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Nya Mosaic Blanket: FREE crochet pattern. Nya Mosaic Blanket is made in a special crochet technique with only basic stitches involved.

Nya Mosaic Blanket: FREE crochet pattern

It can be crocheted either by following chart or written instructions. With a little bit of attention and concentration you will create a bright and unique gift for yourself or your friends. The blanket is adjustable and can be made in any size. To see more pictures of the finished project, please, click HERE. *Purchase an ad-free and ready-to-print PDF of this pattern (including all Important Notes, material list, stitch guide, complete instructions and photo tutorials) HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy. The pattern was translated to Dutch by Her Struijk. You will need: DK yarn in 7 or more/less colors. . * DISCLOSURE: This blog contains affiliate links (marked with *). Amour Clover 4mm (G) crochet hook or size needed to obtain the same gauge.Scissors, tapestry needle to weave in ends.Je hebt nodig: DK garen in 7 of meer/minder kleuren. Finished size Grootte: Gauge: Abbreviations and Stitch Guide Row 3. Charlotte's Dream Pattern.


Charlotte's Dream Pattern

Some projects make me feel like a child again (or, in this case, like a character in a Brontë novel)! I cannot tell you how excited Jenny and I are about bringing you this pattern. Charlotte’s Dream has been just that: A dream! This blanket was made by my dear friend Jenny and consists of 12 Charlotte squares in 12 different colours. It is bordered with a simple popcorn edge. Jenny and I have spent many happy hours choosing colours, chatting about a name, and oohing and aahing over the individual squares. The Charlotte Square was specifically designed for 67 Blankets for Mandela Day. Getting Ready! I hope you are as excited as I am with just 1 week left before the CAL starts!

Getting Ready!

I am truly enjoying all the beautiful center blocks everyone is sharing on the FB CAL – Crochet A Long and Rivalry Around-the-Bases groups. This week, I wanted to showcase some of the most popular designs people are using. Please be sure to read through as there are discount codes that have been generously offered by two designers! (Please note that both discount codes are valid for a limited time only and will expire on days specified below. Also, please do NOT share the codes on other websites including social media. Around-the-Bases. Welcome!


Around-the-Bases is a crochet stitch sampler that turns YOUR favorite center block into an afghan. It can be made with any square or rectangle motif, using any yarn weight. It was originally published as a crochet along (CAL) in 2015. The CAL is now over but here are all the information you need to get started and going on this fun project! Links to all the patterns: 1st Inning – Shell Pillars2nd Inning – Popcorns3rd Inning – Block Stitch4th Inning – Star Stitch5th Inning – Cross Hatch Team A (start the 5th inning with multiples of 4 per side)Team B (start the 5th inning with multiples of 4 + 2 per side)6th Inning – Back Post Stitch7th Inning – 3 x 1 Cable Stitch8th Inning – Chained Fences9th Inning – Asian Fans10th Inning – Grannies11th Inning – Moss Stitch12th Inning – Ballpark Fences13th Inning – Home Runs14th Inning – Spike Stitch15th Inning – V Stitch16th Inning – Fireworks All video tutorials were created by Esther of It’s All in a Nutshell and can be found here.

Celtic Afghan [Free Crochet Pattern] [Free Crochet Pattern] Charlotte's Dream Blanket. Elements Cal Square [Free Crochet Pattern] Elements Cal started in December 2017 and has been a hit ever since then.

Elements Cal Square [Free Crochet Pattern]

This beautiful square is an absolute must have this winter. Designed by talented crochet designer Sandra Kuijer. There are lots of possible creations you can make – blankets, centrepieces, and pillows are most obvious. Here, I want to show you to the most beautiful hue combinations, but the number of variants is essentially limitless. Eve's Coverlet 12" Squares Crochet Afghan - Free Pattern. Getting Ready! Hooks 'n Tales: Welcome, Amanzi! " Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

Hooks 'n Tales: Welcome, Amanzi!

