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Non life insurance provider in the Philippines

Malayan Insurance tops Philippine non-life insurer rankings. Car Insurance Policy Philippines - Malayan Insurance. Malayan Automaster offers extensive car insurance policy in the Philippines which safeguards your vehicle against accidents from natural calamities, theft and automobile damage among others.

Car Insurance Policy Philippines - Malayan Insurance

We also provide protection for you and your passengers for a worry-free travel. Here are our wide-range coverage features and high performance services. Insure with Malayan Insurance now via Malayan Online! The Malayan Automaster covers the following benefits: Automobile Loss/Own DamageMalayan takes pride in its claims settlement reputation. Travel Insurance Philippines - Malayan Insurance. Lost passport, lost luggage, accidents abroad, third party property damage—these are just some of the unforeseen but possible inconveniences and emergencies that can occur when travelling.

Travel Insurance Philippines - Malayan Insurance

Protect yourself and have worry-free travels with Malayan Insurance Travel Master. Travel Master offers the most comprehensive international travel insurance available in the Philippines courtesy of our extensive network of worldwide emergency centers. How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes and Get the Best Deal. 29Shares Now you got your dream.

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes and Get the Best Deal

You are now the proud owner of a personal vehicle. But before you go zooming around the city or on a road trip, make sure that it is covered. BEAUTY & FASHION. If you are a provider or breadwinner in the family, you badly need to get yourself covered!


You’ve got to safeguard yourself and your loved one’s future through personal accident insurance which can support you through disability or death due to an accident. Just recently, I got myself into a minor car accident and if it wasn’t for the screaming students who had witnessed when my car dragged the steel barrier resting on the ground, I wouldn’t know. All I thought was I drove over onto something like rocks or bumps but never thought that it has already damaged my bumper and left foglight. The next day after it happened, I called the insurance and asked questions. I was really clueless coz it’s the first time that it ever happened to me.

Explore the world worry-free with Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master. Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master is probably one of the wisest investments that you can make before embarking on your next trip, whether locally or abroad.

Explore the world worry-free with Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master

With Travel Master’s extensive coverage, travelers are assured of peace of mind, so they can focus on enjoying their adventures and creating wonderful memories during their trip. What is travel insurance? In simple terms, travel insurance is intended to cover accidental expenses and losses incurred when you are traveling. Depending on the coverage, some of these expenses include medical, lost baggage, and flight cancellations, just to mention a few. It is actually one of the most accessible types of insurance in the market because travelers may avail of travel insurance both from banks and insurance companies. The Flower Duet: Protect Your Family With Malayan Insurance. As parents, we all want to give our family the best.

The Flower Duet: Protect Your Family With Malayan Insurance

We want to give our loved onesa comfortable, happy life. Medical Malpractices in the Philippines - Pinay Mommy Online. Just recently, I saw the sad news that went viral on social media.

Medical Malpractices in the Philippines - Pinay Mommy Online

A local entrepreneur from Negros Occidental died after going a liposuction procedure in one of the cosmetology clinics in Makati City. A lot of people are speculating if this could be a medical malpractice case. Another case if from the news I heard over local radio. The parents were devastated when their child died from dengue. What are the Types of Auto Window Tinting. Perfect Escapade in Siargao. Unique Restaurants To Try In Metro Manila. Best Strategies to Boost Your Business During the Rainy.

From drizzle to heavy downpour, it is evident that the rainy season is here.

Best Strategies to Boost Your Business During the Rainy

It is also a season of rest and hot chocolate. But as a businessman, there are many things to consider during incessant rains because it might affect your line of business adversely. Wise businessmen know that goods and services their company provides can sometimes be seasonal. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the best strategies to boost your business during the rainy season. Here are some few tips to consider: What To Prepare When Moving Into A New Home During The Rainy Season. The Philippines has a long-standing problem because of its geographical location: Strong typhoons and heavy floods!

What To Prepare When Moving Into A New Home During The Rainy Season

The Philippines location is on the Pacific Ring of Fire and close to the equator. Therefore, we are no strangers to earthquakes and typhoons. We are battered with an average of 20 typhoons each year, many of which become devastating such as Ondoy and Yolanda. The Effect Of Rain During A Wildfire. Though it seems like something you’d only encounter in movies, the recent Camp Fire in Northen California is the real deal and not a scene you’d want to see.

