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Educational Technology

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What can Google Sites do? Create a Mandala Kaleidoscope Drawing! Control Alt Achieve: Creative Google Slides Uses for Students. We all know Google Slides is an excellent multimedia presentation tool.

Control Alt Achieve: Creative Google Slides Uses for Students

Control Alt Achieve: Lit Trips on Chromebooks with the New Google Earth. Coonley Tech News. The Ala Carte Menu!

Coonley Tech News

It's been far too long since I've created a newsletter with tools and ideas to try! Although I haven't published anything I have an email account full of sites to share that are incredibly random! Look through and give some a try.... How to use digital badges to help your classroom teaching (essay) The open badge movement has stemmed from the independent learning and massive open online course (MOOC) frameworks of empowering and motivating learners to complete noncredit academic work, either from a distance or at a self designated pace.

How to use digital badges to help your classroom teaching (essay)

Learners experience instructional content, usually delivered in a module-based format, and are rewarded with a digital image of a “badge” upon completion. These digital badges then can be collected and shared on social media outlets serving as recognizers of certifiable skills. Leadership Network Interactive Dashboard. Has Your School Reached an Edtech Plateau? Here’s the Key to Moving the Needle. Future Ready Self-Assessment - Future Ready Schools - New Jersey. Control Alt Achieve: 10 Alternatives for the Readability Extension. Recently I had to say goodbye to two big comfy chairs.

Control Alt Achieve: 10 Alternatives for the Readability Extension

The first one was an actual chair that no longer had a spot in our house and had to get offered up as a “curb alert” on Craigslist. The second one was a digital comfy chair ... the wonderful Chrome web extension called Readability. EdTechTeacher Rubrics for Assessment. Teachers who integrate technology into student activities and projects often ask us this question - “How do I grade it?”

EdTechTeacher Rubrics for Assessment

Fundamentally, assessing multimedia activities and projects is no different than evaluating traditional assignments, such as written essays. The primary distinctions between them are the unique features and divergent possibilities associated with their respective medium. For instance, a blog has a unique set of possibilities (such as hypertext, embedded video, interactive imagery, etc) vastly different than those of a notebook (paper and pen notes and drawings within a contained document). The first thing to realize is that you cannot separate the user from the device. iPads, Chromebooks, and tech tools themselves don’t demonstrate great learning; it’s about what students do with the technology that matters. The technology itself is simply neutral. Sheil Spiel: Chromebook Challenge #hyperdoc. InspirationInspiration #1 Over the summer, I was introduced to a new term/concept known as a #hyperdoc.

Sheil Spiel: Chromebook Challenge #hyperdoc

You might say well isn't a hyperdoc just a Google Document that has hyperdocs in it? Well, the answer is no. A hyperdoc is a document that has links to other artifacts, videos, articles, games, reviews, etc. Made with Code. New Releases. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. Technology in Education: Notes from the Closet: 5 Tips (and a Bonus!) to Start Tweeting with Your Students.

Have you thought about tweeting with your students but didn't know how to get started?

Technology in Education: Notes from the Closet: 5 Tips (and a Bonus!) to Start Tweeting with Your Students

The end of the school year is a great time to pilot something new! Below are 5 tips that the fabulous teachers at Coonley Elementary (@CoonleyES) have implemented (along with a bonus tip!). Start on Paper. Instructional Technology / Digital Citizenship. So You Want to Be an Instructional Designer? Good listener.

So You Want to Be an Instructional Designer?

People person. From Cyber Cafes to Tech Tastes – Journey with Technology. When I first moved to ISP, IT coaches (officially called Digital Learning Facilitators) would hold Cybercafes.

From Cyber Cafes to Tech Tastes – Journey with Technology

We ran three Cybercafes concurrently, and each Cybercafe had a theme, and a sequential, cumulative curriculum over several weeks. Examples of topics were iLife, Google Addons, iBooks Author, Research and Searching, Google Sites, Spring Cleaning your Digital Spaces, Creation Tools on iPad, etc. Sometimes we would have 3 participants, at other times 6 or more. We surveyed the staff before each set of new offerings to find out what they were interested in. Take the Pledge / Home. Skip to Main Content District Home f t p i s Sign In Take the Pledge.

Take the Pledge / Home

Innovation. Take the Pledge / List of Pledges By State. Personalized Professional Learning for Future Ready Leaders. Strong leadership is essential to systemic, sustainable change in education. Superintendents throughout the country have expressed the desire for evidence-based approaches they can rely upon to lead this change. The Future Ready Leaders project responds to this need by providing a systematic review of research and a personalized playlist for district leaders generated from 50 short, high production quality videos. Collectively, these videos constitute a virtual site visit hosted by some of the most forward leaning Future Ready district leaders in the country sharing lessons learned and effective policies and practices with their peers.

