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The full Monti: Rome's cool quarter. The Colosseum may be one of Rome's main tourist attractions, but wander up the slight incline away from the famous amphitheatre and you'll find endless gems of architecture, craft, fashion and restaurants tucked away in narrow streets and quiet corners.

The full Monti: Rome's cool quarter

Formerly the city's seedy underbelly – where prostitutes and outlaws took refuge until as recently as the 1940s – Monti is now an enclave for the city's young, creative flock, and has the new upstarts to prove it. Strolling the cobblestone streets, you're likely to hear the hum of a designer's sewing machine or the thud of a hammer in a jeweller's shop.

The neighbourhood, named after one of Rome's seven famous hills, marries modernity with historical charm – from the fresh new ventures rubbing up against centuries of crumbling craftsmanship to the dapper signore ordering his cafe next to a bedraggled hipster. Smaller and less touristy than the nightlife hub of Trastevere, it retains a strong community vibe. Ai Tre Scallini Mercato Monti. Ultimate Hipster Guide to Rome - Travel Tips. Rome isn’t just ancient art & history, but is actually quite cool.

Ultimate Hipster Guide to Rome - Travel Tips

Calendar - Teatro alla Scala. 10 ways to enjoy festive Milan. Sant' Ambrogio's street festival.

10 ways to enjoy festive Milan

Il portale sulla letteratura di Rai Cultura. Parrano, Umbria. Known as “the green heart of Italy,” Umbria actually takes pride in the fact that it’s the country’s only region without a coastline.

Parrano, Umbria

Here, an inspiring landscape of mountains, plains, wildflowers, and lakes create a glorious tableau—alongside great art, wine, and cuisine. In short, for the traveler the entire region is a must-visit “hotel Umbria.” Umbria is never in a hurry. Behold Orvieto's soul-stirring Gothic cathedral—the structure took 30 years to plan and three centuries to build! Italy Guide: Shopping in Milan, Absolute heaven for all fashion lovers!: Milan, the world’s fashion capital. Tuscany. From institution to Iranian revolution: Unedited History 1960-2014. For the exiled and disenchanted figures of Iran’s recent history, Rome has served as a place of refuge.

From institution to Iranian revolution: Unedited History 1960-2014

In the days leading to the 1953 coup d’état that overthrew prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh, the troubled sovereign Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi took flight to the Italian capital. Page 2 of 30. Italy + Hotels. Italy + Top 10s. Travel tips: Lombardy’s Lake Iseo and the week’s best deals. Take me there Why goLake Garda and Como get all the glory (plus the hordes of tourists) but, tucked between them, lovely Lake Iseo is often overlooked.

Travel tips: Lombardy’s Lake Iseo and the week’s best deals

In summer it’s a favourite weekend haunt of Italians from Milan and Bergamo (connected to the lake by bus or train). An urbanist's guide to Rome: ‘Patience and humour are essential; miracles are a useful optional’ I’m Tom Rankin, an american architect living in Rome.

An urbanist's guide to Rome: ‘Patience and humour are essential; miracles are a useful optional’

I blog at I’m an architect, one of 18,000 in Rome, and like most I earn money through other jobs. I teach architecture and design off-beat travel itineraries. My first decade in Rome I lived close to Termini station in a multicultural, transit-oriented neighborhood with virtually no green space. When we had our second child we moved to Monteverde, the hill just west of the city centre, where my family still lives today. I love to travel and when I do I like to draw, write and make pictures and videos. Luca Tafuni on a fantastic vintage shop in Milan. People think of Milan as a place for modern design and fashion, but for those who like vintage there are some incredible places.

Luca Tafuni on a fantastic vintage shop in Milan

There’s this great place I know – in the Bovisa district just north of the city centre – called Spazio 1380, which not many tourists go to. I discovered it a couple of years ago when I was looking for a particular present for my father (I wanted to buy him a juke box!) And I now go there regularly, just to check out what’s in stock. It’s in a former printing workshop, a typical Milanese building from the industrial period – 1,380 is the number of square metres of space they have.

From the outside it looks quite simple, but when you go in you find a treasure trove of vintage furniture, clothes and accessories – everything from little lamps to vintage cars. It was founded by two guys who are passionate about furniture and have a good eye – they source things from everywhere, and not just to sell – they also rent them out for events like fashion shows.

Festive breaks in Europe: ’Tis the season. Paris Where’s the best shopping?

Festive breaks in Europe: ’Tis the season

The Marché de Noël des Champs-Elysées is one of the best markets in town. There are 160 wooden chalets stretching all the way from the Place de la Concorde to the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées, with regional foods, vin chaud (mulled wine) and all kinds of toys, arts and local crafts that make great gifts. What’s your favourite cosy bar? Le Forum (4 Blvd Malesherbes, 8th) is a classic Parisian bar with excellent cocktails and whiskies.

Sistine Chapel revived by cutting-edge lighting and air conditioning. The Sistine Chapel is to cap the number of visitors allowed into the Roman Catholic church’s greatest artistic treasure, and limit the time they stay by using digital technology.

