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Skimming - Readingstrategies. Description of Skimming Skimming is used to obtain the gist (the overall sense) of a piece of text.

Skimming - Readingstrategies

25+ Book Report Templates: Extra large, fun, and creative book report projects and ideas. I have often found a book report idea that I really liked in a teacher resource book or on a website.

25+ Book Report Templates: Extra large, fun, and creative book report projects and ideas.

Unfortunately, these book report projects involved purchasing a lot of additional items and driving around after school hours to find art supplies. This is not fun to do after a long day in the classroom! My book report projects are unique in shape, but simple in supplies! After you have printed out the unique book report templates, the only materials that you will need to have in your classroom to complete these book report projects are scissors, glue, tape, and coloring pencils. - Free online reading application for Dyslexics. - Free online reading application for Dyslexics. Ten Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students. As a teacher, I was obsessed with cultivating a love of reading in my students.

Ten Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students

I love to read, loved it as a kid too. I'm equally compelled to ensure that my own child loves reading -- and he does. I well aware that I'm on a mission -- but I also know it's a worthy one! Here are ten suggestions for how any teacher, teaching any subject can participate in this mission, and how parents and administrators can help. Read. There's so much more we can all do -- from the superintendent to the classroom teacher, the custodian to the parent's association. Student self-testing earns high marks as study tool. College students who pore over their notes again and again as they prep for finals could use their studying time more wisely, according to new learning research from Purdue University.

Student self-testing earns high marks as study tool

"We know that self-testing, which happens when students practice retrieving knowledge, drives learning," says Jeffrey D. Karpicke, an assistant professor of psychological sciences. "Students can really benefit from testing themselves as they study by using something as simple as flashcards. However, the key is to not drop a flashcard once you feel you have mastered the material. Overcoming reading-comprehension difficulties in children: Training program can help. Effective reading requires recognizing words and also understanding what they mean.

Overcoming reading-comprehension difficulties in children: Training program can help

Between 7-10 percent of children have specific reading-comprehension difficulties. These children can read text aloud accurately but do not understand what they have just read. A new study in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, identifies a training program which may help children overcome reading-comprehension difficulties. Psychological scientists Paula J. Clarke, Margaret J. The results showed that while all three of the training programs helped to improve reading comprehension, the largest long-term gains occurred for children who were in the OL training group.

Reading to kids a crucial tool in English language development. Poring over the works of Dr.

Reading to kids a crucial tool in English language development

Seuss, the adventures of the Bernstain Bears or exploring the worlds of Hans Christian Andersen with a child has always been a great parent-child bonding exercise. But, according to George Georgiou, a University of Alberta professor in educational psychology, it is instrumental for English-speaking children if they are to acquire the language skills, particularly comprehension, essential to their future reading ability.

Georgiou and his colleagues recently published a study in Learning and Instruction examining the cognitive and non-cognitive factors that may predict future reading ability in English and Greek. Since the study was published, Georgiou has expanded his research to Finland and China, with the same outcomes. Children Better Prepared For School If Their Parents Read Aloud To Them. Young children whose parents read aloud to them have better language and literacy skills when they go to school, according to a review published online ahead of print in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.

Children Better Prepared For School If Their Parents Read Aloud To Them

Children who have been read aloud to are also more likely to develop a love of reading, which can be even more important than the head start in language and literacy. And the advantages they gain persist, with children who start out as poor readers in their first year of school likely to remain so. In addition, describing pictures in the book, explaining the meaning of the story, and encouraging the child to talk about what has been read to them and to ask questions can improve their understanding of the world and their social skills. Simple teaching tool boosts student reading performance, study finds. Research from North Carolina State University shows that utilizing a freely available literacy tool results in significant advances in fundamental reading skills for elementary school students, without requiring schools to drastically overhaul existing programs.

Simple teaching tool boosts student reading performance, study finds

The research focused on children who were characterized as "struggling readers" at risk for a learning disability in reading. "Our goal is to put effective tools in the hands of teachers," says Dr. John Begeny, an associate professor of school psychology at NC State, lead author of the study and creator of the literacy tool. "This research shows that our program works, and it's easy to use. " Begeny developed the literacy program, Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS), to give teachers a new tool to promote reading "fluency.

" Because schools have limited resources, the HELPS program is available to teachers and parents for free. Preschoolers' reading skills benefit from one modest change by teachers. Robust preschool experience offers lasting effects on language and literacy. Preschool teachers' use of sophisticated vocabulary and analytic talk about books combined with early support for literacy in the home can predict fourth-grade reading comprehension and word recognition, new research from Vanderbilt University's Peabody College finds.

Robust preschool experience offers lasting effects on language and literacy

The findings, published in Child Development and included in a review article in the August 19, 2011 edition of Science, present evidence that there are lasting, complex and mutually reinforcing effects that flow from strong early childhood classrooms. "We need to take very seriously the importance of teaching language in the preschool years," said David Dickinson, author of the study and professor of education. Vocabulary instruction failing U.S. students, expert says. Vocabulary instruction in the early years is not challenging enough to prepare students for long-term reading comprehension, argues a study led by a Michigan State University education researcher.

Vocabulary instruction failing U.S. students, expert says

The study, which appears in Elementary School Journal, analyzed commonly used reading curricula in U.S. kindergarten classrooms. It found that, generally, the programs do not teach enough vocabulary words; the words aren't challenging enough; and not enough focus is given to make sure students understand the meaning of the words. "Vocabulary instruction does not seem to have an important enough role in the curricula given how substantial it is for kids' long-term academic success," said Tanya Wright, MSU assistant professor of teacher education and lead researcher on the study. Stories. Skip Navigation National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids Pages Stories Sharon Finds the Environment What's Wrong Whiskers? Wacky Web Tales. MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries: mysteries to solve, scary stories, and magic tricks.

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