The Effect Of Rain During A Wildfire

Though California is not entirely new to wildfires, this one has already claimed the title of being the deadliest fire in the state’s history with 42 lives lost. It’s also consumed more than 117,000 acres of land and 7,100 homes and businesses. This would be the time when having a fire insurance policy would help greatly in terms of finances. Things You Want To Know About Medical Malpractice. The main objective of a healthcare professional is to nurture and save the lives of the people. With this in mind, an average doctor will have studied for many years before becoming a fully accomplished medical practitioner.

Doctors receive extensive education on medicine, medical administration, and for any of their specialization. Event Planning Tips To Succeed. One of the most rewarding jobs, in terms of monetary, is becoming an event planner. However, it is also considered as one of the most physically and mentally exhausting jobs. This only means that it will take a laborious effort into becoming an accomplished event planner. Mysterious Places In The Ocean. Considering the complexities of exploring outer space, you’d think we’d have an easier time when it comes to our own planet. However, this is not the case. According to GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, we have more information on the Moon and Mars than the surface of the Earth. This cements the importance of having a marine insurance to back you up in times of unforeseen events.

Believe it or not, about 95% of the ocean still remains to be unknown to the world. Humans have only traversed 5% of the ocean floor. This explains why there are locations deemed mysterious or unexplainable. How To Prep Your Car This Rainy Season. The rainy season is finally here! Every Filipino is advised to bring along their raincoats, umbrellas, and boots to help them stay dry when out.

Those who drive, on the other hand, must also pack a huge amount of patience and the best car insurance in the Philippines as traffic conditions are getting increasingly worse. Apparently in Metro Manila, the heavier the rain, the heavier the traffic. According to the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), this happens because of various road conditions brought about by the rain. For instance, flooding on major thoroughfares, road accidents, and the like instantly affect travel time.

A Travel Guide To Asian Countries During The Rainy Season. Last June 14, 2019, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced the start of the country’s rainy season. The government agency, however, shared the possibility of El Niño persisting until August or November. If one thinks about it, this type of news isn’t surprising anymore. Have Your Vehicle Covered With Malayan Insurance.

Why and When to Get a Personal Accident Insurance. No matter how well we plan our lives or how hard we work to secure ourselves, we can never really tell what the future holds for us. And while I believe that everything happens for a reason, I also believe that we can never predict nor prevent it from ever happening. Top Benefits of Schengen Travel Insurance Philippines - Hungry Travel Duo. Insure to be Sure with Malayan nonlife Insurance. Liability Insurance For Medical Professionals. I have always wanted to work in the hospital to take care of the sick patients and of course to save lives. I have high respect for medical workers because they don't just deal with papers or machines. 4 Ways To Make Your Workplace Conducive. Why Having Your Business Insured Is A Smart Business Idea.

Home Improvements In Preparation For The Big One. Ways to Prevent Troubles in Your Planned Event. Things To Consider When Investing For A Condo. Interesting Items Transported At Sea. Three Convincing Reasons To Buy A Dash Cam Right Away. Why Driving Drunk Is The Worst Decision To Make - Malayan Insurance - Quora. If you haven’t noticed it yet, our news forecasts is not complete without any gory, graphic car accidents. Traffic jams are a common occurrence in the Philippines, despite streets and highways not having enough space for it. It’s definitely a scratch your head situation. Furthermore, it’s important to note that drunk driving is largely the reason behind these unfortunate events. Most are so intoxicated with alcohol that roads become blurry or indistinguishable. The New Boracay: What Must Travelers Expect? - Malayan Insurance - Quora.

Boracay Island is hailed as one of the famous hot spots of tourism here in the Philippines. It is bridled with milk-white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and enjoyable day and night parties. Fire Insurance 101: What You Need To Know. What You Need To Know About Malpractice Insurance. 5 Best Destinations For Solo Travelers This 2019. The Best Navigation Apps You Can Use While Driving. New Year's Tradition You Need To Know. Car Insurance: A must to all car owners! – TET Events Tribune. Global Maritime Risks Threatening the Marine Industry.

