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Products / Subsea Glider / Overview. Overview Fin Ray Effect Recent studies on the functional morphology of fins of fishes show a surprising biomechanical effect of the fin rays.

Products / Subsea Glider / Overview

The bionic implementations of these constructions led to shape-adaptive wing profiles and flow control devices. The functional principle has been patented as "Fin Ray Effect" and a line of products based on this effect is currently being developed. Offshore references - Bosch Rexroth AG. Services - Deep Ocean Group. DeepOcean’s competitive strength lies in its ability to provide the best combination of personnel, experience, and suitable assets to offer as a solution to its client’s subsea challenges.

Services - Deep Ocean Group

DeepOcean strives for relentless customer focus and operational excellence, which is supported by a global team of highly professional and experienced project teams. The company delivers innovative engineering solutions and turnkey project management for complex offshore operations. DeepOcean’s project teams combine multiple skills including design, project engineering, geotechnical engineering, project management and offshore operations experience. As an integrated provider of safe, high quality, innovative services and technologies for the subsea industry, DeepOcean offers a range of subsea services including Survey and Seabed-mapping, Subsea Installation, Seabed Intervention, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), and Decommissioning.

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Remotely Operated Cleaning Machine (ROCM) - Seatools - Specialist in underwater equipment and dredging instrumentation. This Remotely Operated Cleaning Machine - or ROCM - was supplied to diving contractor DCN BV to enable the four cooling water intakes of Hong Kong’s Black Point power station to be cleaned safely and with minimum downtime.

Remotely Operated Cleaning Machine (ROCM) - Seatools - Specialist in underwater equipment and dredging instrumentation

Seatools developed the ROCM concept and built two complete systems, each consisting of a tracked cleaning vehicle and a power and control container. The vehicle cleans the walls and ceiling of the intake with its rotating brushes, which are operated in an automated regime at a controlled force. Pharos Offshore acquires 1200HP Subsea Cable Trencher / Pharos Offshore.

Pharos Offshore Group has acquired an SMD built 1200HP cable burial tool.

Pharos Offshore acquires 1200HP Subsea Cable Trencher / Pharos Offshore

The Universal Trenching Vehicle (UTV 1200) is a unique low and wide Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) specifically designed to bury submarine power cables. Modifications to the 1200HP UTV 1200 are underway. The enhancements will facilitate more effective post lay/installation burial and improve the handling and stability of the vehicle. Post-modification of the vehicle will provide an extremely stable platform and retain both jetting and hard ground cutting capability. The system has available 2 × 400HP directly driven electric motor/pump sets for jetting operations and a single 400HP subsea HPU.

The overall vehicle height will be reduced to 3.7m improving handling ability, drag profile in strong currents and operations on inclined sea beds. We work with clients across the offshore oil & gas, submarine telecoms and renewable power industries. Offshore Operations, Subsea Leak Detection, Cement Detection, Subsea Survey, Verticality Survey, Subsea Survey Frame, Subsea Winch & Slip Ring TMS Systems. Seaeye Subsea Winch & Slip Ring TMS Systems Seaeye offer the choice of bale arm or subsea winch and slip ring TMS systems.

Subsea Winch & Slip Ring TMS Systems

This page describes the Type 5 subsea winch and slip ring TMS. The Type 5 Seaeye TMS was developed to provide a garage system for Seaeye ROVs that is a capable of much longer ROV excursions than are possible from lower cost bale arm TMS systems like the Seaeye TMS Types 2, 3 and 4. This is achieved by incorporating a subsea winch system and slip ring assembly above a side entry garage. Construction: The Seaeye Type 5 TMS is constructed using 6082 marine aluminium.

The motor used to drive the power pack is a standard Seaeye SM4/M Thruster Motor which drives dual gear type pumps at 1800 R.P.M. The power pack is separately pressure compensated at 7.5 psi over ambient pressure using a 2.5 pint (1.42 litre) hydraulic pressure compensator and a gauge is provided within sight of the TMS camera to monitor this pressure.

