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Matrix - ITA Software by Google. Welcome to Matrix 3.0 Matrix showcases some of the freshest travel search ideas from ITA Software. Version 3.0 has been completely rebuilt to run on Google technology. Let us know what you think. Cost per mile filter Geo Search – search by airport code, city, or nearby airport Interactive Calendar – explore date ranges and lowest fares Real-time Filters – focus on flights that suit your preferences Color-coded Time Bars – compare flights at a glance Note: Tickets cannot be purchased directly from ITA Software. If you find a fare you like, you can give the information from this site to your travel agent or airline when making a booking. Note for users of OnTheFly: ITA Software's mobile flight-search app OnTheFly is no longer available and existing installations will no longer work after December 2017.

Rav Kav Updates - Anglo-List. Here are the latest updates for the Rav Kav online service which we received via email and then verified on their website. The first line of the update states in Hebrew "פותחים שנה עם רו קו אונליין" - Starting the year with Rav Kav Online however no specific date is listed. 1. Creating a student profile for the first time There is no need to go to a service center (at the bus station etc.) and stand in a queue.

Via your smartphone or computer, choose your route plan then upload your student card (valid for the current academic year) and an identity document (teudat zehut, drivers license or passport) to Rav Kav Online, once updated students will be able to benefit from a 50% discount on public transport. 2. You can charge your Rav Kav at a Casponet (ATM) and pay with your credit card. 3. Have a credit balance on your Rav Kav that you cannot use? 4. You can now load a hofshi hodshi at any time of the month and it will run for 30 days. 5. 30, 50 or 100 NIS 6. Transport Resources. Senior Women Travel: Am I too old to travel solo? Home :: Solo Travel :: Senior Women Travel 21 July 2017 — Around the world, senior women travel on their own, exploring and discovering the world. They do so for many reasons: curiosity, desire, getting away, healing from pain, wanderlust - and one of the most common concerns is this one: am I too old to travel solo?

Here are their questions - with comments and insights that explore their fears, hopes and worries and provides some answers. These women's stories were first published on a different platform several years ago but remain relevant today. Travelling overland in Africa as a 60 year old woman? You're never too old to travel Travelling overland in Africa as a 60 year old woman? By Wilna Wilkinson in Lalinde, France I have spent the last week studying all the websites of companies that provide transport for overland travel through Africa, trying to decide which company would suit me best. I see you backpacked this journey - but confess I do not think that is for me.

SOS... 3 things to watch out for when you're trying to pick the right life partner. To a frustrated single person, life can often feel like this: And at first glance, research seems to back this up, suggesting that married people are on average happier than single people and much happier than divorced people.1 But a closer analysis reveals that if you split up “married people” into two groups based on marriage quality, “people in self-assessed poor marriages are fairly miserable, and much less happy than unmarried people, and people in self-assessed good marriages are even more happy than the literature reports”.2 In other words, here’s what’s happening in reality: Dissatisfied single people should actually consider themselves in a neutral, fairly hopeful position, compared to what their situation could be.

A single person who would like to find a great relationship is one step away from it, with their to-do list reading, “1) Find a great relationship.” All the research on how vastly happiness varies between happy and unhappy marriages makes perfect sense, of course. Stay Healthy Even If You Eat Junk, Smoke Ciggies, Skip Exercise & Booze It Up. By Lissa Rankin MD Guest Writer for Wake Up World Ever since we docs started teaching people the importance of smoking cessation, moderation in alcohol intake, a nutritious, mostly plant-based diet, daily exercise, and weight control, millions of people have been beating themselves up for unhealthy lifestyle habits. Yet the guilt and shame so many feel hasn’t led to significant improvements in the health of the general public.

Even though people know how to live a “healthy” lifestyle, most choose not to. Instead, rates of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other largely preventable diseases are on the rise. Bummer. Some Diseases Are Preventable Before I share with you these factors that may shock you, let me start with a hat tip to conventional medical wisdom. Yes, if we aim to lead optimally healthy lives, diet, exercise, weight control, alcohol intake, and cigarette use matter. Some Unhealthy People Live To Be 100 But let’s face it. Loving Community Equals Health. 8 Morning Rituals To Have A Great Day, Every Day. Having a go-to morning routine will transform you into an action-orientated individual who is driven, dedicated, passionate, and energized for the entire day.

