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Hi! I am Maiken. I am eleven years old. My favourite music is nightcore, my favourite song in nightcore is Probably 'Invisible' bye Skylar Grey or 'Jar Of Hearts' I don't know the singer who sang it but i love the song!

I am a cat person and an animal lover! Angel With A Shotgun {NightCore} Faster Car Anders Lystell Lyrics. Just A Dream {NightCore} Switching Vocal.

R.I.P. Christina Grimmie. She is such a good singer. :( – maiken75

「Nightcore」→ The Monster/Wake Me Up (Acoustic Mashup) ( Switching Vocals ) 「Nightcore」→ See You Again/ Sugar/ Love Me Like You Do (Acoustic Mashup) ( Switching Vocal ) Tortoise Loving It's Time. Try {NightCore} Switching Vocal. This Little Girl {Cady Groves} Nightcore - This Little Girl. 「Nightcore」→ I'm Yours/Perfect Two ( Switching Vocals ) Nightcore - headphones - lyrics. Nightcore - Hall of Fame.