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Kahrizak Residential Project / CAAT Studio. Architects: CAAT Studio Location: Kahrizak, Tehran, Iran Architect In Charge: Mahdi Kamboozia Area: 1660.0 sqm Year: 2015 Photographs: Parham Taghiof, Ashkan Radnia Design Collaborator: Helena Ghanbari Assistant: Alireza Movahedi From the architect.

Kahrizak Residential Project / CAAT Studio

When we were offered this project, there were factors such as the location of the project, the problems in the region, the poverty the residents lived in and the Client’s determination to improve the living conditions in Kahrizak that motivated us to find the best solutions possible to build accommodations appropriate to the region’s climate and residents’ culture so as to set an typology of design and construction in the area. Search. Absolute Fonts Archive.


The Bourke House By Pacific Environments, A Natural Contemporary Living Space Design. The Bourke House Night Architecture Design A nice living space design which called the Bourke House is completed designed by the Pacific Environments Architects in Buckleton Bay, Matakana, New Zealand.

The Bourke House By Pacific Environments, A Natural Contemporary Living Space Design

This living space is perched on a hill. This original family summer cottage is relocated to the next door and made way to a new campsite, the conceptual ‘tents’, and it is formed as the connected pavilions. This living space design is embodying and inspired by the intergenerational memories, the essence of the long summer holidays, activities, collections, connections and the stories.

This house design is an exposed, sensitive, rural coastal environment which is positioned on a prominent peninsular with the spectacular views which complimenting the adjacent and recently completed Guesthouse and Boatshed in a rural Kiwi vernacular.

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