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Songwriting Techniques. See the prices in your own currency?

Songwriting Techniques

Simply Click HERE The Art of Live Performing The Ultimate 10 months of two full CD's packed with tricks, techniques and methods for total success in performing ... Total access to Dec, full programme notes and Guild accreditation certificate on completion. Download Available. One Minute With Dec The double Audio Interactive CD package ... listen to Dec, then call him on his private line to his studio and ask him to explain more. The Demo Consultation Service Quite simply the best consultation and critiquing system available in the music world.

Mach 1 Guitar Just about the most comprehensive guitar learning manual ever written - learn the tricks of the greatest players ... plus a CD of demonstrating the techniques and back tracks to practice to plus lots of other bonuses. Songwriting Advice. Makehits Collaboration Service Members of The Serious Writers Guild can actively collaborate [write songs and music together].

Songwriting Advice

Simply look at any chart CD and check out the number of writers for each song. Lyric writers and music writers have always worked together to produce the great Hits. It is very seldom that any hits have been 'solo' productions. Oh there are exceptions, but think of the great collaborations: Lennon and McCartney, Anthony Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice [plus all the other lyric writers he worked with?] Then think about almost every successful chart band around....they mostly write together and collaborate. Should YOU collaborate? Yep.... gives that extra spark of inspiration, when you are stuck for an idea the other guy may just come up with the winning line? Send Music To Record Labels. ONE: I will listen to, or read, each song/lyric you send me, over a period of several days.

Send Music To Record Labels

I will make careful notes about every note and every syllable, with specific references to it's commercial other words: "will it make money? " TWO: THE CD - I will personally answer all of the questions you include with your package, and dictate them on to CD, which I send to you by first class mail. Listen to it whenever you need that extra bit of encouragement. THREE: If you write lyrics only, or music only, and need a writing partner, once I hear/read your work, assuming it's right for the marketplace, I'd be happy to refer writing partners to you.

Our 'Serious Writers Guild' is full of guys willing to co-write, co-produce. Music Publishing Deal. The first question to ask yourself is: “do I actually want and need a Publishing deal with a Publishing Company?”

Music Publishing Deal

What is the alternative to protect your copyrights and collect all the royalties due? Songwriting Publishing Deal. "The 2008 competition.

Songwriting Publishing Deal

" This is the current best thinking on how a Smash hit Vocal is arrived at in the studio. This can lead to a record deal, songwriting deal, publishing deal - who knows? ~How to go from a mediocre, ordinary, vocal sound to a smash hit 'money in the bank' sound~ "So You Want To Be A Session Guitar Player?

" ... "The Secret Of Mega Stage Sound? " "The Secret Of Making A Record? " "HOME STUDIO - THE BEST YOU CAN GET? " "DEMOS vs RECORDS” "....Demos are out –– Records are in. "Make a record in your bedroom "....How did Daniel Beddingfield do it? "The Art of Getting That Important 'Publicity"....Hitting the Headlines ! Free Songwriting Tips. A simple search on any search engine will reveal a guy who has spent a life long career making Hits, performing world-wide, helping many charities and helping members of his 'Serious Writers Guild' repeat his own success.

Free Songwriting Tips

Born in Dublin, Ireland his band The Bachelors were the first Irish band to ever have a Number followed by U2, Boyzone, Westlife. His famous answer to Louis Walshe when they had dinner together in a Chinese restaurant after recording a St Patrick's Day show for Yorkshire TV is now the stuff of legends: Louis: "Dec, what would you think of the chances for a band modelled on your band The Bachelors, clean cut, beautifully dressed, the sort you would bring home to your mother. singing mainly covers in a 'today' way? " Dec: "Go for it is a brilliant idea, Dennis Ingleby did exactly the same thing, modelling Eternal on has to work! " Guitar Songwriting Tips. Free Songwriting Tips from Dec Cluskey The founder of ‘The Serious Writers Guild’ Hi and welcome to this special dedicated page helping you to become a sought after, successful and money earning songwriter using the tool you love best … your guitar.

Guitar Songwriting Tips

You will find 5 top tips on this page together with supporting short videos to help you with each tip … and remember that I am available on the phone [private line direct to my studio desk] by Email [I reply to all emails within 10 hours or 24 hours if I am on tour] or Skype free Internet Video Phone for all members of my ‘Serious Writers Guild’. Call our Office? 01323.725008 in the UK “Have a thought/line/riff in mind” Sit down to write only when you have a line come into you head …. and/or a thought for the structure and complete content and mood of the song. Yes, songwriting success in the music industry is gained by writing commercial, sellable songs that will earn money with music. Earn Money With Music. How To Be A Music Producer.