" "Amanzi" is the Zulu word for Water. It's also the Xhosa word for Water. Zulu and Xhosa are the most widely spoken languages in South Africa. Arrow Stitch Crochet Afghan. Holiday Cables Throw. Celtic Tiles Blanket: FREE overlay crochet pattern. Celtic Tiles Blanket consists of 20 squares made in overlay crochet technique with simple border.

Celtic Tiles Blanket: FREE overlay crochet pattern

It’s not as well draping as other cabled crochet blankets, but it gives a very nice feeling of coziness and warmness. Perfect for winter times. You Are My Sunshine Crochet Blanket Pattern. The You Are My Sunshine Crochet Blanket Pattern has been a huge hit and everyone loves it.

You Are My Sunshine Crochet Blanket Pattern

Now you can make it yourself .. Have you seen the You You Are My Sunshine Crochet Blanket Pattern that has been doing the rounds? It’s been hugely popular and attracted a lot of attention. It’s one of those pieces that is very unique and everyone has gone mad for. One look at these photos and it’s easy to see the appeal. The above version is made in LEGO colors and the person behind the blanket is Ashtyn Ruysch. Crochet Bobble Heart Pattern Granny Square Video Tutorial. DIY – Virkad babypläd i vintagefärger och bobble stitch. Vad roligt det är när man äntligen blir klar med ett litet större virkprojekt och det blir precis så där fint som man tänkt sig att det skulle kunna bli!

DIY – Virkad babypläd i vintagefärger och bobble stitch

Jag är så nöjd med denna söta babypläd i vintagefärger! Jag har i tidigare blogginlägg delat med er hur jag virkat bobble stitch-rutor med hjärtan, fjärilar och prins- eller prinsesskronor och bokstäver samt spetskant runt dem, till min babypläd. Etsy - Register. Crochet Bobble Heart Pattern Granny Square Video Tutorial. FLORAL BLANKETS - CrochetRibArt. BEAUTIFUL BLANKETS - CrochetRibArt. Breien, haken, handwerken, kennis doorgeven, mensen verbinden.

ByHaafner * crochet : Smitten. The pattern. Wow, I was blown away by your kind comments on the Smitten Blanket.

ByHaafner * crochet : Smitten. The pattern.

Many thanks! As promised I'd come back here soon with the pattern. Well, tadaah, it's here now - written and as a chart! Regarding the latter: *phew* it was quite a challenge to draw one that's not veeery wonky. ;-) (BTW if you have a suggestion for good software to create crochet charts, I'd love to hear about it!) Please note that to the best of my knowledge this is a very old, vintage pattern. Before you start crocheting...♦ I made every popcorn stitch (abbreviated: pc) in this blanket with 6dc's. PLEASE do NOT share this pattern or chart elsewhere (like blog, facebook or instagram, snapchat, youtube, ravelry... et cetera!)

To start. Free Patterns. This Friday we are bringing you 5 free patterns that were generously designed by some wonderful ladies. We sent these talented women some yarns to try and they made them into some gorgeous items. Thank you to Kim Guzman, Rhondda Mol of Oombawka Design, and Ira Rott for taking the time to try our yarn and design these awesome free patterns!

Kim... Week Eleven! We only have a few weeks left until our Crochet- Along is finished. Week Nine is here and we are back to making squares! This is our week to start putting edgings on our finished squares and take a break from adding new squares, or if you are new to the Crochet Along all of the previous weeks are posted here for you to jump in with us! Crochet-along Final Week. 15 weeks have come and gone and we hope that you have had a great time participating. This final week we have 1 square left for you, our joining instructions and a suggested placement chart. We would love to see your assembled blankets on social media using #marymaximcal! Square 42. Couch Surfer Crochet - On the Couch, Surfing the Channels while I Crochet. Free crochet patterns. Techniques used in this stitch (British term / American term): Chain stitch – ch.