Here are the eight rules I follow to have my best day, every single day: 1. Ignore your phone for at least 30 minutes. Limit your screen time as much as possible when you first wake up. 2. Jump-start your day with a nice cold shower. 3. Meditate for at least five minutes. 4. Practice yoga for 5 to 25 minutes every morning. 5. A healthy breakfast will jump-start your metabolism and help prevent oversnacking later. 6. It's important that you understand what you're striving for every single day. 7. Try jotting something down in your journal, or yelling out a positive mantra. 8. What are three things you are grateful for?

What are the top five most important priorities in your life right now? What are you feeling right now in this moment? Photo Credit: Getty Images SHARE SHARES 4.1k.

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Real Love Is a Choice. My wife and I have known each other since high school, but didn't date until much later. We had only dated a couple of weeks before we realized that we were madly in love and wanted to get married. I was all for it! I even suggested a spontaneous, immediate wedding in Vegas. (Seriously.) Kim, however, was a bit more practical about the whole thing. She wanted to take time to plan it all out.

I felt deflated. Kim's eyes widened. I gave her a strange look. Funny as it may seem, the more I think about this conversation the more I've come to realize that planning to love someone--or choosing to love someone--is actually one of the most beautiful things about love. I've heard it said that real love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. It's true. When all the butterflies have fluttered away and your wedding day becomes a distant memory, you will discover that you've married someone who is just as imperfect as you. Our society places a lot of emphasis on feelings. image. Philosopher Erich Fromm on the Art of Loving and What Is Keeping Us from Mastering It. “To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love,” the great Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hahn admonished in his terrific treatise on how to love — a sentiment profoundly discomfiting in the context of our cultural mythology, which continually casts love as something that happens to us passively and by chance, something we fall into, something that strikes us arrow-like, rather than a skill attained through the same deliberate practice as any other pursuit of human excellence. Our failure to recognize this skillfulness aspect is perhaps the primary reason why love is so intertwined with frustration. That’s what the great German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, and philosopher Erich Fromm (March 23, 1900–March 18, 1980) examines in his 1956 masterwork The Art of Loving (public library) — a case for love as a skill to be honed the way artists apprentice themselves to the work on the way to mastery, demanding of its practitioner both knowledge and effort.

Fromm writes: Stendhal on the Seven Stages of Romance and Why We Fall Out of Love: Timeless Wisdom from 1822. Love is perhaps the most fertile subject of literature, music, and all the arts. Kurt Vonnegut believed you’re only allowed to be in love three times in your life. It has been described as a matter of bravery, a limbic revision, the greatest insurance against regret. For Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, it is simply, sweetly walking hand in hand. But how, exactly, does love take hold of the heart? In 1822, French writer Marie-Henri Beyle, better-known by his pseudonym Stendhal, penned On Love (public library) — a timeless treatise attempting to rationally analyze the highest human emotion, rediscovered through a passing mention in the diaries of Susan Sontag (who famously and perhaps ironically wrote, “Nothing is mysterious, no human relation.

Except love.”) Stendhal sets out to bridge “the deeply sensitive and coolly analytical,” beginning with a taxonomy of the four main types of love: There are four different kinds of love: 1. HERE is what happens in the soul: 1. The outline continues: Panic Attacks and Anxiety Linked to Low Vitamin B and Iron Levels - Healthy Food House. By: Jonathan Benson – Natural NewsOn the off chance that you experience the ill effects of tension or get occasional panic attacks marked by episodes of hyperventilation, you could only be encountering the symptoms of a basic supplement inadequacy that is effortlessly correctable, as per Jonathan Benson of Natural News.

This unquestionably seems to have been the situation with 21 individuals who took an interest in a late study based out of Japan, which recognized an absence of both vitamin B6 and iron among members who experienced panic or hyperventilation episodes. The generally small study assessed supplement levels among a gathering of members with fluctuating degrees of uneasiness and frequencies of panic and hyperventilation episodes, some of which brought about emergency room visits.

A control gathering was additionally assessed, and its members’ supplement levels contrasted with those of the essential gathering. borce.velkovski@gmail.comAdministratorHealthy Food House. These 9 Images Explain Anxiety & Panic Attacks Perfectly. If you were to ask your parents about anxiety and panic attacks back when they were younger, they may tell you it was not generally a topic of discussion. For this reason there is an unfortunate school of thought out there that these are not real issues and sufferers just need to cheer up and pull themselves together. What this narrow minded view fails to take into account is the fact that the youth of today lives in a totally different world to the world their parents grew up in. You just need to take the internet as an example to realise just how different socialising has become with the invention of things like Facebook and Twitter. Add to that the growth of the ‘Smart Phone’ and tablet devices and you end up in a world with much more potential for stress and anxiety.

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