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Recycled sewing

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Sweatshirt Refashion TUTORIAL finally!! The Boys' Faux-Layered Christmas Tee. It's high time for a project for the boys!

The Boys' Faux-Layered Christmas Tee

I'm making it a priority to start coming up with more boy projects. Here's a fun little shirt for Christmas that's festive but also doesn't scream "Christmas shirt". The Chiquita Dress Tutorial. Isn't it funny how a characteristic in someone can drive you crazy one moment, but be the very thing you love about them the next?

The Chiquita Dress Tutorial

Olive is rather mischievous. Like, the other day she brought up how "when she was little" she used to hide her vitamins because she didn't like them. She laughed to herself and I responded that I just found one in the corner of the bottom of the pantry in shades of green that even I was repulsed by! She laughed even harder, like her big joke had finally played out and the punchline was even funnier than she had schemed.

How this one loves life, and it's hard not to get sucked into the point of view of her world. Clover was wearing this yellow dress the other day and a reader wondered if I had done a tutorial on it without her knowing. Tutorial lite: Getting another year of wear out of a top. Disclaimer: This really isn't a tutorial and can probably be filed under 'Well, duh' but I'm sharing it anyway because sometimes the 'Well, duh's pass us by.

Tutorial lite: Getting another year of wear out of a top

Or at least they pass me by. Due in part to me failing to make my own kids any clothes in forever, Maia has very few long sleeve tops that fit her now that the weather has grown cold. Like most kids, she has grown far more vertically than horizontally (she has actually lost most of her toddler shape) in the last year so tops fit her in the body but come up short. But with a bit of ribbing and less than an hour, half a dozen tops have been given an extra year of wear. Remember this one? MADE: TUTORIAL: Recycled Grocery Totes. Ready to go green?

MADE: TUTORIAL: Recycled Grocery Totes

Then say goodbye to your old grocery bags by melting them into something cute. Afterall, plastic is the new plastic, right? Re-purposing. Etsy Russian Team. You can make a beautiful and stylish pendant with your own hands. It's easy if you'll follow this tutorial from Katrinshine You will need: a.. A piece of genuine leather 1/32" to 1/16" thick b..A thick needle or an awl c.

Scissors d. A drafting compass e. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Refashionista - Jen from iCandy Handmade. I hope you guys have been enjoying this Refashionista series as much as I have.

Refashionista - Jen from iCandy Handmade

It's been fun to see such different projects from each blogger. Today we have Jen from iCandy Handmade. Jen and Autie have an awesome blog full of great projects. PR&P Tutorials, Week 4 - Upcycled Ruffles Dress. Week 4 of Project Run & Play was the Upcycle Challenge, we were tasked to create a look using only things that were thrifted.

PR&P Tutorials, Week 4 - Upcycled Ruffles Dress

NO new fabric. I actually happen to love upcycling, I find that using old clothing to make new items can actually make the finished product look nicer. It can also make the sewing process easier and more fulfilling. Depending on what you are creating, very often upcycling eliminates the need for making hemlines or other finishing touches – and can make your hand sewn garment look professionally made because of the finishing touches you can incorporate from the original garment.

Lastly, it brings costs way down, and helps save the environment at the same time! For the Upcycled Ruffle Dress, the main body of fabric I used was an old skirt I found at the local Salvation Army. Re-Purpose Little Girl Jeans. How many other mother's go crazy spending money over and over again on pants that end up looking like this?

Re-Purpose Little Girl Jeans

I'm so tired of it. You can't donate them, and yet you feel guilty for throwing them out. Today I decided to add a little something to these and turn them into new summer pants for Marisol. Re-purpose And Save Money During Back To School. If you can re-purpose old clothes for this school year, I highly recommend doing so, think of the money you will save.

Re-purpose And Save Money During Back To School

These three pairs of jeans were from last year. Two pairs are too short, and the third, well, the holes just too big. It's still summer, we live in San Diego, and these are not worth sending to the Thrift Shop, so I decided to turn all three pairs into shorts for the little man to wear to school. However I wanted them to look nice for school (as opposed to backyard, play in the mud attire), so I didn't want there to be frayed bottoms from not hemming, and I wanted to make sure that the holes were patched. Puppet play: diana schoenbrun guest post! If you're anything like me, you have any number of stray socks and mittens lying around the house that have sadly lost their mates.

puppet play: diana schoenbrun guest post!

In the new book Puppet Play: 20 Puppet Projects Made with Recycled Mittens, Towels, Socks, and More, author Diana Schoenbrun shows her readers how to make super cute and easy puppets from these and other recycled materials. Since many crafters are interested in the creative process behind a craft book like this, Diana is here at the honeybee blog today to tell us how she came up with the inspiration for her book. PS--if you'd like to try out a couple of sample projects from Puppet Play, including the quirky striped elephant puppet on the book cover, please visit the links below!

Crazy Cat PuppetBetty the Elephant Puppet From Diana Schoenbrun: From Teeshirt to Halter Dress : Daily source of DIY craft projects and inspiration, patterns, how-tos. Upcycled Design Lab Blog - Starting Over - More T-shirt Tales and a Tutorial (Basket Weave Upcycled T) Refashionista - Kelly from Sewing In No Man's Land. Kelly amazes me with her detailed, over-the-top designs.

Refashionista - Kelly from Sewing In No Man's Land

Refashionista - Delia from Delia Creates. Welcome to Day 3 of Refashionista. Today our guest is Delia of Delia Creates. I adore Delia. Her blog feels like entering a comfortable, warm home. It's full of beautiful ideas, gorgeous pictures, and she has two adorable boys! Brenna’s book page fabric.

I love the look of old book pages. The toasty brown edges and pale centers of the pages pair perfectly with the stark black type. Simple design with such a vintage feel, but so fragile and brittle. To fix their fragility, I coated the paper with silicone. This technique preserves the fragile pages, making them flexible, waterproof and durable with a feel similar to oilcloth. With a little basic sewing, these plasticized pages are turned into useful durable items with a vintage appeal. CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

Materials paper of choice (old book pages, decorative paper, newspaper, etc.)household silicone sealer (must say “silicone” on the package)scrap piece of cardboard to use as a small spreaderscrap newspaper to protect work surfacesewing machinescissorsspray adhesivescrap fabriclarge piece of paper (at least 15 x 21)piece of heavy poster board or chipboard with dimensions larger than above Instructions. Make Iron-On Plastic Bag Clothing Decals. Tutorial - make a boy vest with mitten pockets.