132Shares The marine industry is one colossal business with players that exist worldwide. There are different laws governing each country for the different shipping subsidiaries and there are varying degrees of maritime risks that need to be addressed as well. The maritime risks involved vary with every port and also depends on the kind of business a company is engaged in. However, these risks are far more threatening than those business that are based on land. There are so many unpredictable factors at sea, which is why marine insurance should always be in place. Here are some of them. Travel Tips and Travel Insurance for Your Holiday Trips - Diva Fabulosa - Top Filipina Lifestyle Blogger. Why do i need a Home Insurance? – Moms a peach. Complete Philippine Airport Guide for First-Time Travelers. If you’re flying out of the country from any international airport for the first time, this post is for you! Purple Plum Fairy: Why is it important to have a Car Insurance in the Philippines?

Every thing that we worked hard for is important to us. Why It Is Important to Get a Property Insurance for Business? - Only Elisa Knows. How To Deal With Rough Roads - Malayan Insurance - Quora. Air Travel With A Pet Dog. Things You Use That Are Shipped Via Cargo Ship. How To Safely Transport Fireworks. Securing Your Car When Away For The Holidays.

Securing Your Car When Away For The Holidays. Great Places Filipinos May Welcome The New Year. Why Homeowners Insurance is Essential? Be Worry Free from Driving Anxiety or Car Problems? – Mommy Comper. What you need to know about Home Insurance? – Playful Life with Kids. Do I Need A Property Insurance For Our Home? Car Insurance: A must to all car owners! – TET Events Tribune. Octane Rating: Things To Know. What To Do During Long Layovers. Why You Need To Follow Your Tire’s PSI. Winter Travel Essentials. Sea Freight: What You Need To Know. Best Christmas Gift For A Car Enthusiast. Beating The Holiday Rush. 5 Countries Filipinos Should Visit During Winter. Facts On Pedestrian Accidents. Travel Necessities When Travelling With Kids.

Things To Do To Protect Your Car On Hot Weather. Why you should get a travel insurance and tips on how to stay safe when traveling - Escape with Alyzza. You Need Marine Insurance - KATOOGA.PH. Importance of Car Insurance - My World Mommy Anna. UNDERSTANDING WHY INSURANCE IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Our New Home - The Super Momma. 4 tips to getting the best car insurance provider in the Philippines - The Blahger.

What To Do When You Lose Your Philippine Passport Abroad – Malayan Insurance Blog. 5 Worst Shipwrecks Recorded – Malayan Insurance Blog. What To Do In Case Of A Stolen Vehicle – Malayan Insurance Blog. What To Look For In A Repair Shop – Malayan Insurance Blog. Accessible Cities For People With Disability – Malayan Insurance Blog. Do you need car insurance? The Good Benefits of Travelling. Get your home insured before you lose everything – Mommy Comper. Things to remember when starting a Business. Malayan Car Insurance. Wanna have a peace of mind when you travel? Get a travel insurance from Malayan Insurance.

Ensure the safety of your travels this 2018 - Chasingcuriousalice. Moving Into A New Home - Millennial Moms PH. Starting Your Own Family - Jona Shares. What You Need To Know: 4 Wheel Drive, 2 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive. Reasons Why A Plane Gets Delayed. What Type of Tires Do You Need? 7 Historic Spots You Should Head On To – Malayan Insurance Blog. Abandoning Ship – Malayan Insurance Blog. Road Signs All Drivers Must Keep In Mind – Malayan Insurance Blog. How To Deal With Road Rage In The Philippines – Malayan Insurance Blog. Preparations To Make For When Disaster Strikes – Malayan Insurance Blog. GET A CAR INSURANCE & PROTECT YOUR CAR, YOURSELF & THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE. – JOEL JAWS ANDRADA. Pisceanrat: Enjoy the Best Travel Experience by Being Worry Free!

Tips on How to have a Worry-Free Travel – Eat.Pray.Love.Travel. Starting A Business? Stay Protected!