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Make for and with my 2 monsters!

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5 Ideas For Cardboard Tube Ornaments. SciZone - Ontario Science Centre: Make your own juggling balls. Michele made me's Photostream. Tutorials. Shimmering Stacked Trees. Country Living Halloween Spiderweb Rug. Do you have your October 2011 issue of Country Living magazine yet?

Country Living Halloween Spiderweb Rug

It’s out there, and it rocks! Just wait until you see the featured pumpkin craft. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous!! If you turn to page 55, you’ll find the spiderweb doormat I crafted. Project: Toy Batcopter. By Andrew Lewis A little while ago, I opened up a trunk that had been buried in the back of an attic for the best part of 100 years.

Project: Toy Batcopter

Inside the trunk, I found a box of personal letters and family souvenirs from the early 1900s. At the bottom of the box was a plain white envelope that at first glance seemed to contain a few pieces of bamboo, tissue paper, and decayed rubber. It took me a few minutes to realize that I was looking at a very old homemade toy. The toy was made of a thin bamboo frame, with tissue paper butterfly wings and cotton-wrapped joints. The wings of the butterfly were painted with brightly colored inks, and a rudimentary bamboo propeller was fitted to the top.

Materials Directions Step 1: Split the bamboo skewer in half. Halloween Lino Prints. DIY 3-D Letters from Paper. Months ago I happened upon this font on called Punched Out.

DIY 3-D Letters from Paper

It’s a free download for a set of cut-out layouts with which you can build 3-D, pixel style letters. Just cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, put some glue on the shaded flaps, stick them together and that’s it. I printed each letter individually on 8.5 x 11 paper. Handmade Buttons: Studio Saturday with Claybuttons at Art Bead Scene.

This week we visit the studio of Tari Sasser at Creative Impressions In Clay. Happy Saturday to all and welcome to the glamorous life of buttons! Wait, it's glamorous?! I didn't get that memo. Above is what I have been working on. Snowflakes and (hmmm, right.) WELL WORN: Faux Real: Luxe Snow Globes. Cheap Easy Craft Ideas, Tutorials, Free Crafts - Dollar Store Crafts. Make: handprint easter lily brooch. When you were a kid, did you ever make an Easter Lily by tracing your hand and rolling it up and adding a pipe cleaner?

make: handprint easter lily brooch

If you're a mom, has you child ever made one for you? I was thinking about this classic project, and thought it might be fun to make a wearable, and longer-lasting version of it. To make a Handprint Easter Lily Brooch, you will need: White, yellow and green felt Pinback or safety pin Green embroidery floss Here's what you do: Trace your child's hand. I traced my six-year-old sister's hand, and it was about 6 inches tall. Use the template you've made to cut out the two hand sizes from white felt. Wrap the smaller hand around the yellow fringe.

Wrap the larger hand around the smaller hand, keeping it a tight roll. Add the leaf to the side, and begin wrapping the green strip around the base. Carefully add a few stitches to hold everything together. Spread the petals of the handprint lily and pin on to wear with pride on Sunday! Minnie Outfit, hairclip - and labels! I think most of you know you I have an embroidery machine.

Minnie Outfit, hairclip - and labels!

Occasionally I get commissioned to sew for others. This one was too cute I had to show you - it's for Miss Daisy's 2nd Birthday - she loves Minnie Mouse. I love the hairbow clip thing - it's just 3 rolled fabric flowers, hot glued together. Multi-Petalled Ribbon Flower - Sunflower. Borboleta dupla. Tutorials. Snowflakes. With all of this snow outside, we have been making our own inside.


I'm sure most of you have made borax crystal strings or snowflakes before - but if you have not, it is a fun project for this time of year. The boys first made strings of crystals, and then moved up to pipe cleaner snowflakes. easy to make:: In a wide mouth canning jar, add 3 Tbsp of borax per 2 cups of boiling water. stir to dissolve. Catching Fireflies; The Faux Decor Version. A lot of us can recall fond childhood memories of running around the neighborhood, on warm summer nights, catching fireflies.

Catching Fireflies; The Faux Decor Version

We would place ours in a ventilated jar creating a magical glow for a few hours before letting them fly away free, night after night. Keeping with our whimsical ‘bug’ bath theme, I thought it would be a cute to re-create a little faux jar that would give off that same warm magical glow for my little guy once the sun goes down.

I found some small 1/4″ Button Plugs in the wood section of my local craft store. They ran $1.19 and came 22 in a pack. Felt Photo Frame Magnets and Felt Flower Magnets. Felt picture frame fridge magnets (and felt flower fridge magnets) Supplies: Different colors of felt, scissors, glue gun, buttons, needle and thread, plastic, pictures, round magnets.

Felt Photo Frame Magnets and Felt Flower Magnets

S Printable Mazes. Thor Costume (for DailyBuzz Moms 9x9) If you're dropping in from DailyBuzz Moms, then welcome!

Thor Costume (for DailyBuzz Moms 9x9)

A couple of weeks ago I finished a funny viking Halloween costume for my youngest son, Baden. You can see it HERE. Ever since then, my oldest son Rex has been dying for me to make his costume. He chose Thor. Ridiculously good looking, incredibly strong, and a cool hammer? We wanted it to be the true old school Thor, so this picture was our inspiration. Tutorial: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk. By Michelle Vackar, Modern Handmade Child One of our favorite outside activities at our home is drawing with chalk on the driveway.

Tutorial: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

You can play hopscotch, four-square, and of course draw and create silly stories. My daughters and I were talking one day as we played hopscotch about how to make chalk and I thought to myself, let’s try it! It ended up being quite a lot of fun. What you will need: • Toilet paper or paper towel tubes • Scissors • Duct tape • Wax paper • Small bucket or disposable container to make the recipe • ¾ cup of warm water • 1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris • 2-3 tablespoons of tempera paint • Paper bag or a “mess mat”