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How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously. Early on a Wednesday morning, I heard an anguished cry—then silence.

How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously

I rushed into the bedroom and watched my wife, Rachel, stumble from the bathroom, doubled over, hugging herself in pain. “Something’s wrong,” she gasped. This scared me. Rachel’s not the type to sound the alarm over every pinch or twinge. She cut her finger badly once, when we lived in Iowa City, and joked all the way to Mercy Hospital as the rag wrapped around the wound reddened with her blood. Rochester ranks 13th in best beer drinking cities. Prepare To Be Horrified At How That Tasty Shrimp Ends Up On Your Table. Do Fat Girls Have More Risky Sex? A Fernando Botero painting.

Do Fat Girls Have More Risky Sex?

Photo via WikiMedia Commons I recently stumbled upon a book from last year called XL Love: How the Obesity Crisis is Complicating America's Love Life, written by health-policy reporter Sarah Varney. The book details, through personal stories as well as scientific studies, how being overweight negatively affects men's and women's romantic lives.

One chapter focusing on overweight and obese teenage women in particular struck a chord with me. As it turns out, a whole bunch of science professionals are curious about the sex lives of young fat females, though the conclusions they've reached aren't exactly shocking. One study, conducted in 2006 by researchers at Cornell University, dispelled the popular myth many boys are raised to believe in—that is, "Fat chicks are easy. " According To This Sleep Expert, Work And School Shouldn't Start Until After 10am. Sleep is money for the brain, and young adults are accruing as much as 10 hours of sleep debt each week.

According To This Sleep Expert, Work And School Shouldn't Start Until After 10am

According to sleep expert Paul Kelley, a sleep-deprivation crisis is burdening young adults in today's world. “This is a huge issue for society,” Kelley, who works for the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford, told the Guardian. “We are generally a sleep-deprived society but the 14-24 age group is more sleep-deprived than any other sector of society. This causes serious threats to health, mood performance and mental health.” Sex Ed Outside The U.S. Teaches Kids About Masturbation, Consent And Orgasms. How Do You Know if Your Pet Is a Pervert? Photo by Ben Thomson.

How Do You Know if Your Pet Is a Pervert?

If You're White, Married, or College Educated, There's a Good Chance You Just Got Poorer. Library of Congress.

If You're White, Married, or College Educated, There's a Good Chance You Just Got Poorer

A British Inmate Protested on the Roof of a Prison for Almost Three Days. I Was a Teenage Fruit Fucker. Illustration by Alex Jenkins.

I Was a Teenage Fruit Fucker

7 gorgeous photos of redheads that challenge the way we see race. The 104-Year-Old Street Artist Who Yarn-Bombed Her Town. 121K 752Share1 Grace Brett might be the oldest living street artist in the world.

The 104-Year-Old Street Artist Who Yarn-Bombed Her Town

The 104-year-old grandmother of six is a member of a knitting club known as the “Souter Stormers,” who recently yarn-bombed the towns of Selkirk, Ettrickbridge, and Yarrow in Scotland. The “Stormers” spent nearly a year secretly planning the project, which was part playful prank, part street art installation. The mischievous knitters took to the streets this month, covering fences, benches, and lamp poles all across the towns in elaborate knitted art. The World's Youngest Serial Killers Committed Some Of The Most Grisly Murders In History. Edmund Kemper, 15 No list of serial murderers would be complete without a necrophile.

The World's Youngest Serial Killers Committed Some Of The Most Grisly Murders In History

Edmund Kemper, who grew up to be one of America’s most infamous serial killers, committed his first murders when he was just 15 years old. By August 1964, the California teenager was already showing all the classic traits of a sociopath — an exceptionally high IQ, an interest in torturing animals, and a deeply troubling relationship with his mother.

When he was just 15 years old, Kemper shot and killed both his grandparents while staying on their ranch in North Fork, California. When authorities asked him about the killings, he said he “just wanted to see what it felt like to kill Grandma.” Kemper went on to murder six young women in Santa Cruz, his mother, and one of her friends, dismembering and sexually molesting their bodies after they were dead. Image: Murderpedia. The Truth Behind Those Amazing Instagram Pics – Our Need To Impress. Disclaimer: The content on is information based on the opinions and scholarship of the authors.

The Truth Behind Those Amazing Instagram Pics – Our Need To Impress

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After 75 Years of Alcoholics Anonymous, It's Time to Admit We Have a Problem. For much of the past 50 years or so, voicing any serious skepticism toward Alcoholics Anonymous or any other 12-step program was sacrilege—the equivalent, in polite company, of questioning the virtue of American mothers or the patriotism of our troops.

After 75 Years of Alcoholics Anonymous, It's Time to Admit We Have a Problem

If your problem was drink, AA was the answer; if drugs, Narcotics Anonymous. And if those programs didn’t work, it was your fault: You weren’t “working the steps.” The only alternative, as the 12-step slogan has it, was “jails, institutions, or death.” By 2000, 90 percent of American addiction treatment programs employed the 12-step approach. I Had a Sex Slave, and It Was Awesome. Back in December, I relayed the romantic tale of my first sex slave. My feelings on having a submissive partner were unclear: I didn't like the whipping and spanking, but I did love being worshiped and having my dishes cleaned for me. After my sex slave and I broke up, I wasn't sure if it was really possible to be a part of this community if I didn't want to call men "small-dicked shitheads" and beat them up for not following my orders. I tried dating on Fetlife, but after getting too many messages from gentleman begging me to penetrate them with a dildo or be the star of my very own gang bang, I decided to delete my account.

I was closing to giving up until a friend of mine suggested I use OkCupid. This Vietnamese University Is Turning Its Campus Into a Forest. 6450 5ShareNew Image credit: Vo Trong Nghia Architects Even urban colleges need a little bit of nature. On FPT University’s new 14-square-mile campus in Ho Chi Minh City, students will soon appear as if they’re studying in a forest instead of in the midst of a city of nearly 8 million people. The Vietnam-based designers at Vo Trong Nghia Architects are building an academic oasis where almost every surface is lined with trees. The staggered levels of each building on campus will be filled with trees and plants, shading the interiors.

The campus is a stark contrast to other parts of Ho Chi Minh City, where in 2010 officials estimated that green space had shrunk by half in the previous decade, resulting in only about 1,300 acres of greenery and parks. Sex Study: Pull Out Withdrawal Method Rivals Condoms, Better Than No Birth Control. When sex researcher Rachel K. Jones published a report that suggests the much-maligned withdrawal method of birth control was nearly as effective as condoms in preventing pregnancy, she was showered with criticism.

And it wasn't evangelicals who had taken virginity pledges who pulled out the big guns. San Francisco’s last gun store is closing for good. Harvey Milk San Francisco -— The only gun store in San Francisco is shuttering for good, saying it can no longer operate in the city’s political climate of increased gun control regulations and vocal opposition to its business. Mother of news aggregators.