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IKEA Growroom Is A DIY Sustainable Garden For City Dwellers. Agriculture Published on February 20th, 2017 | by Steve Hanley February 20th, 2017 by Steve Hanley Last week, IKEA released the plans for its latest innovation, The Growroom, a spherical multi-level garden that can grow enough food for an entire neighborhood. The plans are online and can be downloaded for free. The IKEA Growroom doesn’t come in a box but it does go together in 17 steps much the same way the company’s traditional products do.

IKEA says The Growroom can grow enough food to feed an entire neighborhood but is small enough to fit in your backyard. “Local food represents a serious alternative to the global food model. “The Growroom …is designed to support our everyday sense of well being in the cities by creating a small oasis or ‘pause’ architecture in our high paced societal scenery, and enables people to connect with nature as we smell and taste the abundance of herbs and plants. Source: Huffington Post | Photos by IKEA About the Author Related Posts No related posts found!

Ikea growing sphere. The Farm | SPACE10. SPACE10 open sources The Growroom – The Farm – Medium. Getting started To get going building The Growroom, there are certain elements that needs to be ready and available: CNC cutting files Download the CNC cutting files here and share with your local fab lab or maker space that can cut the pieces for you. Materials 13 sheets of plywood: 2440mm x 1220mm x 18mm4 sheets of plywood: 2440mm x 1220mm x 4mm500 stainless pan head screws: 3.5mm x 30mm Remember to treat the plywood before you put soil and plants in. Machinery CNC machine with a cutter, 8mm in diameter. Tools ScrewdriverAppropriate bit for the screwsDrill, 2mm in diameter2 hammers The Growroom is produced in only one material, and is put together with hammers, or whatever hard object you have lying around, that can be used for knocking the chisels in place. We’ll get back to that. On the edge of each level, the thin plywood is mounted with the use of the screws. We will also get back to that.

We hope you will enjoy building and using The Growroom. Cnc-milled parts Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5. Fight Mosquitos With This EASY DIY Garden - Saturday Strategy. It’s one thing to keep mosquitoes off of your body, it’s another thing to keep them out of your environment. If you watched our Saturday Strategy last week, then you already know mosquitoes are considered the number one killer on the planet!

That’s right – these little obnoxious bugs are responsible for more deaths every year than human murders! Last Saturday we taught you how to make an organic, toxin-free mosquito repellent. Be sure you check it out if you missed it! In today’s Saturday Strategy, we are going to show you how to make a mini pallet board garden where you can grow herbs all year long AND keep the pesky bugs away. Watch the video to see how to build the pallet garden! Mosquito Repelling Wood Varnish Ingredients: 1 cup Olive oil 10 drops Lemon oil10 drops Eucalyptus oil 10 drops Peppermint oil Instructions: Mix all the ingredients together in a glass container.

Herbs To Grow In Your Pallet Garden Why go through the trouble of growing your own herbs? Thyme Rosemary Basil Stevia Sage. How To Regrow Fruit From Your Kitchen... - Tasty Vegetarian. 9 Backyard Plants That Repel Mosquitoes. It’s that time of year again – mosquito time. Scientists are predicting an uptick in mosquitoes this spring and summer. Did you know you can keep them at bay by planting these flowers and plants? Chances are, you have heard of many of the plants that naturally repel mosquitoes and many pests. And, best of all, they can be found at your local nursery. Using plants to deter pesky insects is an easy, safe and natural alternative to store-bought sprays and chemicals. 1. Citronella should be planted outside after your last frost. 2. Lavender is a perennial plant that requires full sun; however, it prefers to live in pots with rich soil that isn’t kept too moist. 3. Marigolds offer a distinctive smell which mosquitoes, and some gardeners, find particularly offensive. 4.

Pennyroyal leaves and stems can be carried with you to deter insects. 5. From pests to vampires, garlic is known for keeping unwanted prey away. 6. Mints, in general, have a distinct aroma that naturally repels insects. 7. 8. Covered Greenhouse Garden With Video. If you love to grow, a Covered Greenhouse Garden is absolutely ideal! You will love this easy project and it will come in so handy!

