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Anne Hathaway: five best moments. Making the difficult transition from Disney poppet to woman with Oscar, Anne Hathaway has managed an impressive grown-up career.

Anne Hathaway: five best moments

Her latest film, The Intern, promises plenty of beautifully lit scenes of her in beautifully designed buildings wearing beautifully designed outfits. But before you head to the cinema, armed with a pad to note which colours you think could work in your house, here are five of her greatest scenes. Netflix expiring July: The best movies to watch on Instant streaming before they expire next month. Downton abbey - Google-søk. David Fincher on Gone Girl: ‘Bad things happen in this movie…’ You managed to come on the one day where the scene will ruin the entire movie for you,” says David Fincher.

David Fincher on Gone Girl: ‘Bad things happen in this movie…’

The director stands outside a modest Middle American house that’s been built within a Los Angeles studio for his adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel. There are, really, plenty of scenes that will “ruin” Gone Girl, and given that part of its strength is unpredictability, it’s better not to know too much about what’s going in. On one level, it’s a murder mystery, with a tempestuous former journalist (Ben Affleck) under suspicion of killing his missing wife (Rosamund Pike). Michael White Is the Most Famous Person You’ve Never Heard of.

Michael White - early 1970s.

Michael White Is the Most Famous Person You’ve Never Heard of

All photos courtesy of Michael White unless otherwise stated How do you begin to tell the story of a man who’s spent his life telling the stories of others? I'm sat on the floor of impresario Michael White’s flat in Westbourne Grove, sifting through an endless collection of photo albums and trying to work out the answer. Watch Downton Abbey online. Camille Lepage, tuée en Centrafrique, ex-stagiaire de Rue89. Camille Lepage (DR) Camille Lepage, photojournaliste, a été tuée en Centrafrique.

Camille Lepage, tuée en Centrafrique, ex-stagiaire de Rue89

Elle avait 26 ans. Son corps a été retrouvé dans une voiture par une patrouille de la force Sangaris, à l’ouest de la République centrafricaine sur la route menant au Cameroun. Les soldats l’ont découvert lors d’un contrôle sur un véhicule conduit par des éléments anti-balaka, non loin de Bouar. En décembre 2010, pendant ses études de journaliste, Camille avait fait un stage à Rue89, comme rédactrice. . « Je m’oriente vers le journalisme indépendant avant tout car il est, pour moi, le seul digne de ce nom. » On peut retrouver sur le site une dizaine d’articles d’elle.

Elle avait adoré son stage dont elle était sortie « grandie », avait-elle écrit à Blandine Grosjean, rédactrice en chef : « Je ne suis qu’au début de mon expérience journalistique, sans aucun doute mon passage à Rue89 restera gravé dans ma mémoire et ce fut un honneur d’avoir partagé “un bout de rue” avec vous tous. » Documentary Photographer. French photojournalist Camille Lepage killed in Central African Republic. A French photojournalist has been killed in the Central African Republic, the presidential palace announced on Tuesday evening.

French photojournalist Camille Lepage killed in Central African Republic

The body of Camille Lepage, 26, from Angers, was discovered by French troops patrolling in the Bouar region in the west of the country in a vehicle driven by militia from the anti-balaka (anti-machete) group. A week ago, in her last tweet on 6 May, Lepage had written that she was: "Travelling with the anti-balaka to Amada Gaza, about 120km from Berberati. "We left at 3.30am to avoid the Misca [International Support Mission to the Central African Republic] checkpoints and it took us eight hours by motorbike as there is no proper roads to reach the village. In the region of Amada Gaza, 150 people were killed by the Seleka [an alliance of rebel militia factions] between March and now.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011) - Plot Summary. Inside Job (2010. Dirty Wars. Big Noise Films - THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE. This Is What Democracy Looks Like, a co-production of the IMC and Big Noise Films, weaves the footage of over 100 videographers into a gripping document of what really happened on Seattle’s streets. The film cuts through the confusion and tear gas to paint an intimate, passionate portrait of a week that changed the world.With narration by SUSAN SARANDON and SPEARHEAD's MICHAEL FRANTI, and with a driving soundtrack including RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, DJ SHADOW, DJ MUSAKA, and COMPANY OF PROPHETS, This Is What Democracy Looks Like is the first documentary to capture the raw energy of the WTO protests, while clarifying their global and historic significance.

The Independent Media Center provided a production infrastructure for over 450 media activists during the WTO protests in November 1999. Studio Harcourt Paris, la photo de luxe depuis 1934. Adam Curtis: The Century of the Self. FGM: the film that changed the law in Kurdistan - video. Abdellatif Kechiche : « A ceux qui voulaient détruire “La Vie d’Adèle” » Top 10 arthouse movies. Peter Bradshaw on art movies This is a red rag to a number of different bulls.

Top 10 arthouse movies

Lovers of what are called arthouse movies resent the label for being derisive and philistine. My favourite Hitchcock: Rebecca. "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again …"

My favourite Hitchcock: Rebecca

“When is it legitimate to set fire to the Chancellery?” – a lecture by Center for Political Beauty. Leon Spilliaert.