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Shopping Guide for Yangon: Travel Guide on TripAdvisor. Museum Guide for Yangon: Travel Guide on TripAdvisor. Best Food in Yangon: Travel Guide on TripAdvisor. One Day in Yangon: Travel Guide on TripAdvisor. First time to Myanmar: A Yangon trip report. Slowly (but very happily) we’re working our way through Bangkok Airways’s route map.

First time to Myanmar: A Yangon trip report

We recently made our first trip to Myanmar, spending 4 fantastic days in Yangon (the former capital). With a sum total of 96 hours’ expertise (plus some reading and research prior), here’s part 1 of our Yangon 101. First off – Myanmar? Burma? Yangon? Of Thailand’s neighbours, we had visited all but Burma (clockwise that’s Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia, with honourable mentions to nearby Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia).

GETTING THERE: If you’re plotting a Southeast Asia itinerary or have a little flexibility in travel from Bangkok, know this: BKK to RGN is just an hour’s flight. Flight length: 1 hour 20 minutesTime difference: 30 minutes behind Thailand (GMT +6.30 )Yangon International Airport: It’s new, modern and airy. Yangon International Airport (RGN) VISAS + IMMIGRATION: We were tremendously impressed with Myanmar’s visa application process – all completed online, on an iPad, in minutes. 36 Hours in Yangon, Myanmar. Photo It’s Myanmar’s moment, and the country’s major city, Yangon (formerly Rangoon), is hoping to become Southeast Asia’s next boomtown.

36 Hours in Yangon, Myanmar

Diplomatic missions, business delegations and tourists have filled Yangon’s hotels since the country’s military government began transferring power to civilian leaders in 2011. The spotlight continues this year as Myanmar, also known as Burma, takes on the chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. For now, though, as the road map for laws and reforms is being drawn, the city remains in a kind of urban time warp, still awaiting a much-needed capital infusion to fuel what it hopes to be its renaissance.

Golden pagodas, colonial-era buildings, traditional shop houses and moldering jazz-age mansions form a low-rise fabric unique to Asia, the whole stitched together by tree-lined avenues swarming with buses and cars. 1. 2. 3. When the tropical sun goes down, 19th Street, between Maha Bandoola and Anawrahta Roads, still sizzles. 4. 5. 6. Myanmar's Quiet Revolution – the Spa Scene. Myanmar is quickly developing a reputation as a quality destination for affordable spa treatments.

Myanmar's Quiet Revolution – the Spa Scene

Myanmar is opening up, politically, geographically and economically. Until recently, Myanmar was visited only by the more determined travelers. And having a massage in Yangon certainly wasn't on the cards. Now, thanks to easier access, improving tourist infrastructure and a different landscape to most other Asian countries, tourists are flocking to this former pariah state. As tourism in Myanmar is increasing, so are the spa options. Burmese massage Previously, the more established spas offered only traditional Burmese massage, which is a unique experience for foreigners – some like it, some don't. Full-service day spas If you sought world-class spa treatments in the past, you were very limited for options. Street massage You've heard of massage on the beach, so how about massage on the street? Jessica Mudditt's Blog – Stories from around the world. Whether you’re contemplating moving to Yangon, planning a trip as a tourist or already living here, my top tips will help you make the most of your experience in Myanmar’s bustling commercial capital.

Jessica Mudditt's Blog – Stories from around the world

A few months ago I was asked to do an interview with Jetstar’s inflight magazine. By mistake I answered every question instead of just a handful (oops), but as I receive quite a few emails from people who are about to move to or visit Yangon, I thought it might be handy to add a few more tips and post them here on my blog. Where can I find reliable info on Yangon? The absolute best source of “real-time” information is a Google group called Yangon Expat Connection.

It has thousands of members – both expats and locals – and its forums contain a rich reserve of advice (tip: try searching before posting). Another welcome new release is a book called “Expatriate in Myanmar: A Guide for Newcomers” by Janice Merchant. Should I move to Yangon? Where can I get a great steak? Yangon Month Weather - AccuWeather Forecast for Yangon Myanmar. Select interests to add to your dock Health Cold & FluAllergiesRespiratoryArthritisMigraineSinus TravelAstronomyEvents A.M.

Yangon Month Weather - AccuWeather Forecast for Yangon Myanmar

Planner DrivingSchool DayHair DaySnow Days Home & Garden D.I.Y.Lawn & GardenHome EnergyEntertaining Sports & Recreation GolfSkiHuntingFishingRunningHikingBikingSun & SandSailing. Rose Garden Hotel. Rose Garden Hotel - Yangon. Rose Garden Hotel (Yangon, Myanmar) - Hotel Reviews. 36 Hours in Yangon, Myanmar. 41 Photos That May Tempt You to Visit Yangon, Myanmar Immediately. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma): Important Travel Information Guide.