Nothing beats fruit and vegetables you have grown in your own garden! This covered raised garden is such a great idea and it will give all your herbs and veggies the very best opportunity to thrive. You may need protection from frost or from the sun, whatever the situation, this is the answer. We also have a very helpful video tutorial included in our post that steps you through the process. Like what you see? How To Make Covered Greenhouse Garden -: -2x6s redwood (or 2x12s, which are significantly more expensive) cut to desired lengths -2x2s for cover frame -2x4s for bracing -Wood screws -10′ 1/2″ PVC pipe -garden fencing -duct tape or electrical tape -pipe clamps -plastic or garden cloth -staple gun + staples -hinges -eye hooks -chain Covered Greenhouse Garden Video -: We couldn’t resist sharing this awesome product.

Nice simple raised garden bed via Sunset. Hanging Gutter Garden Is Perfect For Your Plants. You will never run out of herbs again! Always have a fresh stash on standby with this brilliant Hanging Gutter Garden .. If you love to grow herbs and flowers, do we ever have a great project for you. Who would have thought that you could create a vertical hanging garden using of all things Rain Gutter! Yes, you heard right. What we love about this project the most is the versatility. Like what you see? Via Dutramaquinas All you need to do is drill some holes in your gutter for drainage, add some chain, rope or other similar hanger and then plant out your gutters. Keep scrolling now for the details and watch the short video.

How To Make A Hanging Gutter Garden -: This video will step you through the process of making your own Hanging Gutter Garden and it really is easy as! Via A Girl and Her Glue Gun Here’s another great way of using your Hanging Herb Planter, we love the addition of the herb pots and the rope is a nice rustic touch. Chain looks great too as shown by this version from Apexext. Bird Control in the Garden. The sound of bird chatter is music to a nature lover's ears, and it's always a happy sight to see birds swooping into the garden to nab caterpillars and other insects. Yet our wild bird friends can turn into foes when they start pecking up seedlings or stealing berries. When it comes to birds in the summer garden, sometimes you must step in and show them who's boss. First, there are some bird control methods that just don't work. Hot pepper sprays are widely recommended to as a bird repellent, despite the fact that 30 years of research has shown that birds lack sensory receptors for capsaicin, the active principal in hot peppers.

Bird Netting and Other Barriers There is no question that the most effective way to control birds feeding on blueberries, raspberries and other high value fruits is to cover them with some type of net barrier. Of course, not all fruits are at risk. Scaring Away Hungry Birds You can also use mean-looking scare-eye balloons, or even make one from a beach ball.


20+ Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas. Vertical gardens can be an alternative to insufficient space in your yard. Spring is fast approaching, so soon you can start to prepare your garden to cultivate vegetables and herbs. But if you want to have a wide variety of vegetables you will need to find a way to cultivate them. Well if you do not find any solution, here are some practical ideas of how you can grow them in containers in various vertical gardens that you can place in your yard, without additional costs. You can use all containers you have available at the time, such as metal buckets plastic barrels in which you have collected rainwater. By setting up your own vertical garden, you will see how easy it is to cultivate your vegetables this way and how much space you will be saving that you can use for other purposes. 1.

More details here… 2. 3. 4. Photo By: DK – Vegetable Gardening ©2007 Dorling Kindersley Limited 5. More details here… Vertical gardens can be an alternative to insufficient space in your yard. 1. 2. 3. 4. How To Be Happy: Grow a Vegetable Garden. There are many formulas for how to be happy, and the latest versions make pretty good sense. Exercise, healthy eating, ample sleep and doing things that help others are favorites on various how to be happy lists, which brings us to the humble vegetable garden. Dismissed by some as a dirty waste of time, vegetable gardening is emerging as a treasure trove of happiness. Let's begin with a seldom-discussed fact: growing your own organic produce reduces food anxiety. You can feel total comfort with every bite, because you know exactly where and how that cabbage or cucumber was grown. This profound eating pleasure is unknown to the uninitiated. Questions about systemic pesticides or altered genes are off the table when what's on the table comes from your organic garden.

