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Bioclean BD for Fecal Sludge Management, Biodigester Tank Enzymes. Bioclean Biotoilets on wheels are called as mobile biotoilets.

Bioclean BD for Fecal Sludge Management, Biodigester Tank Enzymes

They consist of all the 3 major components as in a Bio toilet i.e the superstructure , Bioclean Biodigester and Bioclean BD along with a chassis on wheels. Bioclean Superstructure is a ready to install product designed and fabricated with complete internal customization and toiletry fittings which can be placed at any location. Bioclean Biodigester Tank is also commonly known as portable septic tank which is placed behind the superstructure and is connected to the outlet of the superstructure with basic plumbing (Note : Maintain proper slope while joining PVC pipe from Toilet structure to that Biodigester tank for proper sewage flow). Understanding Hydraulic Loading in Wastewater Treatment Plants. Wastewater treatment is one of the most important needs of the 21st century.

Understanding Hydraulic Loading in Wastewater Treatment Plants

The population explosion, rapid urbanization, industrialization and changing lifestyles all across the globe have contributed to the generation of a large quantity of waste. Wastewater poses a serious threat to both human population, animals, plants, and the environment, if left untreated. Therefore, wastewater treatment plants need to be efficient and perform at its best always. What Is The Difference Between Compost And Soil Conditioner?

Poor soil condition can affect the growth and health of plants.

What Is The Difference Between Compost And Soil Conditioner?

A combination of issues like nutrient depletion, sandy soil, low or high pH and other factors can cause plants to dry up, stunt growth and lead to death. Using compost and soil conditioner can improve the soil quality and boost plant growth, but in different ways. Why Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions Are Urgently Needed In India. As per an estimate, approximately 80% of water supplied to households in India is released as wastewater.

Why Innovative Wastewater Treatment Solutions Are Urgently Needed In India

There is a significant gap between the wastewater generated and its treatment in India. Urban cities like Delhi and Mumbai generate millions of litres of wastewater every day. Sustainable Farming: How Futuristic Farms Will Supply The World's Food Demand. World population is increasing at a rapid rate.

Sustainable Farming: How Futuristic Farms Will Supply The World's Food Demand

As per the latest estimates, the population will reach 9 billion people by 2050. This, in turn, necessitates that food production should increase by 60 -70 per cent to meet the food and dietary demands of people. To overcome the overarching challenges of food security, crop productivity and nutrition, the conventional farming system has put immense pressure on land, water and natural resources and harmed the environment in myriad ways.

Therefore, futuristic farms must follow sustainable farming practices to boost food production without affecting the environment and protecting natural resources for the future generation. Global Farming Challenges. How Home Composting Gained Much Attention In 2020. According to a World Bank Report, India is the largest producer of waste.

How Home Composting Gained Much Attention In 2020

As per a 2016 estimate, 277 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated every year in India. In the next 30 years, India is predicted to double the amount of waste it generates. These are staggering figures and need urgent waste management solutions. But the year 2020 showed that everything is not lost and we can still overcome the challenge of waste management. FOG Issues and Septic Tank Struggles During Winter Months - Organica Biotech. One always expects the septic tank system to perform at its best under the earth.

FOG Issues and Septic Tank Struggles During Winter Months - Organica Biotech

The peak performance offers peace of mind as the day can be ruined by blockages, sludge build-up due to septic tank failure and other problems such as foul odour from your backyard. Nobody wants a septic tank induced headache, especially during the holiday season. Yet your septic tank is under extreme stress during the cold winter months. Best probiotic feed for aquatic animals by Organica Biotech. Bioclean probiotics for aqua hatchery by Organica Biotech. Soil and water probiotics for vannamei shrimp farming - Organica Biotech. Best probiotics for improving fish pond water quality and colour. Soil and water probiotics for tiger shrimp - Organica Biotech.

Biofloc Fish Farming for Effective and Natural Bioflok. Biofloc fish farming is an intensive aquaculture system in which biofloc or bacterial floc is introduced into reinforced geomembrane lined aquaculture ponds which convert the waste created by aquatic animals into edible mass.

Biofloc Fish Farming for Effective and Natural Bioflok

This edible mass is rich in protein and has probiotic effect. The higher C:N ratio is maintained through the addition of carbohydrate and the water quality is improved through production of high quality single cell microbial protein. Probiotics also serve as immunostimulants to decrease FCR, inhibit pathogenic bacteria and offers zero to negligible water exchange. How Can Municipal Wastewater Treatment Help In Reducing Water Pollution  According to the United Nation’s Water Development Report 2017, over 80% of the world’s wastewater is released into the environment without proper treatment.