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket – Free Pattern ~ YARN CROCHET. "The Meadow" DROPS-Along. Princessa Blanket - Baby Blanket pattern - Crochet News. Stunning! How gorgeous is this pretty baby blanket. We love how the floral motifs are picked out in a nice bright color against the clean background. The pattern includes directions for how to make this in a standard baby sized blanket – but it can be made in any size of course. I want to have this on MY bed. We think it would also be a really lovely wedding gift, or be perfect for a young girl’s room.

How to Make a Cherry Blossom Crochet Blanket - C K Crafts. In this craft work done in crochet. The bet was to use a more closed stitch along the baby blanket and use the secret stitch only as a finishing, as in the bar. The result is a mix of dots that gives a gorgeous style to the baby crochet blanket, and makes the piece follow two different types of stitches in one job. Among the options and models made in conchinha spot, there is this option of kept pink. Just like the previous version, this model is a mix of shell and secret stitch and still has the detail of the satin ribbon that goes all around the outline of the plaid and gives an even more delicate touch to the piece. Secret Point The secret point is an old acquaintance when it comes to getting away from the classic crochet stitches. . ✓ Yarn and color instructions that were used. Learn to do Autumn Log Cabin Throw... Pdf + Video Tutorial - C K Crafts. We already told you here what it was - and still is - a trend this summer.

But the heat is on its way: in March, autumn brings the milder temperatures. The big star of next season promises to be knitting, but autumn / winter 2017 will also keep some of the trends that dominated the summer. The lighter fabrics will arrive with symmetrical cuts, more structured shoulders, very embroidered and the fringes, which have been maintained since last season.

Ethnic and off-white prints follow and will continue to appear in the showcases during the chill period. The novelties are due to some pieces that will be key to compose a winter look: the maxi jackets and the covers. If autumn and winter could be defined in a single word, it would be crochet and knit. We appreciate your visit to our site, we are always looking to bring the best for you. Tree Of Life Crochet Afghan Pattern Free Tutorial. Peacock Feather Applique - Free Pattern & Video Tutorial. Top 12 Giant Granny Squares. There's something hypnotic about crocheting round and round and round to create a giant granny square blanket. The technique is the same as if you were making a small square, you just don't stop! Many of these patterns use a similar starting point - the only difficult bit is choosing your colour combos! 1. Calcrochetalong. Super Thick Yarn Extreme Knitting Blanket Throw Chunky by zxcvvcxz. How to Crochet Baby Blanket - Point Wonderful - Video - Crochet Free.

How to Crochet Baby Blanket - Point Wonderful - Video How to make yarn crocheted blanket for baby, very simple and wonderful point, surely your child will be well heated and protected. Blanket or shawl, are two pieces that are indispensable for newly born babies, core yarn crocheted piece, even when the birth is in the summer season, because the little one when it comes to the world needs a lot of warmth and comfort.

You may have seen various models and suggestions, colors and you nicks deferential, from many different points that can be created beautiful works in blanket, placing beautiful flowers appliques, laces, satin ribbons, embroidery and lace. There are creative formats crochet yarn that can be made into shawls or blanket, exciting ideas so you can do not only to outfit your baby, but also to give someone, or even to sell. How to Crochet: Re-Sizing Crochet Blanket Patterns. CypressTextiles. Celtic Lace Join – BabyLove Brand. I originally made this join for my 13th Textured Circles piece, but I ended up re-working that to attain my final measurement.

