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Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training

Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training assists individuals in staying fit, health and in shape through tailored workout sessions and diet plans. Maik Wiedenbach is a two times world cup and Olympic level swimmer offering online certified personal fitness training in NY.

Top 5 Qualities That Make a Great Fitness Trainer: maikwiedenbacht. Maik Wiedenbach - Personal Trainer in New York. Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training: How Does Whey Protein Help You To Lose Weight? If you want to build muscles, nothing better than whey protein to provide you strength.

Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training: How Does Whey Protein Help You To Lose Weight?

But you are not aware that it’s also a weight loss powerhouse. This fast digesting protein actually packs a powerful appetite –suppressing punch, contrary to the fact that liquids digest quickly. Whether you are training your own or hiring personal trainer New York City, you should add whey protein in your supplement or diet to beat hunger and hit your goals. Let’s have a look at the reasons whey protein is the way to go for weight loss. 1. 5 KEY RULES TO ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS – Maik Wiedenbach – Medium. There is no shortcut for success; you must work hard if you wish to achieve success in life.


Whether it’s your personal life or fitness aspiration, you must know some key rules to get the best results. What is the difference between who achieve results and who only want them, but never accomplish them? How do some people transform their body, get strong and become an example for the entire fitness lover? 5 Questions a fitness Trainer ask  Related to Your Lifestyle. Build Your Perfect Body. Public Build Your Perfect Body created using Create your own infographic template published by maikwiedenbach Views Share.

Build Your Perfect Body

Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training: 3 TIPS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER. If you have the misconception that qualification and passion makes a successful online fitness trainer then you are totally wrong.


It requires more than this: it comes with a business strategy and preparation. 1. Find your prospective clients: Workout is not everyone’s cup of tea, so don’t try to be “do-it-all” personal trainer. What Are Main Lifts And Accessory Lifts Exercises? – Maik Wiedenbach – Medium. When you are training without a personal trainer, you are expected to make mistakes.

What Are Main Lifts And Accessory Lifts Exercises? – Maik Wiedenbach – Medium

You will try to do more. You will try to lift some impressive weight. However, this is an ineffective way of training. Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training: Mind the Volume and Exercises If You Are Training Without Personals Fitness Trainer. Whether you are living in the heart or on the outskirts, you can easily find a personal trainer in the NYC.

Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training: Mind the Volume and Exercises If You Are Training Without Personals Fitness Trainer

However, if your home is somewhere in a remote small town or a village, you will not have enough time to join a fitness training program in NYC. In spite of the fact that certified trainers provide online fitness programs also, there are some individuals who prefer to put their training program on their own. Preparing fitness program and the regime will make you scratch your head. We have put together a guide to help a novice in choosing and incorporating important exercises into his training program.

Learn the Correct Exercise Form. 3 BEST EXERCISES TO PREVENT BACK PAIN – Maik Wiedenbach – Medium. Many people know regular exercise will improve their general health and appearance, but a few realize the positive effect of exercise on their back pain.


It does not matter if you are a faintness enthusiast or a dedicated channel surfer, back pain can strike anyone, at any time, for any number of reasons. In today’s world, many people are suffering from back pain. Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training: TOP 5 TIPS TO DO A PERFECT SQUAT. Most of the people actually make some major mistakes while doing squat, making the movement inefficient at best and dangerous at worst.

Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training: TOP 5 TIPS TO DO A PERFECT SQUAT

Squats are just perfect for full body fitness that work the hips, quads, glutes and hamstrings, and sneakily strengthen the core. Squats may help improve coordination and balance. Whether you are doing it by yourself or some personal trainer in New YorkCity helps you out, it’s important to banish those mistakes and learn the right method of squats. 1. Your stance should be perfect: Everybody has different body shape and size, with longer or shorter legs and torsos, etc. Impact of  Exercise on Your Brain. WHAT MAKES A PERFECT PERSONAL TRAINER? – Maik Wiedenbach – Medium. With the personal training industry at an all-time high, finding a personal trainer in New York is becoming easier and easier for those who want to see the best results through their hard work.


A good fitness trainer is just perfect for those looking to shake up their fitness regime. While choosing a fitness trainer, you should focus on various aspects of the trainer such as qualification, experience, references etc. FITNESS TIPS  FROM THE EXPERTS-Maik Wiedenbach. 1.Regular Exercise/Overall 5. mental health is important 4.


Sleep is the best meditation Eat good Look good Feel good Get more Tips From Expert: 3 Common Push-Up Mistakes and Their Solutions - Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training. 5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR CLIENTS’ WORKOUTS MORE ENTERTAINING – Medium. “Fitness is the best fashion style, confidence is the best attire and simplicity is the true beauty”. The above quote is very true indeed. No matter how loaded or wealthy you are, if you are not fit and healthy then nothing can give you happiness. There are so many fitness center New York but how many who are guiding their clients properly. You can find many fitness trainers New York City but how many who are making your workouts enjoyable and help in achieving your fitness goals at the same time.

Personal Trainer, New York, NY - The Fastest Way for burning Weight with Exercise by Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training. You might be one of those who has no time for a workout session, too busy to hit a gym or too busy to burn fat. We all hate extra body fat but we have nowhere to take a refuge. If there are no physical activities in our daily routines then there will be extra fat on our bodies.

Salt- The Silent Killer? Salt has gotten a really bad reputation. It is blamed for high blood pressure and water retention and some recommend it should be avoided altogether. Not to be left behind by the cool kids, our beloved Mayor just forced all chain restaurants to label foods with a high sodium content. TEF- I Can Eat More and Still Lose Weight??? Eating Food Burns Calories: The Thermic Effect of Food Have you ever heard that you burn more calories digesting celery than the celery contains?

