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Makeafree is a leading platform that offers designers, beginners, and professionals various tools and templates to make a new website or revamp it. Visit:

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free – makeafree. Most people think that only creating and publishing content on YouTube will get you a flood of followers.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free – makeafree

But, their notion is entirely wrong. It is not enough to create content and post it on YouTube to get followers, and even high-quality content is also not enough for getting followers on YouTube. You will need to promote your channel on YouTube if you don’t get huge followers and success. Don’t worry; promoting your channel on YouTube is not as expensive as you think. The YouTubers upload new content of 500 hours in every single minute. Set Your Google Ads Budget: Here’s How – makeafree. When you ask how much Google ads cost or, most significantly, how much you should spend Google ads, you will undoubtedly get different users’ answers.

Set Your Google Ads Budget: Here’s How – makeafree

The Common Types of Fonts All Designers Should Know – makeafree. A font can be described as the graphical representation of text that often includes a different point size, typeface, design, color, or weight.

The Common Types of Fonts All Designers Should Know – makeafree

Fonts are used to add style to a document or a web page and help designers intuitively convey user interface content. Also, it guides mobile or web app users to interact with the interface conveniently and smoothly. Fonts & their types A font includes all elements like numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols, and punctuations. These elements help web designers deliver suggestions, ideas, guidelines, and other text-based information books, app pages of mobile or website, newspapers, and add an exceptional style to the documents and web pages.

Font Vs. The Ultimate Guide to SEO Copywriting – makeafree. The powerful technique of SEO copywriting can be seen in every aspect of marketing and advertising.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Copywriting – makeafree

SEO copywriting helps businesses and brands to persuade their clients, target market, or customers to purchase their products and services. Also, it allows them to reach their markets with improved rankings on search engine result pages. It is beneficial for businesses when it comes to content, and websites rank higher in the search results. Higher rankings mean more and more traffic on your websites, ultimately converting into more customers. 10 Best WordPress Themes of 2021 – makeafree. 2021 has brought the baggage of new opportunities.

10 Best WordPress Themes of 2021 – makeafree

The pandemic has made humanity learn that there is a need for digital platforms that can increase the outreach of any information or service. Hence, an online platform has the capability to bring creative disruption. These online platforms can emerge in the form of websites, blogs, etc. Today, many organizations support online features to develop websites and blogs using elegant and beautiful themes. WordPress is one of the renowned figures in this market. Divi Divi allows the visitors and WordPress users to get a great range of pre-arranged and assembled layouts that are very simple and hold no complexity. Astra Astra, as the name suggests, gives the feeling like a weapon. Avada Many may think about Voldemort’s pet magical spell (‘Avada Kedavra’) from the name. Uncode It seems like Uncode works on the principle of “the name speaks everything.” 6 Steps to Start WordPress Blog – makeafree.

A WordPress blog helps to express a blogger about the notions of expertise or what a blogger thinks to present differently.

6 Steps to Start WordPress Blog – makeafree

Every blogger has their own idea to pitch their thoughts in front of the viewers and readers. According to the theme of the blog, the bloggers write their posts promoting the content accordingly. Suppose there is a blogger with an interest in American history. Then, the blogger can start writing about the American war of independence, the civil war, the Great Depression that began from American soil and spread to other parts of Europe, Cuban missiles, civil rights, etc. How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2021 – makeafree. YouTube gives you not just fame but money as well.

How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2021 – makeafree

This is the reason most people nowadays think of becoming a YouTuber. Thinking of becoming a YouTuber is easy, but becoming a successful YouTuber is really quite challenging in today’s world. A successful YouTube creator is the one who earns money on YouTube. People lose their hopes mid-way and find it difficult enough to complete 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers within a year. To reach the pinnacle of success in the arena of YouTube, the thing you need to do is learn how to rank a video. Focus on Audience Retention Audience retention is an important factor that can easily rank your video on the world’s second-largest search engine. Write Video Title, Hashtags & Tags Appropriately You may have seen hashtags in popular creators’ videos, but keep in mind that hashtags in the description do not help these YouTube creators reach millions of views.

Use Keywords and Tags in the Description. Apple Might Install LiDAR Scanner to the Whole iPhone 13 Series – makeafree. Apple is likely to bring the whole new iPhone 13 series with LiDAR scanners.

Apple Might Install LiDAR Scanner to the Whole iPhone 13 Series – makeafree

Previously, we heard that Apple might install this technology in the Pro iPhone models, but now it seems that it might also release the regular handsets with LiDAR tech. According to DigiTimes, the company might launch the upcoming iPhone 13 series with LiDAR scanners. Some reports suggest LiDAR technology will be available to Android phones, but Apple might also get this technology on its 2021 iPhone handsets. Makeafree - Create Beautiful Website for Free.