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Small Breakout for SIM900 GSM Module. Some post ago we presented a PCB to mount the SIM900 module. The project is used in our GSM remote control and the Arduino GSM Shield. The dimensions aren’t big (1.75×1.95 inches) but in some cases they are too important for a projects, so…. ..we have developed a small PCB GSM module to build device like localizators (coming soon… ), bugs or other small devices.

The Schematics The schematic is the same of the old module. The printed circuit board, measuring about 1.35×1.5 inches, has a pin strips (10 pin x 2) used to connect with the circuit board of the remote control device. Let’s now take a look at the electrical scheme, which displays the connections.The pin 1 (ON/OFF) is used by a microcontroller to turn the GSM module on and off. The Pin Out The bill of material [code] C1: 220 nF (0805) C2: 100 nF (0805) C3: 470 µF 6,3 VL (CASE-D) C4: 470 µF 6,3 VL(CASE-D) C5: 100 nF (0805) LD1: led green (0805) R1: 15 ohm (0805) R2: 15 ohm (0805) R3: 15 ohm (0805) R4: 10 kohm (0805) R5: 4,7 kohm (0805)

PCB Prototypes. Checkout - TrackR bravo. The TrackR bravo tracking device is able to find everything from your wallet and keys to your pet or bike. Before your keys inevitably slide under your couch cushions, slip the bravo speaker onto your keychain. - Eli Epstein I’m really looking forward to the next generation of this one, the TrackR bravo. It’s metal and attractive and really thin, making it walletable. - David Pogue Forgetful folks rejoice! - Xiomara Blanco.