Gardening For Health and Happiness In today's world this is important for everyone, but especially children. As for how to get kids to eat more fresh organic produce, the easiest way is to get them gardening, too. How To Build A Squash Arch. How To Build A Squash Arch. IF YOU HAVE THIS PLANT IN YOUR HOME, YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN SEE SPIDERS AND OTHER INSECTS! - Healthy Advice Team. Spiders and insects can be really bothersome and difficult to get rid of, just when you think you’ve done it, they come crawling back. It’s something we’ve all experienced and we simply think that there’s no way of getting rid of them for good.

If you’re having problems with annoying spiders and insect we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Did you know that spiders can’t stand the smell of peppermint? Yes, that’s right, the answer to all your problems lies in this simple and inexpensive trick. Peppermint oil is derived from the peppermint plant — a cross between water mint and spearmint — that thrives in Europe and North America. This solution is natural, crunchy, inexpensive and free from the poisons and toxins the store-bought insect repellents are filled with. If you want to get you house insect free and smelling amazing, this is just for you. Buy some peppermint oil and mix it with water in a spray bottle. Peppermint can also relieve these conditions: Totally Tomatoes!! on Pinterest | Tomatoes, Tomato Plants and Tomato Cages. Lettuce Gutter Garden: How to Build It, How to Grow It! This post contains Affiliate links. Disclaimer: This post is written from the perspective of gardening from hardy zone 7b-8a.

My backyard is broken up by an old weathered white fence. The posts are in great shape but the horizontal beams are falling apart and completely off the posts. So not only did I upcycle the old fence posts for building a blackberry trellis but I installed some old aluminum gutter to grow loose leaf lettuce, which I rescued two 12 foot gutters from a neighbor who was just going to throw them out in the garbage. First I measured my old fencing and knocked out any existing fencing that might get in the way. The distance from post to post is about 8 feet so I calculated that I could get 3 gutter gardens on one side of the post from the total of 24 feet of gutters I accumulated. Using a sawzall and a metal cutting blade, I cut the gutters into four pieces. The last step was to put up the gutters. Now it’s time to grow your own lettuce! First off, you need a soil medium.

Permaculture Principles for Vegetable Gardeners. I hear that permaculture gardening is a hot topic in Europe, but every time I decide to study permaculture, my eyes glaze over and I get sleepy before I find new nuggets of wisdom I can put into action in my garden. I think it's the somewhat abstract design principles that throw me off. After 30 years of organic gardening in several different places, I favor a "first things first and get it done" approach to creating a sustainable landscape that provides an abundance of good food. The five guidelines below summarize my personal approach to putting permaculture principles to work in a productive vegetable garden. 1. Growing vegetables involves a big investment of time, and many gardeners struggle with small spaces and too much shade. 2.

Food crops that come back year after year like asparagus and rhubarb are huge time-savers in the garden, and the same goes for long-lived kitchen herbs. 3. 4. 5. By Barbara Pleasant. How to Grow and Harvest Lavender. Lavender is one of the best-loved herbs in the garden, and for good reason. Not only is it attractive and scented, this versatile plant thrives in some of the toughest of garden conditions. Lavandula angustifolia, the English lavender, is very hardy – so much so that it thrives even in my exposed Scottish garden! In order for it to grow well, lavender has three basic growing requirements – very good drainage, relatively poor soil, and lots and lots of sun. Where to Grow Lavender In her Diary of a French Herb Garden, Geraldene Holt describes the preferred habitat of the wild lavender best: "Tracts of thin earth on the limestone terrain of the Midi support the scrubby flora known as the garrigue. Lavender and thyme grow wild on these steep, craggy slopes.

These are the growing conditions that the domesticated lavender craves. How to Grow and Care For Lavender Lavender can be started from seed, but it does take some patience as germination can take many months. How to Harvest and Use Lavender. Building a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden - Building Raised Beds, Garden Boxes and Planters. Sometimes gardeners purposely build a raised bed vegetable garden and sometimes raised beds are just wicked little plots that happen! Maybe you've been given some garden boxes, maybe you have recycled wood, rocks or other edging to use, or possibly you want to define your garden areas. Now you decide is the time for building a raised bed vegetable garden. All the information you need to know can be read here Raised Vegetable Garden. Whereas THIS page gives you a mix of photos and ideas that other gardeners have used... raising your hopes that you can build your own raised garden too!

