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Grub 2 Basics. The open source ATI driver (xserver-xorg-video-ati) - Community. This guide will show you how to use the Free, Open Source driver for many ATI graphics cards called "radeon" or "ati".

The open source ATI driver (xserver-xorg-video-ati) - Community

It will provide 2D and 3D acceleration in your video hardware. This driver's 3D is usually not as fast as the closed-source, proprietary "fglrx" driver from AMD/ATI Inc. for some cards, but has better dual-head support, and supports some older chipsets that fglrx does not. Identifying Your Graphics Chip First, check your graphic card name and chipset: sudo update-pciids #optional command, requires internet lspci -nn | grep VGA It should report something like this for your graphics card: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Unsupported Chips For the very latest cards, open-source driver support is not always instant. OLAND Radeon HD 8xxx series HAINAN Radeon HD 88xx series RICHLAND Radeon HD 8xxxG series Supported, But No 3D Hardware Acceleration The RadeonHD 7000 Southern Islands cards are awaiting support for the glamor library for 3D acceleration.

Comprehensive Multimedia & Video Howto - Ubuntu F. Google Earth. Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop.

Google Earth

View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Installing the .deb file downloaded from the Google Earth Website The Google Earth Website now has pre-compiled .deb packages for Ubuntu. Open and download Google Earth for Linux. Select the .deb package for your CPU architecture (32 or 64-bit). For earlier versions of Ubuntu that don't have the USC, it is preferred that you use gdebi installer: Make sure that gdebi is installed: sudo apt-get install gdebiInstall Google Earth .deb package from the terminal sudo gdebi path_to_the_google_earth_package.deb or by opening the package with the gdebi's graphical interface.

Installing from Medibuntu repository Google Earth is available packaged in the Medibuntu repository, however it might not have the latest version available. sudo apt-get install googleearth Uninstallation. Medibuntu. Free software for physicists. There’s a lot of free software available on the Web for academic and technical purposes.

Free software for physicists

In the absence of anything better to do, here’s a list of the stuff I’m aware of and rate as being worth a try. First, though, some pointers to bigger lists on Wikipedia: and this very nice list from SciPy Drawing Feynman diagrams There are many ways to draw Feynman diagrams. FeynDiagram: JaxoDraw: pyfeyn: Axodraw: Feynmf: FeynArts: Graphviz dot: pydot: FeynML (unfinished): or you can always do it by hand with Impress, PowerPoint, Xfig etc. Statistical analysis StatPatternRecognition: SciPy: Python(x,y): R: ROOT: PyMinuit: Hippodraw: RooFit: PAW: Urgh! Data plotting There are a lot of different approaches to data plotting tools, from the point ‘n’ click approach to more programmatic methods. Chaco (looks fantastic!) Diagrams These are all drawing packages of the point and click type. Maths (symbolic algebra) Documentation and write-ups Presentations. GNOME. Ubuntu Forums.

Official Ubuntu Documentation.