Sistine Chapel revived by cutting-edge lighting and air conditioning

Speaking before the introduction of new lighting and air-conditioning systems for the chapel, where popes have been elected since the mid-15th century, the director of the Vatican Museums, Antonio Paolucci, said: “If the [number of] visitors goes up, we shall introduce a limit of 20,000 visits a day [and] 2,000 at the most at any one time.” About 6 million tourists a year visit the chapel to marvel at Michelangelo’s ceiling and his depiction of the Last Judgment on the altar wall. But, in an interview with the Italian daily La Repubblica, Paolucci said: “From now on, the Vatican Museums will be asking for zero growth.” 36 Hours in Siena, Italy. About us › La bottega del 30 ‹ Franco, wine and countryside lover, Elena, his parisian wife, who fell in love with the village of Villa a Sesta and its food, decided together to open the restaurant in 1987.

Their success was immediate, but their desire to improve has never ended. Ten years later, in 1997, the Michelin Etoile was a great moment of joy. This year celebrates La Bottega del 30 25 business years with his staff: the chef helper Nadia Mongiat, and the sommelier Diego Tuti, who, together with the owners, search constantly the Best. Congratulations and best wishes for a long business life. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the photo. Continentale (Florence, Italy) Floroom hotel Rooms - Oltrarno - Florence - Italy - Smith hotels. Villa Armena hotel Overview - Tuscany - Italy - Smith hotels.

I have a confession… I don’t really like holidays. As hard as it is to believe, I simply get bored. Lying on a beach in shorts so tight you might be mistaken for a hooker, smothered in factor 900, trying desperately not to think about all the stuff you could be doing back at home is not my idea of fun. Riva Lofts hotel Overview - L'Isolotto - Florence - Italy - Smith hotels. It was as I reclined in the garden of the Riva Lofts in Florence listening to the light wind lazily loosen the leaves, sipping on my coffee and watching the spring sun lighten the curls of a similarly reposed Mrs Smith that I recalled the great cultural sermon delivered by Orson Welles’ peerless antihero Harry Lime in The Third Man.

Fontelunga Hotel and Villas Overview - Fontelunga - Tuscany - Italy - Smith hotels. Swaying there in the olive groves, the Tuscan sun is beating down on us. A juicy, just-picked fig is melting in my mouth. It’s not your average Friday afternoon. Mrs Smith puts her hands in mine and we consider how long we could get away with staying at Villa Fontelunga before work notes our absence… We’ve been beaming non-stop since we arrived. Our first sight of this bright sienna-coloured padronale near Cortona inspired our highest-watt smiles, and a smidgen of smugness. Philip whisked us on a personal tour of the property; Fontelunga unfolded as somewhere wonderfully elegant and undeniably Italian. A hidden nook is full of Tuscan elements combined with an exclusive LA rooftop feel. A converted dovecote houses our junior suite, and glass bricks transform nest holes into windows that throw magical shapes into our cosy double-sinked, deep-tubbed blue and white bathroom.

Continentale hotel Overview - Oltrarno - Florence - Italy - Smith hotels. I first went to Florence with my mother when I was 18. I was in the middle of a full-on love affair with Renaissance art, and spent my days pounding the corridors of the Uffizi in search of Botticellis and Titians, seeking out obscure churches harbouring triptychs by Giotto and Mantegna, and scaling seemingly endless winding stone staircases in an attempt to fully understand the genius of Brunelleschi. My mother and I stayed in a crumbling palazzo on the outskirts of the city; behind the flaking wallpaper and fraying curtains lurked a glorious and no doubt decadent past. When I returned to Florence this time, I found myself in the throes of a very different love affair.

The lure of da Vinci and Co suddenly didn’t seem quite so compelling. Follonico hotel Overview - Montefollonico - Tuscany - Italy - Smith hotels. It’s good to suffer hardships: they make rewards feel more deserved. Gallery Hotel Art Overview - Oltrarno - Florence - Italy - Smith hotels. Florence can coax amazement out of the most jaded traveller. Snooty voyagers who’ve been known to snigger at the more naïve tourist’s awed remark about how old everything is will find this is one place where they can’t help but share those sentiments.

We are delighted to discover that our very stylish boutique hotel, which comes courtesy of the Ferragamo family, is seconds from the 14th-century Ponte Vecchio. Follonico hotel Overview - Montefollonico - Tuscany - Italy - Smith hotels. Follonico hotel Overview - Montefollonico - Tuscany - Italy - Smith hotels. Location de voitures en Italie au meilleur prix. Location voitures Milan Malpensa Aéroport à Milan, Italie à prix réduits avec 10 of the best pensiones in Rome. Il Boom B&B. Twinned with us - Guest House Arco dei Tolomei. La Foce: un crocevia e luogo d'incontro nel cuore della Toscana. In Piazza della Signoria - Residenza d'epoca - Bed & Breakfast Firenze- Prezzi e Servizi. We will be at your complete disposal in order to render your Florentine stay unforgettable.

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