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GREENMAX™ is a specialist in Styrofoam/ EPS foam recycling machine, including Styrofoam compactor, Styrofoam densifier, beverage dewatering machine and so on, which is a high-tech manufacturing and recycling economy business focusing on Styrofoam recovery, regeneration and utilization. Established in 2010, GREENMAX™ is the registered trademark of recycling machine produced by INTCO Recycling. INTCO Recycling not only manufactures Styrofoam recycling machines but also buys back Styrofoam Blocks and ingots. GREENMAX has sold Styrofoam recycling machine to over 70 countries.It has been Styrofoam Recycling solution leader in the United States and Europe.

The EPS Recycling Pilot Plant in Swindon Coincides with the Recycling Concept of GREENMAX. Recently, EPS recycling has made a new move in Europe.

The EPS Recycling Pilot Plant in Swindon Coincides with the Recycling Concept of GREENMAX

INEOS, together with Recycling Technologies, decided to invest in the construction of EPS (Expanded polystyrene) recycling facilities last week, which is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2022. The pilot plant, which will be set up in Swindon, UK. The recycling method of their facility is a kind of chemical recycling method, which will convert EPS waste raw materials into styrene, and then the obtained styrene can be used to manufacture new polystyrene with the same characteristics as the original materials. It is worth mentioning that this monomer recovery process has very little environmental pollution. It can not only save EPS from landfills and incineration plants but also cause no serious pollution - compared with the production process of polystyrene, the greenhouse gas emission in the depolymerization process will be lower.

Eco-friendly Recycling of Foam Densifier: Use Exquisite Frame to Change People's Attitude towards Foam. Before reading this article, you can think about these two questions: Do you use foam?

Eco-friendly Recycling of Foam Densifier: Use Exquisite Frame to Change People's Attitude towards Foam

What's your attitude towards foam? I believe almost everyone's answer to the first question is YES because according to the data of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), there are hundreds of thousands of foam products are produced every year. From food containers to express packaging, daily life is inseparable from foam materials. The answer to the second question is full of controversy. In fact, it is not surprising that this polarization is caused by attitude. Foam Densifier Brings a One-Stop Recycling Service for Foam Packaging During the Shopping Carnival. The Shopping Frenzy Will Also Bring a Frenzy of Returns I believe no one will not know about Black Friday, which is the annual shopping Carnival in the United States.

Foam Densifier Brings a One-Stop Recycling Service for Foam Packaging During the Shopping Carnival

Since Christmas shopping in the United States generally starts after Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving is the fourth Friday in November every year, its second day is also the first day of shopping in the United States. On this day, not only American shopping malls will launch a large number of discounts and preferential activities, but online shopping also has synchronous activities. This shopping Carnival can not only stimulate the domestic demand of the economy but also meet people's desire for shopping. On the Eve of Thanksgiving, Foam Densifier is Ready for the Challenge of Foam Gifts Packaging. This week is the fourth week of November.

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, Foam Densifier is Ready for the Challenge of Foam Gifts Packaging

By Thursday, Thanksgiving, which everyone has been looking forward to for a long time, will come. In this festival of mutual gratitude and gratitude with the people around us, gifts are essential. All kinds of drinks, glass crafts...There are always these fragile items in Thanksgiving gifts, and foam is an excellent choice to protect them. The mood when receiving a gift is very wonderful, but it is frustrating to face the difficult foam packaging recycling behind the festival. People's artistic creativity is unlimited. When some people use artistic creativity, others have made use of science and technology.

Complete Recycling Closed-Loop: GREENMAX Recycles PSP Food Containers with Zero Emission. What is PSP?

Complete Recycling Closed-Loop: GREENMAX Recycles PSP Food Containers with Zero Emission

Many people know EPS (Expanded polystyrene), but they don't know much about PSP. In fact, PSP is the abbreviation of Polystyrene Paper. How Does the U.S. Urban Environmental Sanitation System Give Impetus to the Foam Recycling Project? For a long time, there has been a contradiction between foam recycling and the American Urban Environmental Sanitation System.

How Does the U.S. Urban Environmental Sanitation System Give Impetus to the Foam Recycling Project?

At present, the roadside recycling facilities you can see, such as the blue trash can be specially used to contain recyclable waste, clearly indicate that this material is not acceptable foam#6. Landfill, as the conventional means of foam treatment, has also been criticized from all walks of life. Critics hold the view that it is irresponsible to throw foam, which is not naturally degradable, into the landfill, which will pollute the soil and ocean.

