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How much Rent can You Afford in Edmonton? - Apartment Guides Blog. When looking for an apartment to rent in Edmonton, no one wishes to pay more than 30% of your salary on rent and other housing expenses.

How much Rent can You Afford in Edmonton? - Apartment Guides Blog

This is assisted by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to not to spend more than 30 percent of before-tax household income on your monthly shelter expenses - including rent, heat, electricity, water and the municipal services. The cost of other necessities such as parking, cable, telephone service, property insurance, and internet connection is not calculated in this list. Let’s take a real example - if you make $5,000 per month, then you shouldn’t be spending more than $1,500 per month on your shelter expenses.

It can be tough for you to find apartments in some of the cities across Canada, where the monthly rents are higher than your income. Simplifying Your Apartment Search - Apartment Rentals Canada. Finding your ideal Edmonton Rentals Apartments. Purchasing a new house is not an affordable option for many Edmonton people due to the fact that in the last decade, the price of a new house nearly doubled, while salaries didn't hit a double digit increase.

Finding your ideal Edmonton Rentals Apartments

It is very difficult to find accommodation because of the rapid increase in the housing prices. Therefore, getting an affordable apartment in Edmonton continues to be quite a challenge. Finding the perfect apartment to rent in Edmonton is one of the major decisions you will make because of your personal preference and financial commitments. Recent studies have shown that the average female aged 25 to 40, earning CAD $50,000 or more per year looks at 7 properties before she chooses the one. On the other hand, males in the similar age category look at 3. Let’s have a look at some of the criteria that you should consider when Renting Apartments in Edmonton. 1.Sunlight North: Typically, less sunlight is better for those who work in shifts. 2.Location, location, location!

Ft Saskatchewan Apartment Rentals. Surrey apartments for rent. New Westminster Apartment Rentals. Tips to make your rental furnished apartment in Calgary feel like a home. From furniture to kitchen appliances to artwork, furnished apartments are equipped with everything you need.

Tips to make your rental furnished apartment in Calgary feel like a home

To help tenants of Calgary Apartments create a comfortable atmosphere, Mainstreet Equity Corp. has put together some simple tips that can beautify your furnished apartment and make it feel like home. Work with the Current Look Furnished apartments generally have some aspects that cannot be altered, like wall color and carpeting.

But the other aspects that can transform the beauty of existing wall and carpet look are the accessories and artwork at your place. Choosing a rug can be a great starting point. Mix up the Arrangement While the furnished apartments in Calgary do come equipped, this does not imply that the furniture has to stay at the same place where you found it. Include Plants. How to Choose Between Furnished & Unfurnished Apartments in Edmonton. How Much Does Living in Edmonton and Calgary Cost. Fun Activities to do in Edmonton during winters. Lethbridge apartments for rent. Abbotsford apartments for rent.

Saskatoon apartments for rent. Edmonton Apartments for Rent. Calgary Apartments for Rent. Living In Edmonton: What This City Has For You. Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta & the 6th largest city in Canada by population is located on the North Saskatchewan River.

Living In Edmonton: What This City Has For You

This city has developed quickly in recent years, due to its booming oil industry and diamond mines. Edmonton has about 375 neighborhoods, which means there is no scarcity of areas to live in to suit your needs. Each area has something special and different, whether it is a family friendly or spacious neighborhood (such as Queen Alexandra, Brookside, etc.) or a lively, vibrant hub for young singles in the city Centre (e.g. Central McDougall, Downtown Rossdale, etc.). Edmonton is known as the ‘Festival City of Canada’, as it hosts many events and festivals throughout the year. Sports and recreational activities: play a huge role in the life of Edmonton residents, which is no wonder due to the city’s picturesque location. Thanks to the transit oriented developments, living in one of many Edmonton localities connect residents to all the major areas of the city.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. Releases its Q2 2017 Results. CALGARY, May 9, 2017 /CNW/ - Mainstreet Equity Corp.

Mainstreet Equity Corp. Releases its Q2 2017 Results

("Mainstreet" or the "Corporation), an add-value, mid-market consolidator of apartments in Western Canada, is announcing its operating and financial results for the three months ended March 31, 2017. Bob Dhillon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mainstreet, said, "Over the last two financial quarters, we have begun to see signs of economic stabilization in our core markets.

" Dhillon said, "Amid this improving macro-economic picture, we believe we are now poised for accelerated growth through our 100% organic, non-dilutive growth model. " In Q1 2017, after posting the first increase in same-asset revenues since Q2 2015, Mainstreet management suggested that we might be witnessing the tail end of a prolonged downward curve in revenues and the results of Q2 2017 appear to reinforce that belief.

In Q2 2017, FFO increased 5% to $7.2 million, compared with $6.9 million in Q2 2016. Where should you Rent an Apartment in Edmonton. Where to rent in Edmonton?

Where should you Rent an Apartment in Edmonton

A big question for everyone who is planning to move to this enthralling place! Mainstreet Equity Corp. helps answer this question by giving you an overview of the popular neighborhoods in this city. This article will help you get familiar with different neighborhoods in Edmonton. Things You Must Know If You Are Moving to Edmonton. If you are planning to move to Edmonton, there are a few things you should be aware about this thriving city.

