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Arth and nitya. Murphy Bed Blog — Solutions for Small Spaces. Where recycling meets design. “And the Great Furniture Festival Begins” – Alice Rawsthorn. Dezeen architecture and design magazine. Design Observer. Decomodo. BLDGBLOG. Architecture Magazine.

News, views and jobs from Inside Housing - Home. New Urban Network. Magazine - GreenBuilder. IN OUR CONSTANT PURSUIT of greater corporate sustainability, we realized that, like great homes and products, Green Builder magazine has to provide long-term value to our readers in order to have a prolonged shelf-life.

Magazine - GreenBuilder

Therefore, each issue is a themed guide, enabling our readers to build a useful reference library comprised of our back issues. Our content is more comprehensive and engaging than ever. We're focusing not just on the design and construction of environmentally appropriate, cost-effective buildings, but also on the larger topic of sustainable living. Be sure to use your smart phones to scan the barcodes within the pages of the magazine for quick access to websites, videos, sweepstakes, discounts, calendars, emails and more.

Graphics, Digital, Interior, Print, Retail, Design News & Jobs. The Business Source for Leaders of the New Economy. World Architecture News, Official Home Page, architecture news, architecture jobs. Dwell - At Home in the Modern World. Architecture, kitchen and bathroom design: - Recycled and Sustainable Fine Art, Jewelry, and Apparel. Publications. Few in the twentieth century straddled the demarcation between design and architecture as effortlessly – or as successfully – as Ray and Charles Eames.


For the Eameses, the distinction was artificial and unhelpful; useful creative thought emerged from a process-based method of problem solving, design solutions addressed and resolved specific needs, and success could be effectively measured by an object’s ability to do its jobs. But while the Eameses were famously weary of design’s historical tendency toward “creative expression,” their work exhibited none of the abject sterility threatened by a devotion to extreme functionalism.

They found that delight was itself utilitarian, and an object’s capacity to produce pleasure for its user allowed for the consideration of aesthetics as one metric of serviceability. (more…) The $300 House Blog. Note: the letter has been slightly edited to make the author's meaning more clear...

The $300 House Blog

Christian After building several houses in Africa (Sudan, Ethiopia) and Asia (Srilanka, Nepal). I decided to create my own association - Surya - which would take the problems on more comprehensively. Most of (European) NGOs work in this way: for example there are money for women rights in Pakistan, so they go there and quickly use (waste) the money in "correct" way, but without concept, without cooperate with another projects etc... many times they create different types of disbalances like make some part of community make too much money (redistributing power in community), or by creating black markets by giving things for free etc.

For me, it was most important to solve problem complexly. I started 2002 creating school design for Himalayas village Kargyak with special climate 4 days walk distant from nearest road. So in short what I think is necessary: 8) evaluation of data and testing of building. City Home Design. The Designers Accord. Urbarama - Atlas of architecture. Footprint. OpenBuildings / the crowdsourced buildings database. ..: PIONEER OF ARCHITECTURAL JOURNALISM :.. SKALA+ Magazine: Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design. CTN Green Magazine Video - Green news, Eco Sustainable Style in a Free Green Magazine. Green News and Opinion on The Huffington Post.

TreeHugger. Ecofabulous - Stylish, Sustainable Living. Small, simple, modular, prefab, modern, solar, plans, kits & design @ small house style. Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home.