This has put great pressure on those industries that have to deal with a large number of foam, such as the logistics industry and furniture industry. Physical Recycling Method Will Achieve Sustainability of Styrofoam Cups in New Jersey. In New Jersey, although plastic straws are no longer offered, the state still allows drinks to be contained in Styrofoam cups and covered with plastic caps.

Physical Recycling Method Will Achieve Sustainability of Styrofoam Cups in New Jersey

Although many regions have issued a Styrofoam cups ban, it is undeniable that it can continue to be used in New Jersey due to its unique characteristics. The thermal insulation performance of Styrofoam cups is far better than its substitutes, such as PET cups and paper cups. The Milestone in Foam Recycling? Foam Densifier Shines in Lebanon Recycling Events. As in many regions, the solid waste treatment system of Lebanon does not accept foam for recycling.

The Milestone in Foam Recycling? Foam Densifier Shines in Lebanon Recycling Events

On the contrary, the end result of this non-biodegradable material is usually put into the garbage can, and then occupy the limited landfill space, which poses a great limitation to the development of foam recycling. In order to open up a new path for foam recycling, Sustainable Lebanon and the Lebanon Rotary club set up a collection station for foam plastics and other plastic foam forenoon on Saturday morning.

Foam Densifier Alleviates the Full Load Operation of the Local Foam Recycling Service in Dunedin. Recently, in Dunedin, New Zealand, the foam recycling service has received unprecedented welcome.

Foam Densifier Alleviates the Full Load Operation of the Local Foam Recycling Service in Dunedin

More and more families in the local and even surrounding cities have participated in it. From the perspective of environmental protection, this is undoubtedly exciting good news, and people's recycling awareness is awakening. However, unfortunately, opportunities and crises always coexist. As people's recycling enthusiasm continues to rise, the local foam recycling service is close to full load, and the whole recycling system basically has no extra actual capacity.

Eliminating Potential Safety Hazards: The Necessity of Recycling Styrofoam at Construction Sites. Recently, there was a news report that in Melbourne, with the bad weather, a woman was chased and pummelled by some loose waste Styrofoam, which was from a nearby construction site, and was blown off by a storm.

Eliminating Potential Safety Hazards: The Necessity of Recycling Styrofoam at Construction Sites

The scene was caught on a camera. While sympathizing with this lady, we should also pay attention to the potential safety hazards of the construction site caused by Styrofoam waste. As one of the most frequently used materials in construction sites, Styrofoam is often used to manufacture heat insulation panels or as protective packaging for other materials.

For any Styrofoam user or company, it is greatly difficult to manage this material. There are two reasons for this situation. There are two kinds of recycling methods, including simple secondary utilization. In addition, there is complete terminal recycling based on the Styrofoam identifier. How to Realize the Value of Post-Use EPS Food Containers Through Recycling? Recently, the Northborough Junior Women's Club, located in Massachusetts, held an EPS (full name Expanded Polystyrene, also marked as foam#6) collection event from 9 a.m. to noon on October 23. With the deepening of the world environmental crisis, people's awareness of environmental protection is awakening, which has promoted the holding of a large number of these recycling events. But if you carefully read the instructions for these events, you will find a frustrating fact: usually, only clean EPS is accepted.

As one of the most common packaging and container materials, people basically use EPS in daily life. However, people who often use EPS packaging will find that clean packaging materials usually come from EPS factories. As post-industrial packaging, they are naturally clean. Recycling Magic: Styrofoam Densification Can Save the Eco-costs of Plastic Use in USA. Since the advent of plastics, it has been widely applied in the United States on account of its incomparable low price and unique excellent properties. Many people have no concept of the amount of plastic consumption. Only in 2018, 359 million tons of plastics were produced worldwide, and the plastic recycling rate in America was very low, accounting for less than 9% of solid waste streams. For the global environment, marine plastics trash and plastic shopping bags are the biggest challenges at present.

EPS Recyclers in New Jersey Should Enter the Next Level of Recycling by Hot Melting. Recently, for EPS recyclers in New Jersey, very good news has been released. After the successful pilot program last summer, the Montclair EPS recycling program has changed from a temporary project to a permanent project. According to the Montclair Environmental Commission, the next recycling event will be carried out regularly. There will be trucks waiting for EPS donations at the recycling center at 219 North Fullerton Avenue until the trucks are full. INTCO President. Mr. Liu Fangyi, whose English name is Frank, is the president of INTCO International Company. He was born in 1970 in Shanghai China and went to America for further study in 1989.

