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Tips & Tricks for Wi-Fi Networking with Windows Vista. Learn ways to get around some of the networking annoyances in Windows Vista.

Tips & Tricks for Wi-Fi Networking with Windows Vista

Although the new Network and Sharing Center in Windows Vista may be great for the average consumer, it can be quite a nuisance for advanced users because of the added steps to access many of the networking configuration settings. While Windows XP didn’t offer an exceptionally user-friendly networking interface, it was quick and easy to access certain network settings if you knew what you were looking for.

This tutorial will wrap up our series on networking with Windows Vista by showing some tips and tricks to help with your transition from Windows XP. Add the Network Icon to the Desktop The Network icon (replacement for My Network Places), like the other main system icons, isn’t placed on the desktop by default in Windows Vista. You can access the Network on Vista’s Start Menu or when viewing your computer contents in Windows Explorer. How to get your Wi-Fi working again.

High performance access to file storage Plenty of people who link computers and other devices to the internet over a wireless network are finding they can no longer connect quite as easily as they once could.

How to get your Wi-Fi working again

That's certainly my experience and, if the many, many emails I received after grumbling about it in public are anything to go by, it's a problem many Register Hardware readers face too. Here are the symptoms: connections made between a notebook and a well-placed base-station suddenly drop. In places where the notebook used to be able to connect to a wireless router, a link can no longer be established. It usually happens in dense urban environments, and is usually presaged by the appearance of many more WLANs in your immediate neighbourhood. There was always an issue with 802.11g: the noisy nature of the 2.4GHz band it operates in. Of course, these are largely constants - what can change suddenly is the number of nearby networks.

So what's the solution to these network traffic jams? Netgear HDX101 200Mbps powerline Ethernet adaptor. Review It's a neat trick being able to transmit data around your home or office via the mains power wiring.

Netgear HDX101 200Mbps powerline Ethernet adaptor

You get a more stable, less interference-prone connection than Wi-Fi and a potentially faster link too. The downside is that there's no roaming, at least not beyond the reach of an RJ-45 cable and however many powerline adaptors you've got dotted around your house. Just as Wi-Fi is due to get a major speed bump, with 802.11n, so too is powerline Ethernet. The difference: the 200Mbps powerline is here now, while the 380Mbps 802.11n isn't going to be ratified until later this year, though we're likely to start seeing a raft of standard... almost products come in the next few months. Scenting an opportunity, makers of powerline network products are beginning to push the faster technology, particularly now that consumers are starting to ponder streaming HD video around their homes. Netgear was able to get to market well ahead of its rivals by adopting a different technology.

Main Page - WRT Wiki. Wi-Fi Hotspot Security Tips. Wi-Fi hotspot is dangerous! Don’t simply connect to it! If you don’t believe, read this wi-fi hotspot security threats. Here are some wi-fi hotspot security tips you can apply, so that can connect to Wi-Fi hotspot safely. Use VPN to Encrypt the Network Traffic Try to establish VPN (Virtual Private Connection) back to your home or office if possible when you are connecting to public wireless network. If you don’t have VPN access, then please ensure you use SSL (HTTPS) secure access whenever you login your email account or perform online financial transactions. In addition, please don’t use those applications, such as ftp, telnet, pop or imap that send data without encryption and you should replace them with similar applications with encryption (vsftp, ssh, scp, pops, imaps).