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Malebasics was founded in 2002 out of a need to provide men the perfect outlet for purchasing the types of underwear they prefer. From sportswear, to thongs, to sexy briefs and swimwear; we wanted every choice a man could want under one site.

Things to Know about Men’s Thongs. The thong is known to be one of the most popular underwear among the women.

Things to Know about Men’s Thongs

But years of evolution in the men’s underwear has included thong in their list. Nowadays, various kinds of thong for men are available in the market. Those who are conservative and traditional can choose the brief and boxers. But, if you have the guts and dare to wear something different, then wear mens thongs. Some Weird but Effective Reasons to Wear Jockstraps. Jockstraps are mainly invented for men who take part in intense sporting events like cycling, running, etc.

Some Weird but Effective Reasons to Wear Jockstraps

The main purpose to make this kind of underwear is to provide good support to the genitals and prevent them from any kind of accident during the gaming event. But after the introduction of underwear in the fashion world, men have started to use them in their daily life just like other types of underwear. There are various kinds of jockstraps available in the market like swimming jockstraps for swimming purpose, sexy jockstraps for fashion purpose, and much more. Different people give different reasons for liking jockstraps. Let us discuss some of the popular reasons for wearing jockstraps here. Reasons to wear jockstraps.

A Quick Guide to Men’s Boyshorts. After the introduction of sexy lingerie for men, various types of underwear have been launched in the market.

A Quick Guide to Men’s Boyshorts

For more than a decade, French knickers have taken the place. But now, boyshorts have taken over the French knickers which enhance the sexy look of the wearer to a next level. is becoming very popular among those who like to wear something special and different to attract their partner with their new sexy and hot look. It provides a very high level of comfort with sexy insinuation. There is no pantry line present on this underwear. Short Guide to Sexy Men’s Bikinis - Male Basics. Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Grab the Best Lace Jockstraps Online - Male Basics. Malebasics: A Complete Guide to Men’s Jockstrap. Jockstraps are mainly designed for the sports personals who are involved in intense activities like bicycle racing, running etc.

Malebasics: A Complete Guide to Men’s Jockstrap

They are specially used as a protective garment for the men’s genital during the rough gaming events. But this is way back in time that this underwear is only used by the sportsperson. Nowadays, jockstrap mens jock is available in the market for everyone and men wear them boldly not only for protective purpose but also for their stylish look and design. What to look for while buying CrossFit underwear? Men often get confused while shopping underwear.

What to look for while buying CrossFit underwear?

It is not their fault. Presence of lots of varieties of underwear in the market has confused men. This confusion of people gets double when it comes to the shopping of crossfit underwear. Let us discuss some of the statements that will help you to choose the right underwear for heavy workouts like crossfit. Beginners Guide to Men’s Boxer Briefs. Advanced Guide to Classic Briefs - Male Basics. Malebasics: Men’s Brief: It’s more than just Style. The changing trend of fashion world has made various undergarment companies to launch wide varieties of stylish underwear in the market.

Malebasics: Men’s Brief: It’s more than just Style

Mens briefs underwear does more than just providing style in male. Let us discuss some of the advantages of choosing brief underwear here. Benefits wearing brief underwearBriefs provide much more support to the men’s genitals than any other underwear. It has a large spacious pouch to hold the men’s genital in proper place during intense activities. High quality fabric is used in the making of men’s brief which provides breathable space inside the pouches and keeps the temperature isolated even during intense physical activates.Briefs are good absorbent of sweat, which prevents many harmful bacterial and fungal infections from happening in the inner thighs that born and breed in the human sweat.High temperature in the lower part of the body is one of the main reasons of decreasing sperm count. Men’s Jockstraps: Style and Sport in One Package. Jockstrap is getting very popular among the people nowadays.

Men’s Jockstraps: Style and Sport in One Package

They are widely use for multiple purposes around the world- fashion and athletic. For a long period of time, they are only used by the sports personals in various intense sports like Volleyball, football, etc. But their huge advantages on male body have made them popular among the fashion world. The Advantages of buying 3-Pack Underwear rather than buying Single One. Nowadays, underwear has become something more than just a piece of clothing for both men and women.

The Advantages of buying 3-Pack Underwear rather than buying Single One

Today it is very much of a style statement and none of them are lagging behind to flaunt their styles of underwear. Men’s Trunks: the Perfect Underwear for Good Fittings and Looks - Male Basics. Men’s Trunks: the Perfect Underwear for Good Fittings and Looks - Male Basics. Malebasics: The Importance of Wearing Underwear for Men. Nowadays different varieties of underwear are available in the market for men.

