a MASSIVE change. In reality, probably the biggest change since business pages were introduced, and we’re really looking foward to working through the creative possibilities for our clients. As there are lots of great in-depth guides out there, we decided to just provide a quick “highlights” run down for the time-poor, together with some links to the best of the indepth guides we’ve found so far. What’s new with the Facebook Timeline? As with personal profiles, the Business page timeline format radically changes what a visitor sees on arriving at your page. If you’ve got a landing tab installed, your visitors may not see it.

Your additional Tabs and Apps are showcased through larger-than-previous images at the top of the page. Changes to the size and format of Posts Cover Images.