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The Uncomfortable - frustrating products by Katerina Kamprani. Les 16 différences entre un Concepteur-Rédacteur et un Directeur Artistique. Meanwhile in China... This Zoo Has Figured Out How To Make Otters Even More Adorable. 10 Craziest Disguises Used To Commit a Crime. Disguised As Fake Nuns Police in San Adres, a Colombian island in the Caribbean, arrested three women posing as nuns.

10 Craziest Disguises Used To Commit a Crime

They had $35,000 worth of cocaine underneath their habits as they entered the island at the San Adres airport. “They weren't really religious, they weren't nuns. On the contrary, they were taking advantage of this situation,” San Andres police commissioner Jorge Gomez told RCN TV. According to the police official, the drugs — 60,000 doses — had a street value of $35,470 and were probably going to be distributed locally. CAT TONGING. A digression from the normal posting for the nightThis is Cabot, also called Catbot.


He’s a fantastic 8-year-old cat who lost his front right leg to cancer last year. Catbot’s the orange half of this, in fact: It was discovered recently that the cancer was very aggressive, and had spread further than was treatable. Over the last week, his owners went to great lengths to see that he had the best time he possibly could.Tonight, Cabot was put to sleep in his home, surrounded by his family.

Godspeed, Cabot.

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Pop Stars Gone Metal T-Shirts. Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius. Ce que pense Harry Potter de Severus Rogue dans les 7 tomes de la saga Harry Potter ! Artist Creates Bizarre Mash-Up Of Star Wars and Kinkade Paintings. Owning Cats Can Inflict Permanent Damage To Mental Health But Nobody Bothered To Warn Us. Evolution des graphismes dans les jeux-vidéo. 13 most awesome Photoshop battles. As a race, us humans are super competitive and we love a good battle - be it territorial, using minuscule toy ships or through the art of insulting each others' mothers.

13 most awesome Photoshop battles

The internet has now given way to more battleground for us to fight over. Hop on over to Reddit and you can partake in extraordinary Photoshop warfare. An image is supplied and users have to "shop" the most creative masterpieces out of it. Voters are in charge of ranking their favourites and weekly trophies are distributed to top-ranking images. We've short-listed 13 of our favourite results for your viewing pleasure. We're giving away first class InterRail tickets, lunch at PizzaExpress, tickets to Bestival, and loads more...

22 ingeniously defaced textbooks & exam papers. On the one hand, the fact that spring has sprung is a good thing.

22 ingeniously defaced textbooks & exam papers

Our perpetual Narnian winter has come to an end, the sky is a funny blue colour, and some of us are even a slightly redder shade of white. Unfortunately, this rise in temperatures implies something that none of you need reminding of - it's nearly exam season. But before you allow the fear to take control and start crying yourself to sleep, let yourself be cheered up by these rather amusing examples of people who had better things to do than answer silly exam questions... Kids Dress As Celebrities For Halloween (25 pics) - Seriously. The pros and cons of a man sitting down to pee. Why the mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal.

Sangre en el Museo de Cera: las peores mejores recreaciones en cera del planeta tierra. Si tenéis hermanos seguro que como yo cultiváis ciertos dejes absurdos y faltones que prevalecen y sobreviven al paso de los años, bromas y chistes particulares que jamás se queman, que repites mes tras mes durante lustros y siguen haciendo la misma puta gracia.

Sangre en el Museo de Cera: las peores mejores recreaciones en cera del planeta tierra.

So I heard you like chemistry puns. The Alot. About The Alot is a fictional mammalian creature with brown fur invented by Allie Brosh, the creator of the webcomic Hyperbole and a Half.

The Alot

The creature was inspired by the common grammatical error writing the phrase “a lot” as “alot.” The Alot is often referenced when someone has made the error in a discussion thread to point out the mistake in a lighthearted manner. 125 Best animal photobombs of all time. That Escalated Quickly. A race between dogs and humans. The ending is totally unexpected. 28 of the Best Photobombs of All Time - Seriously. 28 of the Best Photobombs of All Time These pictures were ruined for the people in the photos…but greatly improved for everyone else!

28 of the Best Photobombs of All Time - Seriously

Via via. Top 94 des pires cosplays et déguisements de héros les plus ratés et moches. Vous connaissez le Cosplay ?

Top 94 des pires cosplays et déguisements de héros les plus ratés et moches

Le mot (mix entre costume et playing) désigne la pratique consistant à se déguiser et à jouer le rôle d'un personnage de fiction, souvent issu du monde du jeu vidéo, des mangas, des dessins animés ou du cinéma. La pratique est assez courante au Japon, et on la retrouve de plus en plus fréquemment en Europe, lors des conventions, salons et autres rencontres de fans. On se déguise donc pour le fun et pour avoir la classe éventuellement. Ce n'est pas toujours le cas. WTF Japan Seriously.

Les aveux de Nintendo sur leur stratégie (E3 2013 en Français) Your life on Facebook... » Seriously, For Real? Seriously, For Real? 18 of the Best Autocorrect Struggles Seriously, For Real? The Useless Web. Dois-je acheter la PSP ? Let me google that for you. GameBlag #8596. Le nom des stations de Métro prises au pied de la lettre –