ACSM - Agencia Marítima. ACSM operates and also provides comprehensive ROV sumersible systems services supplying Work Class hydraulic ROV systems, inspection electric ROVs, with standard tooling and equipment, subsea cable Ploughs, and high qualified technical personnel (Supervisors, Pilots and Technicians) for operation, maintenance and management.

ACSM - Agencia Marítima

Our Senior Technical Department have extensive experience in international offshore projects of submarine cable lay and burial, subsea inspection and intervention, and deep water ROV works (more than 1.000 m SWD). For over 15 years we have worked with submersible systems aboard Spanish & international cable and offshore ships. Subsea Tech - Marine and Underwater Technologies. Exhibitions. Projects. Contact Us. ROV, ROV Jobs, ROV Training, ROV Work, ROV Pilot, ROV News, ROV Forum - ROVworld Subsea Information. Global Marine Systems.

The XT600 is the latest evolution of subsea cable maintenance vehicles.

Global Marine Systems

It is a purpose-built system that allows Global Marine to significantly enhance performance across the full range of demanding subsea cable maintenance, trenching and survey work. With 600HP, the XT600 buries subsea cable up to 3m deep, and in water depths up to 2000m. Key Features Powered by 2 x 300hp motors; Vehicle Dimensions (LWH) 5.3 x 3.6 x 3.2m Light compact frame design, with strength capability that allows operations in up to Sea State 6 Operates in tracked and free-fly. ROV.


GSP Neptun - GSP Offshore. ISE's Manned Submersibles. ISE develops and manufactures Manned Submersibles for applications including tourism, science, and the military.

ISE's Manned Submersibles

ODYSSEY - Tourist Submarine SDL-1 - Military Submarine The ODYSSEY is a tourist submersible. It is a battery-powered, free swimming vessel which carry passengers through tropical waters in air conditioned comfort. Its functional specifications are found below. Odyssey is a general purpose tourist submersible. SDL-1 (Submersible Diver Lockout) SDL-1 was developed for the Canadian Navy in 1971 by International Hydrodynamics Corporation of Vancouver, BC. In 1983-4, ISE Research completed a major overhaul and conversion of the vehicle. Conversion to brushless DC thrusters addition of lateral and vertical thrusters addition of large viewing port improvement in command sphere layout. Forum Subsea Products, Equipment and Engineering - Forum Energy Technologies. ROV, video inspection system, explosion proof tv camera, pipe borehole inspection. ROVJET 404 – Remotely Operated Vehicle.

Work class rov

Nautilus Minerals Inc. - Technical Alliances - Wed Dec 11, 2013. Seafloor Crawlers. Using subsea remote-controlled underwater crawler technology, clients have been able to dramatically reduce costs and increase efficiencies in both diamond and offshore mineral mining.

Seafloor Crawlers

Based on IHC MMP's track record of innovative crawler mining tools, we have developed concepts for crawlers that are capable of tasks from sampling to installing and removing pipeline anchors, an area in which we see increasing interest as the costs and environmental risks of using rocks and sand to bury seafloor cables increase. By using a rock bolting crawler solution the environmental impact is reduced up front, by not introducing foreign materials to the ocean, and also after the project is completed, as the anchors can be removed using the tool and the pipeline recovered. Nautilus Minerals Inc. - Resource Extraction - Wed Dec 11, 2013. The Offshore Production System comprises three main components: Riser and Lifting System (RALS) The RALS comprises a large pump and rigid riser pipe hanging from a vessel which delivers the slurry to the surface.

Nautilus Minerals Inc. - Resource Extraction - Wed Dec 11, 2013

The pump hangs from a solid vertical (riser) pipe suspended beneath the support vessel. The pipe is deployed to the seabed by a derrick and draw works system on board the vessel. Production Support Vessel (PSV) On deck of the production support vessel, the slurry is dewatered. The transportation barges haul the material 50 kms to a stockpile location in the Port of Rabaul. Harkand.

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