Things You Must Know If You Are Moving to Edmonton

The city is the dream destination of the millennials, because of the numerous attractions and considerations is has. Be it work related migration or relating to study, there are innumerable advantages of moving to this booming city. Let’s learn a few of them: 1. Entrepreneurship – Irrespective of the type of business, every entrepreneur receives a lot of support here. 2. 3. Shifting to Edmonton? Here Are the Topmost Places to Visit in the City. If you are shifting to Edmonton, your first step would be to find the right accommodation to live.

Shifting to Edmonton? Here Are the Topmost Places to Visit in the City

Luckily, Mainstreet Equity Corp. offers many incredible Edmonton Apartment Rentals at affordable rates. Whether you are interested in staying near the heart of the action or close to work, they will be there presenting options in front of you. It is important to find a place that works best for your lifestyle, as this will give you the advantage to enjoy all of the best things that this Canadian city has to offer. Consider the following top places to visit after reaching Edmonton: Art Gallery of Alberta: It is a masterpiece of architecture as well as the diverse creative focal point of Edmonton’s downtown heart. Finding a Rental Apartment in Edmonton Just Turned Easier. Here, apartments can be rented on a contractual basis for a shorter or longer period of time, depending upon what the tenant wants and what the property-owner has to offer.

Finding a Rental Apartment in Edmonton Just Turned Easier

Also, if a person is very lucky, he might be able to come across a number of apartments and suites open for rent in the Edmonton. If you are looking for a long term apartment renting, go through the below list, as it covers some of the important things that will affect your planning: The Perks of Being an Edmonton Resident. Alberta can be a dream location to live.

The Perks of Being an Edmonton Resident

Edmonton being the capital of Alberta has enormous political as well as economic significance. This is why, this city boasts of several organizations that provide high-end services to all the Edmonton residents. People here feel safe, secure and happy because of these organizations. Mainstreet Equity Corp. Releases its Q2 2017 Results. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. Top Tips to Find the Dream Student House in Edmonton. Some of you may be fully clued up to the student property search tips, but for the rest of the world, hunting for a decent student house can be filled with a list of fears and an unavoidable nervousness. A sense of “I don't know what the hell I am doing?” During an apartment search can chase you in the Edmonton city too. To evade it off, you need to rely upon a reliable source such as Mainstreet Equity Corp. Serviced Edmonton Apartments: A Advantage to the Hospitality Industry. In the modern times, hotels are becoming quite expensive.

Thus, if guests still want to travel to distant locations as well as remain in relaxed hotels, they must create other preparations. Support Edmonton Apartments are a convenient and relaxed replace hotels. They are readily available cheaply and offer all sorts of features to its guests. Moreover, these completely prepared hotels have different benefits. This is why, now days; individual’s select service Apartments instead of hotels. Some Tips for Renting a Kid-Friendly Apartment in Edmonton. Edmonton, the capital of Alberta is an incredible kid-friendly city and this is why many families are making their shift to this beautiful place.

Finding the right apartment in Edmonton is hard. Renting with family is even harder. When you are on the hunt for the perfect apartment for you and your kids, you certainly want to look for something that has more space - you will want an apartment that is safe, near decent neighbors, in a respectable society, and with the right type of amenities. What is it Like to Move to Edmonton. For cities, geography is the destiny. Edmonton is the largest northernmost community in Canada, located on the boundary between the boreal forest and the prairies, resulting in a diverse and beautiful landscape. Edmonton is very much popular for shopping and entertainment- South Edmonton Common, West Edmonton Mall, Whyte Avenue, and Jasper Avenue, are a few names to this list. Due to theflourishing economy,the city offers excellent employment opportunities, and this is what attracts new migrants to settle in this place quickly and with relative ease.

What type of Apartment Community to choose in Edmonton. Enjoy Comfortable Living in Edmonton Rental Apartments. Quick and Effective Ways to Hunt an Apartment in Edmonton. The Main Differences Between Edmonton Condos and Apartments. Tips to Find Pet Friendly Rental Apartments in Edmonton. Edmonton Apartments for Rent. Mainstreet has newly renovated rental apartments in most major areas in Edmonton including Ice District (formerly known as 'Edmonton Arena District'), Central, Oliver, 124th Street revitalization zone, North Central, North, NE, NW, SE, West areas near West Edmonton Mall.

We also offer MacEwan University student housing, NAIT student housing, and Norquest College student housing. Mainstreet’s rental apartments offer spacious bachelor, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites close to all amenities. Apartments are family and pet friendly. Factors to Consider Before Renting an Apartment in Edmonton. Edmonton, the capital of Canada's Alberta province is a hub for creativity and innovation. Apartment Hunting Mistakes to Avoid When Renting One in Edmonton. Mainstreet Equity Corp (MEQ.TO) shares are in the spotlight as significant volume was spotted in the most recent session. 200 shares have traded hands compared to the three month average of 0.00m.