Malebasics: The Importance of Wearing Underwear for Men

They don’t wear the underwear just as a supporting cloth for the genitals anymore. They have become fashionable cloths due to the changing face of fashion. The different kinds of men underwear available in the market are boxer shorts, jockey shorts, briefs, jockstraps, etc. People are now using them for fashion purposes so they must be made of good quality and look stylish. Performance Underwear – reach the verge of success with it! Performance underwear, perhaps the most used pieces of clothing for the athletes or for anyone.

Performance Underwear – reach the verge of success with it!

It is very popular to them and we find many sports personalities promoting performance underwear as their best option for any event. What makes this so convenient and easy for everyone else? Water resistant, breathable, lightweight, close fitting and etc. are to give a few examples of the qualitative aspects of such underwear that men really love to wear. This type of underwear is generally made of synthetic materials so that they can provide the person a comfortable felling during any intense physical activity. This underwear may have short legs or short sleeves or long legs and long sleeves.

The Advantages of Wearing Boxer Briefs over other Underwear. Underwear is an inevitable part of men’s fashion and clothing. There was time when men don’t used to pay too much attention to these tiny pieces of clothes but, along with changing time, the view towards the men’s underwear has dramatically changed. We can get a hint of which by seeing the large varieties and collections of underwear that are now available to us. Among all those items, are becoming very popular. This popularity of brief is because of many reasons. But before knowing about their importance, it is important to know what they are and how do they look. Malebasics: Sexy Men’s Trunks – That Will Snatch Everyone’s Attention.

Brief Underwear is the New Face of Comfort and Style. Clothing is one of the oldest things traces of which can be found even in the ancient times. Since the day people were born clothing has become one of the important factors. But, quite naturally, the style and art of clothing have changed significantly. As we all know that underwear has been a very prevalent part of clothing so, there are massive experiments with these ones. No matter what quality and type of clothes you wear but undergarment must be good and comfortable as they are the ones that are directly in contact with our body. Keeping all these important facts into the mind, the global fashion enthusiasts have now emerged with a new type of ! Buying Mens Designer Underwear Was Never So Easy and Delighting - Male Basics.

Sassy Men’s Underwear from Joe Snyder to Reveal The Real Man Inside! Even men are also trying ultra-sexy underwear now and that is something women are really crazy about. The vivid colors, the revealing designs and cuts and the sexy appeal – when all these aspects fall in right place, you get something to cheer for. In recent time, the experiments with men’s underwear is worth seeing and many global fashion brands are now putting in their best efforts to emerge with some great styling and sexy appeal for the men’s underwear. You got to see the rage for these tiny pieces. Men are buying them to try on something exciting that they have never done before and women have finally found something sassy about men. Malebasics: Be Bold And Look Hunky with The Cheeky Men’s Thongs.

Your dream of Sexy Men’s Bikini is Finally A Reality Now. Have you got bored wearing the same, traditional men’s underwear? Are you looking for something fresh and unique? If you do, you are not alone out there. There are so many men who are looking for great looking and comfortable underwear to improve their dressing on the whole. But how is this possible? Is there any particular way that can contribute in this regard? The one very important aspect of this change is that men now have a wide variety of options to choose from. Boxer Briefs – Feel the Ultimate Comfort from Your Underwear - Male Basics. Browse The Widest Variety of Classic Briefs Through the Best Online Source.

Embrace the new fashion trend with sexy men’s bikini. Even a few years back, the global fashion trends used to highly emphasize women sexy and exclusive underwear such as; bikini, lingerie, swimsuits, thongs and many more, but, you can evidence a complete different approach now for global fashion! What is that? Malebasics: Easy-To-Follow Factors for Buying Men’s Underwear Online. The Finest Way to Get the Best Sexy Men Jocks Online. Sexy Erotic underwear – to make your intimate moments exciting - Male Basics. The Style and Comfort You Can Expect from Sexy Men’s Trunk. Untitled. Malebasics: Introduce Style to What You Wear inside with Men’s Boyshorts.

Enjoy The Coziness Inside Your Clothing with Malebasics Underwear. Performance Underwear – Never Lets You Down On the Field. Malebasics: Buy Sexy Men’s Jocks Online to Experience Optimum Comfort. When it comes to underwear for men, comfort is the ultimate thing that should be preferred. Comfortable and Affordable Crossfit Underwear for Men through Online. There is hardly any person in this world who will be denying the importance of regular exercise for a healthy living.

In the present life style, we hardly have to walk or jog. Men’s Boxer Briefs – Wear with Confidence, Flaunt with Coolness. Sexy Men's Underwear by Malebasics. Malebasics: Please You Loved One with Malebasics Eroticwear. Wear Your Style with Joe Snyder Men’s Underwear. Malebasics: Enjoy The Comfort and Style Inside with Sexy Men’s Bikini. Athletic Underwear – The Secret to Improved Performance on The Field. Men's Boxer Briefs: A Unique Collection for Men of Variable Tastes.