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Outdoor led display lighting, led digital display board, led display programming. Stand-Alone 10/100 Ethernet Controller, Data Circuit-terminating Equipment. The ENC424J600 offers low-cost stand-alone 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface controller with integrated MAC & PHY, hardware cryptographic security engines and factory preprogrammed unique MAC address.

Stand-Alone 10/100 Ethernet Controller, Data Circuit-terminating Equipment

A 24-Kbyte on-chip RAM buffer is available for TX and RX operations. The ENC424J600 have an industry standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or a parallel interface. They are designed to serve as an Ethernet network interface for any microcontroller equipped with SPI or a standard parallel port. Axial (propeller), radial (blower/centrifugal) fans, DC voltage fans, axial fan. Fixed Flange Mount Voltage Regulator, local on-card, low dropout, input voltage. Linear regulators are Step-Down regulators only.

Fixed Flange Mount Voltage Regulator, local on-card, low dropout, input voltage

There are 2 types of regulators, Shunt and series-pass regulators. For IC linear voltage regulators, the regulator type determines the configuration of the pass device as well as the dropout voltage. Standard voltage regulators use an NPN Darlington configuration and have a dropout voltage between 1.5V and 2.2 V. Low dropout (LDO) regulators differ from standard regulators in that the pass device consists of a single PNP transistor. Single Output 5 V DC/DC Converter, dc to dc power supply, dc to dc converters. The R-78B5.0-1.0L is a part of R-78Bxx Series high efficiency switching regulators are ideally suited to replace 78xx linear regulators and are pin compatible.

Single Output 5 V DC/DC Converter, dc to dc power supply, dc to dc converters

The L-Version with 90° pins allows direct replacement for laid-flat regulators where component height is at a premium.Low ripple and noise figures and a short circuit input current of typically only 10 mA round off the specifications of this versatile converter series. Features: Efficiency up to 97%,Non isolated,no need for heatsinks Pin-out compatible with LM78XX Linears Low profile( L*W*H=11.5*8.5*17.5mm) Wide input range.(4.75 V ~ 34 V) Short circuit protection, Thermal shutdown Non standard outputs available 1.5 V~15 V Low ripple and noise “L” version with 90° pins Applications: Telecommunications Industrial Automotive Aerospace Battery powered applications Read More...

Oscillators from Microchip, tight stability oscillator, timing device. PCN Status:Final notification.

Oscillators from Microchip, tight stability oscillator, timing device

PCN Type: Manufacturing ChangeDescription of Change: Implement additional cover tape, carrier tape and plastic reel material supplier for selected Micrel products available in 3L, 5L, 6L and 8L SOT23, 5L and 6L TSOP and 8L SOIC packages at STAR assembly site.Pre Change: Using CPAK carrier tape, cover tape and plastic reel materialPost Change:Using CPAK carrier tape, cover tape and plastic reel material or 3M carrier tape and cover tape material or U-PAK carrier tape and cover tape material and LPP plastic reel material.Pre and Post Change Summary:NOTE: See attached Packing Pre and Post Changes for the changes of the following.

Non-Insulated Brass Material Printed Circuit Board Tab Terminal, Tool Hardware. Mosfet switch circuit, construction of mosfet, mosfet transistor. Low ESR, Electronic Circuit, MLCC, high voltage ceramic capacitors. Aluminum Electrolytic Cap, axial electrolytic capacitor, aluminum oxide. Amplifiers, Single Supply Operational Amplifier, what is operational amplifier. Flash Memory, USB flash memory storage, flash memory drive. Channel Standard Level Mosfet, high density process, bjt transistor. High speed amplifier, audio- and video-frequency, operational amplifiers. The LMV321LILT is a 5.5 V supply voltage and 1.3 MHz gain bandwidth general purpose operational amplifier, available in surface mount SOT-23-5 package.

High speed amplifier, audio- and video-frequency, operational amplifiers

These devices are specifically designed to operate at low voltages (2.7 to 5 V) with enhanced performances compared to the industry standard LM3xx series. These are complete cost-effective solutions for designs where cost is of primary importance. Features: Low power consumption: 250 μA max at 5 V Low offset voltage: 7 mV max at 25 °C Industrial temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C Low supply voltage: 2.7 V - 5.5 V Gain bandwidth product: 1.3 MHz Tiny packages Applications: Battery-powered applications Portable devices Signal conditioning Active filtering Medical instrumentation Read More...