Little Treasures: babouska rose. Just as I promised in my last granny how to post here here is a chart I found online with a protruding flower, courtesy of Kazuko Ryokai and this lovely granny is called Babouska Rose. Ahzryn Briar Rose Blanket. I came across photos of a baby blanket that I fell in love with, but couldn’t find a pattern. I decided to recreate what I saw, hoping it would come out right. I was very pleased with my result, which was slightly different. Spring Shawl – This website contains affiliate links. Any purchases through affiliate links will provide me with the income necessary to keep this site available at no extra cost to you. Afghan find in Facebook. Rainbow Dash Baby Blanket. Facebook. CARPET OF CROCHET COZY WITH HANDMADE TOUCH. RECIPE. PRETTY. SHARE. KISSES. - Crochet Designs Free. Manta Magic with Barred in Secret Point. recipe. Beautiful. share. kisses. - Crochet Designs Free. Beautiful orange carpet with flowers in crochet. A cuteness. share - Crochet Designs Free.

Beautiful orange carpet with flowers in crochet. A cuteness. share - Crochet Designs Free. Carpets with crochet squares corners. different. Graphical - Crochet Designs Free. Be creative and make a beautiful design in crochet with a different point. It follows the pattern. - Crochet Designs Free. Carpet in beautiful crochet pattern with. - Crochet Designs Free. Beautiful butterfly crochet rug with graphic and revenue. - Crochet Designs Free. Grape Leaf (UVA) OF CROCHET. I hope you enjoy. GRAPHIC AND REVENUE - Crochet Designs Free.

Decoration pattern with crochet towel. - Crochet Designs Free.  Centrinho Oval Florido in crochet. The following graph - Crochet Designs Free. Crochet heart for those who love crochet. Liked? see the point - Crochet Designs Free. HUM THAT GORGEOUS. COFFEE TABLE GRAPE CLUSTERS. GRAPHIC - Crochet Designs Free. COFFEE TABLE GRAPE CLUSTERS. GRAPHIC. I LOVED THIS COLOR. LIKED? SHARE - Crochet Designs Free. And not beautiful? You want to learn to do this towel in crochet? single - Crochet Designs Free. Point ring to a beautiful blanket to decorate your home. Is not it beautiful? - Crochet Designs Free. Carpet beautiful pink heart with flowers and crochet dragonflies with graphic - Crochet Designs Free. Patrón #475: Cubrecama "Rosas de ensueño" a Crochet. Classically Simple Shell, an easy afghan to crochet - Columbus crafts.

Done in a Jiffy baby blanket to crochet - Columbus crafts. As-we-go stripey blanket – not your average crochet. Laurel's /place: Tropical Delight Square Photo Guide For Rounds 1-9. CUTE AND EASY DIY POM POM RUG. Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K. KCACO-UK Groovyghan CAL 2016. Aran afghan crochet pattern free. Crochet blanket free pattern. Crochet magazines : Beautiful colorful crocheted rug! To grace any magazine best environment. Free Pattern Autumn Log Cabin Throw - leisureboom.

Crochet Afghans & Baby Blankets Left And Right Handed [Free Pattern + Video] Free crochet patterns. Creative Crochet Workshop: Under The Sea Applique Set & Tablemat. Creative Crochet Workshop: Ladybug And Flower Applique Set & Afghan Block. Creative Crochet Workshop: Bird And Flower Afghan Block. WIP - My favorite crochet afghan pattern : crochet. (Free Pattern) This Blocks Crochet Afghan Is Absolutely Gorgeous!

Crochet! Magazine. Haken bij Saar en Mien: Tutorial tulpsteek kussen. 40+ DIY Knit & Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern. DIY Crochet Puff Stitch Blanket Pattern. DIY Crochet African Flower Blanket video. DIY Pom Pom Rug from Trash Bags. DIY Crochet Daisy Flower Square Blanket with Free Pattern. Fluffy crochet blanket pattern. Crochet Lydia Blanket Pattern. Crochet For Children: "Call the Midwife" Inspired Baby Blanket (Free Pattern!) The Midwife Blanket Crochet Pattern. Magic Rainbow Baby Blanket: Free #Crochet Pattern! Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket. Afghan with Sleeves Crochet Pattern. Beautiful Shells Blanket Part 1. Free crochet patterns.

Crochet blanket free pattern.