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InfoTrack : Formation aux compétences informationnelles. How I use Pearltrees to organize my homeschool bookmarks. Pearltrees Tutorial. Getting Started with Pearltrees.

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How-To Use QR Codes to Curate Resources for Students. If you’ve heard me speak about the power of scannable technology in education, or checked out my book, you might be familiar with my ACES Framework.

How-To Use QR Codes to Curate Resources for Students

The ACES Framework is the tool I use to discuss deeper learning with scannable technology. When it comes to finding resources for your classroom, the C of the ACES Framework is all about curation. You can curate (handpick) resources by locating the best websites, videos and audio clips for your students. Once you’ve chosen your favorite online spots for students to visit connecting those links to a QR code is a quick way to get your curated resources into the hands of kids.