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Nå har bloggen min ligget helt “brakk” i 6 mnd, helt siden mars, så nå er det jammen på tide å komme igang med blogging igjen…. :O) Da jeg startet “olavas verden” i 2006 var det en ren scrappeblogg, siden det var det som opptok meg den gangen. Etterhvert har scrappingen vært litt på og av, mest av, har vel hatt det man kaller scrappetørke, nesten så jeg trodde at jeg ikke klarte å scrappe mer. Olavas Verden Olavas Verden
Crochet Dreamz Back view showing the flower ties and the button hole band. Make a matching pair of Orchid Sandals to complete the look! This is a beautiful lacy dress made from DK weight yarn. Crochet Dreamz
I’ve always had a special affection for the month of April. When I was seven, my parents took me to the shelter to adopt my first kitten. I was feeling particularly clever that day and decided, “Hey…this is the month of April, right? Let’s name the cat April!”. Almost 16 years later, April (the cat) is still here. She’s just a little crankier than the day we first met. one sheepish girl one sheepish girl
Maize Hutton Maize Hutton It's gettin' close to bunny time isn't it? I croshayed this lil' gal up by makin a square in the flat bobble stitch. Here's the pattern: Bobble Stitch: {YO and insert hook in st, yo and draw a loop through, yo and draw through first 2 loops on hook} 3 times all in the same st, yo and draw a loop through all 4 loops on hook. CH 24 leaving a long enough tail to stitch up the bottom and up through the back seam when you're done. R1. 1 bobble in 4th ch from hook, ch1, *skip 1 ch, 1 bobble in next ch* repeat from *to* to end.
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Colorfull Creations I made a nice summer hat for my friend’s daughter and I had a little bit yarn left, so I decided to crochet her a little purse to go with a hat. That was really bright and colorful yarn and purse looks really cute, I kind of want it too :) It is simple to make, follow the pattern and crochet a rectangle, then fold it and sew sides, make a string long enough, sew the flower or button on and make a loop to hold top part from opening. Done! Colorfull Creations
My oh my... that was a loong gap between posts wasn't it? My apologies. All I can say is that I jinxed myself in my last post. Tea at Weasel's Tea at Weasel's
♥ Click this link if you want to follow my blog with Bloglovin ♥ Click here for more free patterns - Klik hier voor meer gratis patronen Soms zijn er van die momenten dat je denkt: ik wil even wat anders doen, iets leuks. Iets voor mezelf, iets groots, iets waar ik gewoon heel veel zin in heb. Meestal (althans in mijn geval) komt het er om wat voor reden vervolgens niet van. Maar nu had ik bedacht: ja, dit ga ik gewoon echt doen! ANNEMARIE'S CROCHET BLOG ♥ ANNEMARIE'S HAAKBLOG ANNEMARIE'S CROCHET BLOG ♥ ANNEMARIE'S HAAKBLOG
Tejiendo... dos agujas, crochet, telares, horquilla, etc. El tejido nos ha acompañado desde siempre, lo aprendimos siendo pequeñas... Ha estado con nosotros en muchos momentos felices, y nos ayudó inmensamente en los momentos tristes, ¡Es nuestra pasión y lo compartimos con ustedes! En Tejiendo Perú compartimos tutoriales para tejer en dos agujas, crochet, tunecino, telares, etc. Durante el mes de enero haremos algunos pequeños ajustes en nuestra página... ustedes podrán visitarla normalmente. Tejiendo... dos agujas, crochet, telares, horquilla, etc.
Tejeterapia Tejeterapia Inspirándome en algunos blog, se me ocurrió una loca idea: Invité a 10 amigas a tejer 5 grannys cada una con el tema "El día internacional de la mujer", con 3 yo armaré una manta para sortear y dos serían para mí. Además me envian una bolsita del estambre con el que tejieron sus grannys, este estambre me serviran para emparejar los grannys, unir la manta y tejer un cojín que será el segundo premió. Claro que el envío de la manta también va por mi cuenta.
Bunny Mummy Hello Lovelies, Sunday continued in the same simple way as Saturday. The boys requested Dropped Scones for breakfast and I was happy to oblige. I'm getting better at making these little batter scones, also know as scotch pancakes............ I kept them warm in the oven as I made them . Bunny Mummy
The other day I finally finished this 'block' from 1-2-3 Quilt*. I'm making one block from this book every month this year. In the book it is used for the cover of a pouch, but I won't be doing that, I'll just use the block in a quilt. This one is pretty straight forward, all squares. But I decided to make it anyway, and not jump on one of the more complicated blocks, because these squares are small. 1½" when cut, 1" when sewn together. I knew this would be a test of my patience and boy was it ever. Carina's Craftblog
Hey y'all! It's been a while (nearly a year) since my last post. I've had a rough year to say the least, but hopefully things are starting to get back to more of a normalcy. Those of you on Facebook already know most of it. On Easter Sunday of last year, both my husband and youngest daughter were rushed to the E. R. with double pneumonia. WolfDreamer
GourmetAmigurumi | 16 comments on my last entry! I am so heartened by the responds many of you left. I hope the rest of my visitors take the time to read them. I’ve spent the last week or so thinking about a way to respond. And I’ve decided to tell you my motivations for the last blog.
willewopsie Workshop Haken voor beginners Haken is hip! Had je er al eens aan gedacht om te gaan leren haken? Of je techniek weer opfrissen… In samenwerking met Ada / GOEDt, in een mooi decor van brocante meubels, houden we op woensdag morgen een haak workshop .
Břichopas about toys Dnes mám pro vás designovou lahůdku... mladá česká talentovaná autorka a její značka Pol eno. Andrea Tůmová brousí z masivního pol-ena minimalistická zvířátka. Naleštěné oblázky s nožkama a ušima dokonale vystihují typ zvířete, ačkoliv je tělo tak nějak oblé u všech podobně. Dokonalé ve své jednoduchosti, vtipné s využitím detailů (větvičky jako parohy, textilní ocásky a uši). Krásná práce, které přeji mnoho zdaru na další polínkové cestě. web: Pol-eno
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