First, some larger scale ideas if you have the space. Straw bales make excellent surrounds for raised gardens, as well as using the bales as the growing medium as described in Straw Bale Gardening Roll up a few old tyres (or tires) into your yard and either make an enclosure with them, and/or fill the tyres with soil and plant away. Helpers and pupils of Richmond High School construct 6 wooden planter beds. Build a vegetable Garden. Building and preparing an organic garden using natural No Dig Gardening methods.

Your Complete Instructions for Natural Gardening Success Behind every vegetable plant is a person with gardening desires — you! And behind you there are bees, worms... and millions of other live inhabitants of your garden soil. To keep them happy, here's how to build your vegetable plot. There is no need to wreak havoc and madly dig. Let the microbes and worms etc do what they do best in their own good way and time. Preparing a vegetable garden of this sort is extremely attractive for those sites that start off with poor soil or invasive weeds. Follow the natural gardening no dig diagram below, but first thing of course is to... Choose the site: Make sure it is roughly level and ideally most of the area gets at least 4-5 hours of sun a day.

Is it level: Build any walls: If the ground is on too much of a slope, build some terraces for easy maintenance. Soil: Fix the surface first: How to build a no dig garden Here's a guide following natural gardening basics. Satisfying isn't it? The Advantages of No-Dig Gardening. Gardening on a Budget. Untitled. Natural Dyes Made From Food – Tips On Making Dye From Fruits And Vegetables. How to Grow Strawberries Successfully in Containers.

How to Make a Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter. DIY $2 Self-Watering Garden Bed - Grow Produce Easily, Even in the Toughest Drought Conditions. Facebook. $300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Produce Year-Round, Even in Severe Climates. Here Is How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Garlic Indoors. How to Grow an Endless Supply of Alkalizing, Anti-Inflammatory Ginger, Turmeric and Garlic at Home. Growing Fruit in Pots. 90 Pounds of Tomatoes from 5 Plants. 7 Secrets for a High-Yield Vegetable Garden. Recycling for the Garden: Upcycling Items for a More Productive Vegetable Garden. This Genius Cheat Sheet For Gardeners Tells Where And When To Plant Your Vegetables. He Put 4 Tomato Slices On A Bucket Of Dirt. 12 Days Later? Unbelievable! Information on Allotment Gardening. How to Grow Fresh Food During Winter by Sprouting Mung Beans. Facebook - Log In or Sign Up.

Facebook - Log In or Sign Up. Garden Plans: Dry Gardens (Using Irrigation and Aquaponics) | The Old Farmer's Almanac. Garden Plans: Backyard and Family Plans | The Old Farmer's Almanac. Garden Plans: Vegetables that Grow in Partial Shade | The Old Farmer's Almanac. Garden Plans: Kitchen Garden (Potager) | The Old Farmer's Almanac. Garden Planning for Beginners | Old Farmer's Almanac. Vegetable garden planning: beginning gardening | The Old Farmer's Almanac. 20+ Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas. The No-Dig Vegetable Garden. 20 Fabulous DIY Garden Art Projects for This Spring. 17 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever. How to Grow Sweet Potato Vines. DIY Self Watering Container Garden. How to Compost – Easy Steps to Success. Which Seeds to Start First? Five Easy Answers. How to build unheated greenhouses for winter harvests & year-round gardening (Video)

Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video) The Greenhouse of the Future — Grow Your Own Food Year-Round With This Revolutionary System. Conscious Gardening: Find Better Health In Your Own Organic Garden. 15 Amazing Gardening Hacks. Did You Know You Can Grow These Healthy Foods Right Inside Your Home? How to Grow Kale and Make Delicious Kale Recipes That Even Your Kids Will Love. 6 Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once, Then Regrow Forever. 6 Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once, Then Regrow Forever. » 6 Vegetables You Only Need To Buy Once, Then Regrow Forever. 17 Plants You Grow from Kitchen Scraps | Black Thumb Gardener. How to Grow Mushrooms.