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Mailing Methods has been providing businesses in the St. Louis area with quality mailing solutions for more than 30 years.

Best Mailing System in St. Louis. Mail Machine & Equipment sales St. Louis. Mail Machine & Equipment sales St. Louis. Inserters Solution Hasler Product by Mailing Methods Inc. Hasler & Neopost Postage Meter Ink by Mailing Methods Inc. IM6000 - High Volume Mailing Supplies Systems St Louis. Are you happy with your mailing machine? Mailing Supplies & Postage Machines at St Louis. Mail Equipment Sales St. Louis at Mailing Methods Inc. 5 Major Shipping Mistakes. Addressing & Postage Mailing Machines St Louis. Addressing Mailing Machines St Louis. Mailing Addressing Systems St Louis. Is Direct Mail Obsolete? The advent of digital communication has given those in the marketing industry a fresh new playground to test direct marketing strategies.

Is Direct Mail Obsolete?

After all, everyone loves the Internet, and with email access in everyone’s pocket or purse, direct marketers are rich in opportunities to deliver messages to large groups of people quickly and at a reasonable cost. So, now that the Internet has been a staple in the world’s personal and business environment long enough for trends to develop, can we definitively claim that digital marketing is likely to bring about an end to direct mail? According to data compiled during an 18-month study conducted by Britain’s Royal Mail MarketReach, it’s not time to write direct mail’s obituary just yet. Using multiple research methods, Royal Mail MarketReach found that, in spite of our increased reliance upon digital communication, people “are still physical creatures that thrive on human contact and stimulation. The verdict? Belleville East-O'Fallon girls regional. Future industrial workers getting trained in metro-east.

Mail Equipment Supplies at St Louis. Mailing Machines for intelligent Mail Package Barcode. Last January the United States Postal Service introduced new tracking barcodes called the Intelligent Mail® package barcode (IMpb) for packages of any size or shape.

Mailing Machines for intelligent Mail Package Barcode

This new tracking system is optional – for now. However; effective January 2015, utilizing the IMpb will be mandatory for all packages. At Mailing Methods, we have an assortment of solutions to help implement this barcode tracking system in your business. Our top recommendation is the NeoPost machine. It has a variety of functions to streamline your shipping tasks and make your job easier, including: ease of use, automated address correction, and on-line package tracking. Neopost will offer a variety of software solutions prior to the January 2015 deadline to help with the transition.

We understand being a business owner is hectic and time is of the essence. Mailing Methods Letter Writing Week at St.Louis. Perhaps there is a perception that handwritten letters are not exactly en vogue anymore since digital rode in and put keyboards in everyone’s pocket.

Mailing Methods Letter Writing Week at St.Louis

Still, there’s something about receiving a letter in the mail – a personal item hiding amongst the bills and advertisements – that is singularly exhilarating. Why is this important now? Because the second week of January is National Letter Writing Week! When you write a letter to someone, you’re not just sharing the words you write; you’re showing that person that he or she is worth some extra effort. Even if it’s just a short note, you’ll be telling the recipient you care . . . and giving him or her the thrill of opening the mailbox and finding something special waiting there! Here are four letters you could write and send today. 1. 2. 3.

Mail Support Systems St.Louis, Illinois. Folding & Inserting Systems at Mailing Methods Inc. PS1200 | Click here for Brochure Designed to operate at the highest practical speed and efficiency, Hasler’s PS1200 processes up to 12,000 envelopes per hour – streamlining the entire mailing process, from input to throughput to output, even during peak or rush times.

Folding & Inserting Systems at Mailing Methods Inc

The high-capacity sheet feeder and vertical envelope reception stacker enables you to maintain the highest level of operational productivity even for your most demanding mail processing jobs. PS200 | Click here for Brochure Hasler is proud to introduce the new PS200 Folder Inserter Solution. The PS200 is a powerful solution that has an advanced modular design that is designed to grow with your needs. Hasler engineers took a hard look at mail centers around the world.

Then they designed this advanced folding and inserting system that can be customized to meet the workflow requirements of the widest range of mailing applications including flats. Enterprise Solutions at Mailing Methods Inc. Letter Openers Products at Mailing Methods Inc. OP306 | View BrochureThe OP306, with its ability to operate at a rated speed of up to 40,000 envelopes per hour, contains the latest mail opening technology setting a new standard for high volume mail processing.

Letter Openers Products at Mailing Methods Inc

OP2112 | View BrochureUtilizes milling cutting and a self-adjusting feeder to open a variety of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses. High Volume Mailing Supplies Systems St Louis. Postage Meters Shipping & Tracking Solutions in St Louis. Neopost ESS – Enterprise Shipping System | Click here for Brochure Neopost’s Enterprise Shipping System (ESS) is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based shipping application that enables users to make smart shipping choices.

Postage Meters Shipping & Tracking Solutions in St Louis

The functionality allows users to choose a carrier at the best price and create shipments straight from their desktop—no matter where the user is located. EMS – Enhanced Mailing and Shipping | Click here for Brochure Neopost EMS powerful analytics offer many tools to manage cost and build customer relationships. This technology can analyze your company’s mail and shipping operations and pinpoint incorrect addresses, lost packages and identify where money is being wasted. The address correction feature eliminates many of the problems that lead to returned and misdirected deliveries, delayed deliveries and address correction fees. Additionally, Neopost EMS helps you manage and allocate costs by account, carrier, special service and operator productivity.

Mailing Solutions Addressing & Tabbing Systems at St Louis. Hasler’s full line of office-based desktop address printers put a professional finishing touch on your business mailings.

Mailing Solutions Addressing & Tabbing Systems at St Louis

The ability to print message line in color can eliminate the need for preprinted envelopes; and printing delivery point bar codes can substantially reduce your postage costs. Save time and money with high print speeds, trouble-free operation and reliable HP inkjet technology. HJ510C | View BrochureA user-friendly, entry level system that prints full process photo quality color, the HJ510C is perfect for high impact, low volume mailings. With the HJ510C you can produce professional envelopes at a price you can afford. HJ710 | View BrochureWith an HJ710 desktop address printer, your mail pieces will have a professional look that will make them stand out from the competition. Mailing Supplies Systems Machines St Louis. Hasler® High Volume Mailing Systems IM6000 | View Brochure The IM6000 sets a new standard for mailing system productivity, operability, and efficiency.

Mailing Supplies Systems Machines St Louis

Hasler observed high volume mailing machine operators and listened to production mail center customers to design this next generation mailing system. The IM6000 delivers simple, ergonomic operations; investment protection and cost savings; reliable production, and maximum uptime. Coupled with the new internet–connected Hasler iMeter™ postage meter and powerful Apps to manage your business, it is clear that the IM6000 is the ultimate choice in high volume mailing systems. IM5000 | View Brochure The IM5000 sets a new standard for mailing system productivity, operability, and efficiency. Mail Support And mailing Solution St Louis.