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Make High School Count - Counselor's guide. En Español Mapping Your Future has partnered with ACT to provide the Make High School Count program for students, parents, and middle school counselors. The program provides information about planning for education after high school - beginning in eighth grade. The Make High School Count program includes various guides. Some states partner with ACT to provide Make High School Count seminars and/or printed materials. Contact your state's department of education to see if they have additional resources or materials.

The Student Guide: Designed for 8th graders, the student guide is centered on a set of simple suggestions: Keep your options open Take the right courses Learn to be a good student Use time outside of school wisely Start thinking about the future If college is a goal, learn about financial aid programs Get help when it's needed Plan your program: Thinking about designing a program for your 8th grade students and/or parents?

Print this entire guide (PDF) Downloads and forms. Downloads and forms En Español Brochures, flyers, and guides Federal student loan forms Loan counseling materials Exit counseling materials for Direct Loans and Federal Stafford Loans Verification worksheets As a benefit to Members, Mapping Your Future provides worksheets to assist schools with verification. Browsers and software. CCS Standards 417951 7. Complete MMC FAQ August 2014 467323 7. Counselors. Merit Curriculum (MMC) Michigan Merit Curriculum Michigan Merit High School Graduation Requirements Frequently Asked Questions -(Updated 08/2014) The Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document was designed to provide readers with additional information and clarification regarding the flexibility within the state graduation requirements.

The FAQ document will be regularly updated as needed. For questions related to the Michigan Merit Curriculum, please contact the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Unit at 517-335-3678. Earning Credit Options Testing Out Earning College Credit in High School: A Synopsis of Opportunities Guidelines for Awarding Credit in Career and Technical Education Economics in Marketing - Learn how to grant economic credit through state approved marketing programs utilizing the Michigan Collaborative Teaching Model. Academic Standards and Credit Guidance Personal Curriculum Information and Documents Resources Additional Flexible Learning Options. Paying For College. CollegeEd create college going culture. Measuring the Impact of High School Counselors on College Enrollment – Research Publications – The College Board.

Preparing%20Students%20for%20College 12 18 12. CounselorCompetencies. Resources for School Counselors | The College Board. Resources for School Counselors | The College Board. PlanningaCollegeNight S3. Beautiful and easy to use newsletters. 4 Ways to Make Brochures on Microsoft Word. Steps Method 1 Office 2010 Template <img alt="Image titled Make Brochures on Microsoft Word Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">1Open a Word document. You should see a blank page. <img alt="Image titled Make Brochures on Microsoft Word Step 11" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">11Replace any existing text. Method 2 Office 2007 Template <img alt="Image titled Make Brochures on Microsoft Word Step 12" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn">1Open a new Word document.

Method 3 Manually on Word 2007 or Newer Method 4 Tips. College and Career Development. College and Career Development Career and College Planning at DHS What guides what we do? The Common Application The College Search Here are some questions you can ask colleges, as well as a simple guide you can use to help yourself with the college process.

Try this is you need to see the school before (or after) you actually visit. The College Visit-IF you are making a visit, then be sure to do it the right way! Test Dates and Registration SAT/ACT Test Dates 2015-2016 College Test Prep Resources (SAT/ACT) While DHS does not endorse any particular test prep person or program, many have found the following useful. FAQ Sheet for Seniors Info on how to get a transcript, a counselor or teacher rec, finanancial aid forms, etc. Letters of Recommendation Your counselors are excited to work with you in the college process. Letter of Recommendations Timeline Process 2015-2016 Step 1 Submit “College Recommendation Questionnaire.” This is a typed questionnaire answering information about the student.

Step 2. Guidance | SHS. Spartanburg High School provides a comprehensive Guidance Program which seeks to take into consideration the needs and concerns of all students. All students are urged to visit the Guidance Department and become acquainted with our counselors. Each student has an assigned counselor for registration and graduation credit purposes; students are free to see any counselor of their choice for other purposes.

SHS Guidance Personnel Calla Snow/Counselor Students A - C 864-594-4410 ext. 7219 Sarah Jumper/Counselor Students Henderson - Meadows 864-594-4410 ext. 7221 Glover Smiley/Counselor Students Means - Saxon 864-594-4410 ext. 7218 Beki Moyer/Counselor Students Sharff - Z 864-594-4410 ext. 7220 Addie Jones/Career Specialist - GCDF 864-594-4410 ext. 7242 Student Registration Spartanburg High School is the high school designated for Spartanburg School District Seven. And one of the following documents: Current Landline utility such as phone bill, power bill, water bill, cable bill, etc. Uniform Grading. Counselors | McKinney High School. Naviance Naviance is the primary means of communication and information distribution used by the counseling team.

This is the first place you should visit if you are searching for any form or need any information regarding your academic plan. To access the Naviance Website use your HAC username and password. You can get more information on Naviance including how to navigate the site here. Check out the special features in Naviance including finding colleges and careers based on personal skills and areas of interests. You can learn more by watching this video: Overview of Naviance Intro Tour.

Finally, you may check your unofficial rank and GPA in Naviance starting on August 4th. Home Access Center (HAC) The Home Access Center (HAC) allows you to track your grades, attendance, standardized testing and upcoming assignments. Requesting a Transcript Please visit the Registrar page to request a transcript. Academic Planning Guide (APG) College and Career Planning College Planning Career Planning.