This is actually a myth that I hear a lot as a personal trainer in NYC, but it does point out the significance of something called the thermic effectof food (TEF), which is one of the primary components of your basic metabolic rate (BMR). TEF refers to the energy that your body expends processing the food you eat. This number is traditionally estimated to be about 10% of the total calorie intake, but it depends on the macronutrient you are eating.Of 100 calories of protein, 25 simply are lost due to digestion.

Carbohydrates stand at 12%, fats at 2%… you can guess where this is going. Which Macro Nutrient Works Best for Hunger Suppression? Before I get into the theme du jour, let me state the very obvious ( my personal training clients in NYC know the sermon all too well): calories matter most when trying to gain or lose weight. However, the actual diet composition, meaning the percentage of proteins vs. carbohydrates vs. fats, can also greatly influence body composition (or THE BEACH BODY / muscle gain/ fat loss). Let’s take the macros one by one: 1. White Rice vs Brown Rice-Which One is Better for You? The above is a debate that is almost as heated as Hillary vs.

Bernie, Trump vs. sane people. In the blue corner, you have white rice, void of its hull and all fibers; in the red corner it is brown rice, full of fiber and vitamins. At first glance, it seems like an unfair fight. White rice carries fewer vitamins then brown rice and causes a higher insulin spike when consumed. What Makes a Good Protein Powder? Protein powders are probably the most sold supplements and for a good reason. Can Your Client Touch His Toes? What It Tells About the Stability and Mobility of His Body?

Touching toe appears to be simple but this classic exercise holds plenty of water. Something can go wrong while touching toes. Boost Your Brain Power with Physical Exercises. No other thing on the planet is more valuable than a healthy body and sharp brain. Just like your muscles, the brain is also a part of your body. FASTED CARDIO AS A FAT LOSS TOOL. When it comes to cardio and fat loss, it really is a case of the blind leading the blind. Most trainees have been made to believe that cardio burns only fat and that weight lifting only builds muscles, hence the combination of the two would create the perfect physique. DIET SHAKES FOR WEIGHT LOSS — DOES IT WORK?

This is a topic that has been debated for years amongst dieters so I thought it was important that we addressed it. There are a plethora of diet shakes flooding the market: Slim-Fast, Atkins, the list goes on. DO WHAT THE BOX SAYS! A while back, I went to see Bill Cosby perform live in New York City. While the first half hour was so-so, he did deliver some pearls of wisdom. One that I liked in particular was about some guy named Phil in Pennsylvania who apparently makes the best Thanksgiving stuffing on the face of the Earth.

Training twice a day for maximum gains and leanness‏… Hi, How to Set Up The Perfect Diet for You – Once and for All. How to Improve the Health of the Shoulder Joint -3. How to Choose Supplements. Body Fat and How You Can Shed The Blubber. Nutrient Timing – What to eat & when for maximum fat loss… THE 10 MOST ESSENTIAL DIET FOODS. How to Improve the Health of the Shoulder Joint -2. Which Macronutrient Works Best for Hunger Suppression? Shape Those Shoulders. What Motivates You? Sugar is Evil! -Or Did the Feds Make America Fat??? 10 Tips For Bigger Biceps. How to Improve the Health of the Shoulder Joint -1. Maik Wiedenbach. High Fructose Corn Syrup - Nectar of The Gods of Pure Evil? Sleazy Supplements and How to Spot Them! The Biggest Loser is a Scam – And Here is Why!

Emotional Eating- Recipe for Disaster? Obesity - Why Is It Still a Problem? A Real Professional Personal Trainer Asks These 5 Questions Related To Your Lifestyle. IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE, IT’S…. WHAT WOULD CRISTIANO RONALDO DO? 7 PRINCIPLES FOR A BETTER BODY. FREE WEIGHTS OR MACHINES? Can Weight Training Fix Injuries. Why BCAAs are a Waste of Money. Three Eternal Mysteries Solved. Plateaus- Friend or Foe? Push Flyes Exercise for Chest. How to do Close Grip Pushups for Triceps with Added Resistance. How to Build Round & Powerful Shoulders. How to Grow Your Delts with Poliquin Side Raises. Shoulder Combo Medial & Rear Delts. Right Technique of Cuban Press Exercise. Bradford Press is one more way to train the delts.

Barbell Curls with Chains. The Overhead Push Press Exercise. How to Prevent or Delay Muscle Mass Loss Due To Aging. THE COLORADO EXPERIMENT. ANOTHER CASE OF THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND? Your Parents Lied to You – You Are Not Different!‏ Stopping The OCD Madness. Correlation and Causation Are NOT The Same Thing! A Useful Guide for Finding a Personal Trainer in NYC. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Why you are still not progressing… How to Stay Lean During the Winter… Cleanses – wonder weapon for fat loss? Academic steroids- a better mind for bigger muscles! Trump - let's pretend there is an easy fix! What it really takes to succeed! The power of grit and what it can do for you! The evolution of a coach. Is the world coming to an end? Why Certification Is Important For a Personal Trainer. A Quickie Can Keep Your Busy Clients Fit and Healthy. A Must Read For Those Who Eye To Be Celebrity Personal Trainer in NYC. Personal Trainer Recommended 4 Simple and Effective Exercises for Workout in Office.

These 4 Foods are Villains in Your Mission Six Packs Abs. Personal Trainer NYC - Celebrity Personal Fitness Training New York.