How Can Municipal Wastewater Treatment Help In Reducing Water Pollution 

And in the least developed countries, it is over 90%. When contamination occurs from a single known source, it is referred to as point source pollution. What Are The Best Practices Of Sustainable Agriculture? Agriculture is one of the oldest occupations in the world and has been used for thousands of years to cultivate crops.

What Are The Best Practices Of Sustainable Agriculture?

It is essential to supply the world’s food needs. Over time, agriculture has evolved and taken different shapes to meet this demand. Advancements in science and technology have enabled farmers to produce extensive amounts of food which have helped fulfill the demand for food. Effect Of Winter On WWTP. Here's How Sustainable Farming Is Possible In Madagascar  - Organica Biotech.

How To Take Care Of Indoor Plants - Organica Biotech. Indoor plants are a great source of joy for those who love green living. Apart from the visual beauty and colourful decoration at homes and offices, there are several health benefits of indoor plants. Indoor plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide which is just opposite to what we humans do.

This process purifies air by eliminating toxins and helps us breathe fresh air always. Studies conducted over the years have shown that indoor plants boost your mood, reduce stress, maximize productivity and improve general well-being. What Are The Different Solid Waste Management Techniques  What Are The Different Solid Waste Management Techniques Solid waste management is one of the major problems faced by the world today and especially by developing countries. Population explosion, rapid urbanization, poor economic conditions and lack of infrastructure has deeply affected how solid waste is managed. How Do Enzymes Work To Maintain and Clean Your Septic Tank. A septic tank, commonly situated underneath the ground, is designed to collect household waste.

Best Gardening Tips and How It Can Save the Planet Earth. How Sustainable Aquaculture Can Benefit the Nigerian Economy. Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in Africa with a population of more than 168 million. Fish is an integral part of the dietary culture in the country, and demand for the same is very high. Therefore, aquaculture remains one of the key sectors driving the economy forward. According to estimates, Nigeria is the largest aquaculture fish producer in Sub-Saharan Africa and close to 19 million people, directly and indirectly, are employed in the fisheries industry.

In the last three decades, aquaculture production has grown 12 per cent per year in Nigeria as compared to the world average of 8%. Common fish species grown by farmers include carp, tilapia, catfish species etc. Despite growing leaps and bounds through aquaculture, there are several significant challenges faced by the country. Therefore, farmers in Nigeria needs to learn sustainable aquaculture practises that can benefit fish farming business and maximize high-quality output. Redefining Cleaning Standards: Switch From Chemical to Organic Cleaning Products Today  Knowledge about the value of cleanliness is probably one of the few positive outcomes of coronavirus pandemic.

Cleanliness and hygiene is a top priority in workplaces, restaurants and commercial spaces, since it can reduce the risk of diseases and keep everyone safe. Thus, it is safe to say that cleaning standards have been redefined. In the quest to keep workspaces clean, people often use chemical cleaning products for bathroom cleaning, floor cleaning and other cleaning purposes. But chemical cleaning products come with several possible risks. First, chemicals like nitrogen, ammonia and phosphorus used in cleaning products are volatile organic compounds or VOC’s which are hazardous and can harm human health.

Secondly, experts believe that toxic fumes released from chemical cleaners are one of the major causes of indoor pollution. In addition, the use of cleaners with harsh chemicals also presents a significant environmental threat. Moodle. Moodle. Solid Waste Management, Home Composting, Compost Maker. Algal Blooms - Organica Biotech. Solid Waste Management - Organica Biotech. Cleanmaxx for Aerobic Wastewater Treatment from Organica Biotech. Biogas Production - Organica Biotech.

Oil Spill In Mauritius And The Bioremediation Solution

Oil Spill In Mauritius And The Bioremediation Solution. Natural Fish Tank Cleaners : Aquarium Cleaning. Indoor Plant Care & Plant Care at Home. Plant Growth Promoter. The Best Natural Glass Cleaner & Window Cleaner. Enzyme Based Cleaner for Offices, Natural Cleaners for Offices. Organic Floor Cleaner and Organic Fly Repellent.

Organic Toilet Cleaner & Bowl Cleaner. Best Toilet Odor Eliminator, Toilet Odour Remover.