American Basic Medical Company was registered in California in 1993 which was renamed as Basic International Company. In 2003, Shanghai Greenwood Import and Export Company was set up. And Frank is now the president. Styrofoam Densifier is a Strong Promoter of the Green Styrofoam Recycling Solution in Lake Zurich. In Lake County, many materials have rich recycling options, and blue bins for recycling can be seen everywhere on the roadside.

But finding a green solution for a common material has always been a challenge for all recyclers. Polystyrene, which is often applied as the packaging of appliances, furniture, and electronic products, is usually called Styrofoam, which is representative recycling trouble. Despite the emergence of the Styrofoam densifier, people doubt whether such equipment can promote Styrofoam recycling. Unlike paper or other plastics, Styrofoam is not required in general recycling facilities, and other containers on the roadside obviously cannot be the destination of Styrofoam. For many people with weak awareness of trash classification, it can be thrown into the dustbin on the roadside at will. GREENMAX EPS Foam Densifier Helps Appliance Company Solve Foam Packaging Troubles – GREENMAX Recycling EPS compactor.

As we probably are aware, EPS foam is a typical home machine bundling material, yet what we cannot deny is that EPS foam bundling waste is additionally a cerebral pain for home apparatus undertakings. Presently, increasingly more home machine organizations are looking for proficient EPS foam densifiers as a foam bundling reusing arrangement. The Ohio Government Hopes to Transfer EPS Packaging from the Landfills with the EPS Densifier. Styrofoam Densifier Builds a Bridge Between Appliance Packaging Recycling and Granulation in Texas. Recently, Waco Friends of the Climate will hold an event, aim at Styrofoam recycling in Texas. Time: From 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. this Saturday.Location: Cobbs Recycling Center, 2021 N. 44th St. Cups, food containers, and larger molded pieces and blocks are accepted. Foam Densifier Stimulates Furniture Potential of the Packaging Recycling Market in California.

Styrofoam Densifier Ensures That Logistics Packaging Can Be Fully Utilized in Sudbury. Styrofoam Densifier Ensures That Logistics Packaging Can Be Fully Utilized in Sudbury. The Profit Model of EPS Compactor Gives European EPS Recyclers a Bright Development Road. For a long time, EPS (Expanded polystyrene) is a kind of material that people love and hate. Retailers Will Divert Electronics Packaging from the U.S. Landfill with the Help of Foam Densifier. Not long ago, the official sale of the iPhone13 triggered a rush buying boom, which is the epitome of people's modern life. A Recycling Guide for EPS Foam Factory. For EPS foam factories, nowadays, EPS foam recycling may be an issue they need to pay close attention to. EPS Densifier Helps EPS Manufacturers Willing to Take Environmental Responsibility. The United States produces at least 155000 tons of EPS waste every year, but the recovery rate is not even half.

For EPS manufacturers, although they account for a large proportion of waste sources, including EPS defective products and leftover materials, recycling is indeed a difficult task for them, even a headache. Because before the emergence of EPS densifier, landfilling was a feasible method for them, which was barely satisfactory, but obviously landfilling was not a perfect method. Take California as an example, hundreds of thousands of tons of EPS waste are buried in this city, with an estimated cost of tens of millions of dollars.

The cost of cleaning up this material by EPS manufacturers is estimated to be more than $1 per pound of waste. Recycle Rather Than Eliminate: GREENMAX Tries Hard to Process the Foam in U.S. Municipal Waste. There is an essential system in urban life, which is often ignored by people, but all of us can't live without it, that is the garbage recycling system. Why Will Foam Densifier Become the Key to the Recycling Project of U.S. Government? GREENMAX Separates Foam Recycling from the Traditional Waste Management Model in North America. Foam Densifier is Not So Much Promoting Foam Recycling as Protecting Human Health. Why Does the U.S. Government Begin to Focus on Foam Recycling? GREENMAX Polystyrene Foam Densifier Prevents Foam Waste from Entering the Landfill – GREENMAX Recycling EPS compactor.