Single Output 12 V DC/DC Converter, DC to DC converters, power supply dc dc. Capacitors Ceramic, frequency characteristic, higher withstanding voltage, MLCC. Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor, what is a ceramic capacitor. Fixed resistor manufacturers, Development Board, digital resistor. Voidless Hermetically Sealed Fast Recovery Rectifier, high frequency switched mode power supplies. Metal Film Chip Resistor, high power variable resistor, Surface Mount. Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor, mosfet transistor, mosfet switch. High-Speed Hub Controller, what is USB, mini USB, switch. Switches, High Power LEDs, LED Light Modules, LED Lighting Controllers. Dip switch garage door opener, Dip switch calculator, push button toggle switch.

Panel Mount Fuse Holder, Circuit Breakers, High voltage Cooper Bussmann fuses. Capacitors Ceramic, Capacitors, what is a multilayer ceramic. MLCC, Low ESR, Electronic components, Digital Equipment. Low OHMIC Chip Resistor, fixed resistor manufacturers, resistance ranges. Low Profile Stacked Patch Antenna, Antenna booster, Amplifier programming. Led light bulb, light emitting diode, led home lighting, what is led. Uni-Directional Zener TVS Diode, Transient voltage surge suppression.

The MMQA Quad Common Anode Series is a SC-74 Quad Monolithic Common Anode and Transient Voltage Suppressors for ESD Protection.

Uni-Directional Zener TVS Diode, Transient voltage surge suppression

This quad monolithic silicon voltage suppressor is designed for applications requiring transient overvoltage protection capability. It is intended for use in voltage and ESD sensitive equipment such as computers, printers, business machines, communication systems, medical equipment, and other applications. Its quad junction common anode design protects four separate lines using only one package.

These devices are ideal for situations where board space is at a premium. Features: SC−74 Package Allows Four Separate Unidirectional Configurations Peak Power − Min. 24 W @ 1.0 ms (Unidirectional), per Figure 5 Waveform Peak Power − Min. 150 W @ 20 µs (Unidirectional), per Figure 6 Waveform Maximum Clamping Voltage @ Peak Pulse Current Low Leakage < 2.0 µA ESD Rating of Class 3B (exceeding 16 kV) per the Human Body Model Pb−Free Packages are Available Read More...

Dual Row Through Hole Male Pin Header Connector, MMCX plugs, Electrical connector. Capacitors Ceramic, high voltage, what is a multilayer ceramic capacitor. Dual-Channel Power Distribution Switch, pin diode switch. Single Row Through Hole Straight Pin Header, board header, board plug. Power Mosfet, Types of mosfet, Mosfet vs transistor, Mosfet model.

The IRF7341TRPBF is a Fifth Generation HEXFET from International Rectifier that utilize advanced processing techniques to achieve extremely low on-resistance per silicon area.

Power Mosfet, Types of mosfet, Mosfet vs transistor, Mosfet model

This benefit, combined with the fast switching speed and ruggedized device design that HEXFET Power MOSFETs are well known for, provides the designer with an extremely efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications. The SO-8 has been modified through a customized leadframe for enhanced thermal characteristics and multiple-die capability making it ideal in a variety of power applications.

With these improvements, multiple devices can be used in an application with dramatically reduced board space. The package is designed for vapor phase, infra red, or wave soldering techniques. Power dissipation of greater than 0.8W is possible in a typical PCB mount application. The IRF7341TRPBF comes in a SO-08 package. Voir plus... Through Hole Mosfet, Types of Logic Translators, data rate, input type. Low Power Single Bipolar Operational Amplifier, operational amplifier chip manufacturer. Black Miniature Through Hole Test Point, Dev Tools Hardware, development kits.

For over fifty years, Keystone Electronics has been manufacturing precision electronic interconnect components and hardware.

Black Miniature Through Hole Test Point, Dev Tools Hardware, development kits

Keystone’s offering has been created specifically for use by OEM Designers and Engineers who create and develop state-of-the-art electronic products, instruments and systems. While Keystone catalog products meet most standard requirements, modifications as well as custom fabrications can be manufactured to meet your special needs. Through Hole High & Low Side Driver, High voltage level translator, high voltage. International Rectifier (IR) is a pioneer and world leader in advanced power management technology, from digital, analog and mixed-signal ICs to advanced circuit devices, power systems and components.

Through Hole High & Low Side Driver, High voltage level translator, high voltage

The world's leading manufacturers of computers, appliances, automobiles, consumer electronics and defense systems rely on IR technology to drive the performance and efficiency of their products. Today, power management technology plays a more important role than ever in saving the world's dwindling energy reserves while tackling tough technology roadblocks. A IGBT has the output switching and conduction characteristics of a bipolar transistor but is voltage-controlled like a MOSFET.

In general, this means it has the advantages of high-current handling capability of a bipolar with the ease of control of a MOSFET. The IGBT still has the disadvantages of a comparatively large current tail and no body drain diode. The MOSFET is a device that is voltage- and not current-controlled.