Technical traders will be keeping a close eye on the stock to see if the momentum crosses key levels. EPS For Mainstreet Equity Corp. Expected At $0.67; Profile Of 6 Analysts Covering Banco Santander, S.A. The Mainstreet Equity Corp. Given Outperform Rating at AltaCorp Capital. A number of other equities analysts have also issued reports on the stock. TD Securities reiterated a “hold” rating and issued a C$38.00 target price on shares of Mainstreet Equity Corp. in a research report on Wednesday, February 15th. Canaccord Genuity cut their price target on shares of Mainstreet Equity Corp. from C$36.00 to C$34.00 and set a “hold” rating for the company in a report on Wednesday, December 7th.

Moving in first apartment and you have got questions. We can help you? Moving out from Mom and Dad’s place can be fun, exciting, liberating and give you a sense of freedom and responsibility that you may not have had before. At the same time, you might be nervous and there are questions you might have about getting your first place, some we’ll help you answer and provide you good info. • How much should I spend per month? Moving in a month or less? Try these tips – Rent Apartment Tips – Medium. From searching through a range of apartments and rental houses to getting everything settled between you and your landlord, the whole process is daunting. And, when moving has to be done within a month or less, it seems like an impossible task.

Cramming what moving professionals say, is a two month process, which has now been cut into a half of that time — seems crazy. Why to Rent an Apartment in the Edmonton Arena District? Edmonton, the capital of Alberta is one of the prettiest, incredible and well-organized cosmopolitan cities. The city is considered as a paradise to live, as one doesn’t have to face transportation issues, traffic annoyances or any other difficulty in this city.

Mainstreet Equity Corp (MEQ.TO) Shares Moving On Volume. Shares of Mainstreet Equity Corp (MEQ.TO) have seen the needle move 1.37% or $0.50 in the most recent session. The TSX listed company saw a recent bid of 37.00 on 5108 volume. Mainstreet Equity Corp (MEQ.TO) Shows Positive Weekly Momentum. Studio Apartment vs One-Bedroom Apartment. SMART TIPS TO INCREASE LIVING COMFORT IN A ONE-ROOM APARTMENT - Apartment Guides Blog. Discussing Problems With A Roommate IN A Mature Approach. Why do you need a Roommate Agreement - Rental Apartment Blog. Steps to Get Approved for a Rental Deal by rentalapartments. It’s your first apartment and you’ve got questions. We can help. Apartment Rental Tips — How a good credit score can affect your rental... Move-out & Move-in Apartment Cleaning Ideas.

Process to Find the Perfect Rental Apartment. Mainstreet Equity Corp. (MEQ) Rating Reiterated by AltaCorp Capital. The Mainstreet Equity Corp. (MEQ) Stock Rating Reaffirmed by TD Securities - DailyQuint. The Mainstreet Equity Corp. (MEQ) Stock Rating Reaffirmed by TD Securities - DailyQuint. Mainstreet Equity CEO: Alberta market seems to be stabilizing - Video - BNN. Mainstreet Q1 results hint at Alberta market recovery - REMI Network. Container Gardening In Rental Apartments or Condos – The Articles Base. Mainstreet Equity Corp. Reports Q1 2017 Results. Mainstreet Equity Corp. Reports Q1 2017 Results. Useful guide to organizing your apartment – and creating more space. Glenbow Manor - LIVE With Mainstreet Preview. Writing a Notice of Intent before Moving Out of Your Apartment. Building & Maintaining a Healthy Tenant-Landlord Relationship.

An-Insight-To-Rent-An-Apartment-In-Downtown-Area Moving To Canada? Tips For First-Time Renters. Tenant & Housing Blog - Home. Welcome To Leasing An Apartment Blog - Blog: How To Get Acquainted With All The Best Places In The New City? How to make Apartment Living Fit Your Lifestyle Perfectly? by rentalapartments. Development will continue changing the face of Edmonton in 2017. When Should You Call Your Property Manager? Guidelines to Make Your First Time Apartment Living Stress-free. Infrastructure deal paves way for largest private investment in Lethbridge history - Calgary.

Mainstreet Equity gets a ringing endorsement from an unusual source. Canaccord Genuity announced Mainstreet Equity Corp. (TSE:MEQ), cutting its price target to $34.00 earlier today. Mainstreet Releases FY 2016 Results. 5 Reasons why you should live at Falconcrest Village in Calgary. 7 steps to getting your full apartment security deposit back. Win the storage war in your apartment. The Sikh Awards 2016 to honor global Sikh excellence given away in London — The Indian Panorama. IN PICTURES: Sikh Awards 2016 winners honoured. SPECIAL REPORT: 7th Annual Sikh Awards in London. Bob Dhillon Mainstreet Equity Corp. Mainstreet Equity Corp. Blog. The best time to look for an apartment and why. Property Management designations and where to get them.

Suspect bed bugs are in your apartment? Here’s what you should do. Working out in your apartment. Working out in your apartment. Suspect bed bugs are in your apartment? Here’s what you should do. Property Management designations and where to get them.