Foam Densifier Uses Green Means to Solve the Storage and Transportation Troubles of U.S. Recyclers. The 2021 White Paper Released by GREENMAX Highlights the Eco-Friendly Recycling of EPS Foam Densifier. Foam Densifier is the Solution to Foam Packaging Waste Behind the Fast Consumption Era. Foam Densifier Realizes Resource Reuse and Saves Marine Ecology in the United States. GREENMAX Enables Logistics Companies to Recycle EPS Foam Packaging in a Compliant Manner. Foam Densifier Eliminates the Troubles of Retailers on Foam Packaging Recycling. Foam Compactor Relying on the Advanced Recycling Concept Overcomes the Traditional Landfilling. Recycling with Foam Densifier is More Suitable Than Looking for Alternatives to Foam Nowadays. Greenmax-foam-densifier-an-opportunity-to-reuse-us-logistics-packaging-and-save-oil-resource.

Foam Densifier Helps Foam Manufacturers Avoid Three Major Crises in Operation Process. Recycle Foam with Foam Densifier is an Obligation for the U.S. Government. GREENMAX Will Continuously Contribute to Foam Recycling in the Coming Decades. Foam Compactor with Zero Pollution Makes Foam Appliance Packaging Reusable in New Jersey. Foam Densifier Fully Coped with the Surge of Foam Waste Stream During the Period of COVID-19.

Recycle EPS Logistics Packaging with EPS Densifier: Zero Environmental Cost and High Economic Return. Personalized Design and Humanized Service of Foam Densifier Attracts More Builders to Recycle Foam. GREENMAX Machine Will Shine in the World Due to the Green Recycling Chian. Take Foam Densifier as an Example: What Does Foam Recycling Bring to American Framing Industry? The EPS Densifier is Specializing to Recycle the EPS Food Containers with No Need for Blue Bins. GREENMAX Has Greatly Contributed to the EPS Packaging Recycling of Furniture Industry. The Use of Foam Compactor by Government will be Effective Means to Curb Marine Foam Pollution.

The EPS Compactor Gives U.S. Fisheries an Opportunity to Develop EPS Recycling Business. GREENMAX has Decided to Further Promote the Styrofoam Compactor in the U.S. Logistics Industry. EPS Foam Compactor Can Be Used to Recycle Furniture Packaging in the Montclair Recycling Center. How Can EPS Foam Recyclers Respond to the Threat of EPS Foam with the Screw Compactor?

Furniture Companies Develop Recycling by Turning Styrofoam Waste into Value with Styrofoam Densifier. Foam Densifier Help Recycle Foam Insulation in Construction Industry with Public Green Requirement. Foam Densifier Promotes the Virtuous Circle of the Growing Foam Market in the USA. From 4 Perspectives: Why Choose GREENMAX Styrofoam Recycling Machine? Let the American EPS Fish Boxes Rely on EPS Compactor for Regeneration and Utilization. How to Update Collier's Electronic Product Packaging Recycling Project with Foam Densifier? Let's Prevent Styrofoam 'Raining Down' From Construction Site with Styrofoam Densifier on May Day. How to Strengthen the Recycling Management of EPS Foam Packaging in Illinois? Foam Densifier Helps Makes Every Day Earth Day in Furniture Industry in Missouri. Styrofoam Compactor vs Styrofoam Densifier. The Increasing Demand of EPP in Automobile Industry Makes EPP Recycling More Urgent.

EPS Densifier Help Promotes Circular Economy with the Growth of EPS Building Waste. The Grants of RRC Will Still Support American Communities to Buy Foam Densifier. GREENMAX serves the Styrofoam recycling industry and offers total solutions to many end users. An Effective Method to Increase the Polystyrene Logistics Packaging Recycling Rate in Colorado. Recycling EPS Foam with EPS Foam Densifier is More Scientific and Humanized Than Banning It. Polystyrene Foam Densifier Helps to Realize the 'Save Our Polystyrene' Recycling Foam needs to be paid more attention by government with the arrival of Christmas.

The United States Realize EPS Foam Recyclable Thanks to the Assistance of EPS Foam Densifier. Is Available to Get Profits from Recycling Styrofoam for Manufacturers with the Help of Styrofoam Densifier. GREENMAX Foam Densifier Aims at Maximizing the Recyclability of Foam. Applying GREENMAX Foam Densifier is a Seriously Profitable for Foam Recycling. EPS Foam Densifier – a Machine Seriously Satisfy the Demand of EPS Foam Recycling. Foam Densifier with Melting Technology to Recycle foam by Home Appliance Manufacturer. GREENMXAX Styrofoam recycling Machine are used by Recycling Company for Styrofoam Recycling in USA. Styrofoam Densifier Dispose of Styrofoam Efficiently for Furniture Manufacturers in the United States.