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Connected Education is Elementary. “We are all born curious, creative, and imaginative.

Connected Education is Elementary

And the best schools—from pre-K to graduate school—continue to develop these capabilities in students. They do so not by delivering more-of-the-same education, but rather a very different education.” Wagner When we think about connected education, our minds usually bring us to teenagers and older students who create digital portfolios using the latest tools. Your Best Year Yet as an ELT Teacher! 20+ Free PD Events & Resources. “A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Your Best Year Yet as an ELT Teacher! 20+ Free PD Events & Resources

Sail out to sea and do new things.” ~ Grace Hopper January is when we are most motivated to accomplish goals, and motivation is the key to accomplishing any goal and improving ourselves. Unfortunately, staying motivated throughout the year is tough. Four years ago, I found my answer by developing a Personal/ Passionate Learning Network (PLN). How do you feel you have developed as a teacher in the last 12 months? What has helped you? How do you feel you have developed as a teacher in the last 12 months?

How do you feel you have developed as a teacher in the last 12 months? What has helped you?

What has helped you? By Shelly Sanchez Terrell The average teacher has an impact on nearly 3000 students in their lifetime. Imagine what we could achieve by inspiring 3000 students? The 13 most-read posts from 2013. A “Connected Educators Month” in the United States — the rapid rise of Twitter PD — the coming of age of the Personal Learning Network.

The 13 most-read posts from 2013

Get Engaged: Tips for Building Your PLN. Building and extending your professional learning network (PLN) outside the walls of your school and boundaries of your state can be a breath of fresh air for new ideas and troubleshooting age-old dilemmas. Here are a few tips for meeting new thought leaders like yourself as well as helping others improve their engagement with the rest of the education technology world. What other events would you add?

Do you have a favorite blog we should know about? Be sure to share your thoughts below! 1. Our team stays up to date with innovative ideas and resources by regularly checking these great blogs. Power of a Positive Digital Footprint – A Personal Story. Joe Mazza — Educational Leadership 2.0. The Best Guides For Helping Teachers Develop Personal Learning Networks. Personal Learning Networks (PLN) is the phrase often used to describe connections that educators develop with other educators throughout the world by using online social media. I’ve previously written more specifically about how ESL/EFL teachers can best create this kind of network, but I thought it would be useful to bring together a broader collection of resources that could be used as guides by any educator. Please feel free to offer additional suggestions in the comments.

Here are my choices for The Best Guides For Helping Teachers Develop Personal Learning Networks: Making the right connections. By Barbara IschingerDirector for Education It’s becoming clear to me that the crisis in youth unemployment around the world is not just one of the aftershocks of the global economic downturn, but may also have roots in education systems that are not adequately preparing students for 21st-century economies.

Making the right connections

I took that message to a regional conference on Promoting Youth Employment in North Africa, held in Tunis in mid-July, where I presented not only the OECD Skills Strategy but also discussed the importance of improving the quality of education and of teachers, and of making quality education accessible to all. #MentoringMonday An Article a Day…Might Just Save Your Teaching Life. Sunday Dialogue - Improving Our Schools. 10 TED Talks That Could Be Used As Course Titles. I was perusing my morning Twitter stream and came across a few friends discussing the current state of course titles. Long story short, most are still stuck in the dark ages. Google Plus, Chrome Apps and Tools gateway to knowledge in #education20: Complete #edtech20 guide to #googleplus in #education20. Getting Started with Project-Based Learning (Hint: Don't Go Crazy) PBL. Connected Educator Month.

For 'Connected Educator Month,' Tips From 33 Educators We Admire. Stacy BrownErin Olson, an English teacher in Iowa who is featured in our post, uses Twitter-like technology to enhance classroom discussion.

For 'Connected Educator Month,' Tips From 33 Educators We Admire

Go to related 2011 article » The U.S. The Connected Educator. By Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Finally!

The Connected Educator

The cover to our book: The Connected Educator: Learning and leading in a Digital Age which comes out early Oct. Lani and I hope you will consider reading it and getting a copy for your faculty as well. Connected Educator Month - Week One's Amazing Schedule! Connected Educator Month kicks off this week, and serving as a consultant to the event with significant responsibility especially for this week's events, I humbly think you're going to be BLOWN AWAY by the opportunities to learn and participate.

Connected Educator Month - Week One's Amazing Schedule!

All activities are free! Connected Educator Month is a U.S. Department of Education’s Connected Educators initiative, coming out of Director of the Office of Educational Technology Karen Cator's working group on "online communities of practice. " Announcements - Pearson to develop frameworks for OECD's PISA student assessment for 2015. Piping Up : Thérèse Blogs. Posted by Therese on Thursday, August 2, 2012 It’s never too late for a career change, which is why I am going to stop writing and get myself a job at Challenge Plumbing.

Piping Up : Thérèse Blogs

“Whatever for?” I hear you ask, “For plumbing is not at all glamorous.” I understand your concern, but I am not aiming for the mechanical or messy side of things. I want a job in their office answering the phone. Last week I had faucet issues. Naace 3rd millennium hothouse. I'm yet to blog properly about #rethinkingICT (partly because of its timing) so thought I should blog about the 'hothouse' as soon as possible.

Naace 3rd millennium hothouse

This will be a very potted version - my highlights. The reasons I was happy to give up a couple of days of my holiday (again) was because I know how inspired by other's achievements I am. They make me want to become a better person and to carry on learning. Don't Try Too Hard. Lessons from a strikeout king Note to Self: You've been reading up on research and engaged in the conversations about how teachers need to be using the "best practices" in teaching. You really want your lessons to have all those components. You've planned the units and set up brainstorms, stacks of them, and now you're attempting to create an algorithm for yourself: this strategy plus this topic times this skills set divided evenly among . . .

Let it go. You've been reading up on authentic education and listening to conversations with un-schoolers and alt-schoolers and the insights of STEM camps and "this worked for me. " The reason you became the Strikeout King as a kid had little to do with mechanics. Noam Chomsky: Destroying the Commons: How the Magna Carta Became a Minor Carta. How the Magna Carta Became a Minor Carta. Why Open Education Matters. The Why Open Education Matters video competition was launched in March 2012 to solicit creative videos that clearly communicate the use and potential of free, high-quality Open Educational Resources— or “OER”—and describe the benefits and opportunities these materials create for teachers, students, and schools everywhere. Open Educational Resources are teaching and learning resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits their free use.

Kids Demand Next-Generation Learning. Education jargon: What ‘no excuses’ and other terms really mean - The Answer Sheet. This was written by Joanne Yatvin, a vet­eran public school educator, author and past president of the National Council of Teachers of English. She is now teaching part-time at Portland State University. Learning By Design at newlearningonline.

A not so modest proposal: My new fully research based school! Joel Klein, Sal Khan And Sebastian Thrun On Inventing The Future Of Education, At Disrupt SF. Three trailblazing figures in educational technology are showcasing the future of learning at our upcoming annual conference, Disrupt San Francisco. Former New York education Chancellor, Joel Klein, will get into more of the details about the recently announced Amplify project, News Corp’s ambitious venture to create tailored, digital learning for the American education system. The Benefits of Taking Kids Outside to Inspire Writing. I originally wrote this piece in 2009, when I was blogging for Edutopia in the U.S.