Ready to take the next step to become Future Ready? Click “Start Assessment” to take the short self-assessment and receive your personalized playlist. April is Future Ready Leaders Month! Calendar of Events. Education Chats. The Dirty 30: Thirty FREE apps & websites for classroom. The Risk-Taking Educator. Techspo16 MAKERS and Makerevents - Google Slides.

Lessons Worth Sharing. Front Row. The Life Of A Project from Steal Like An Artist ... World Read Aloud Day — LitWorld. 2015-12-15 - Creating Comic Strips with Google Slides. Session Description: Creating comic strips can be a great way for students to tell stories, express understanding of content, give reports, and be creative. Maths and English Practice.

Google Classroom - A Differentiation Strategy. The “make a copy for each student” option in Google Classroom is magic. However, differentiation and group work can require different students and groups to turn in different products. Making a copy for each student in differentiated assignments can produce an assignment folder full of unused files. Certified Innovator. Select Question Set. The Solution to Reading Comprehension. Use Takeaways™ to Extend Your Lesson and Give Students Feedback - Pear Deck Knowledge Base.

Takeaways are currently in a closed Beta Overview. For Education: SAMR. SAMR Model - Technology Is Learning. Education Chats. Best Way to Take Notes In Class Isn't On Your Laptop, Research Finds. For incoming college freshmen, one of the biggest academic challenges is learning ... well, learning how to learn. And experts say that using a laptop to take notes in class is a step in the wrong direction. The research is clear: Typing out your notes results in decreased comprehension of lecture material. For one, we're not paying as much attention to the actual words we're typing. PBL in the TL: Homework Choices. BadgeChatK12. Why Ed Tech Is Not Transforming How Teachers Teach. 5 steps for creating a custom makerspace.

By Laura Fleming April 14th, 2015. The Cleveland Browns' Strategy: Write This Down. There is a technological revolution in the NFL this year. The Cleveland Browns knew this when they, like everyone else in the league, received tablet computers. Google Drive Gameboard. Schedule - North Plainfield Google Apps Summmit. Revised using rubrics to facilitate self-assessment and self-reflect… Eduporium. 9 Goals of a Successful School Makerspace. EDUCATIONAL MAKERSPACES. Editor’s Note: This article, reprinted from the June 2014 issue of Teacher Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals, is a thoughtful and insightful examination of the philosophy and pedagogical underpinnings of the maker movement.

The authors’ analysis and argument are strong, and the benefits they tout are inspiring. The authors will follow up with two more articles on the maker movement which will be published in the next two issues of Teacher Librarian. To download a PDF version of this article, click here. Educational makerspaces (EM) and maker education (ME) have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach teaching and learning. The maker movement in education is built upon the foundation of constructionism, which is the philosophy of hands-on learning through building things. In practical terms, educational makerspaces are the ideal environment for maker education. The individuality within such an environment comes from the solutions that students create. R. Problem Based Learning. Tools and Resources for Counselors. Students Shine Through Digital Portfolios - Getting Smart by Toni Shellady - Durham North Carolina, EdTech, Google, PBL, portfolio, smart cities, Voyager Academy.

Using E-Portfolios in the Classroom. For decades, students have been completing assignments in school. Bergen Makerspace (Hackensack, NJ) Movimientos Literarios y Artísticos - Anne's Digital Portfolio. Student Digital Portfolios. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Speakers & Presenters at FETC 2015. Speakers & Presenters at FETC 2015 Concurrent sessions and workshops give you the opportunity to spend quality time with nationally recognized speakers and technology leaders presenting in their areas of expertise. Known for their enthusiasm and willingness to share their knowledge on everything from emerging technologies to tried and true implementations that really work, you'll be inspired and informed by their best practices, thought leadership and actual classroom experiences.

Other options to view the speaker list: Apps.technologyforums. Meet Pecha Kucha, the Japanese presentations changing everything about PowerPoint. Verbal Influences in Architecture. It's Flippin' Easy! Tech Coach Book Club - Home. PechaKucha 20x20. Apps.technologyforums. FETC 2016 Education Technology Conference. Application to Present at FETC 2016 for FETC 2016. Listening. Practicing Effective Questioning There are many ways to ask a question and some ways are better than others. Thinking about the types of questions that could be asked or even preparing specific questions prior to teaching a lesson will often lead to more effective classroom discussions. Teach: All courses. Sign in - Google Accounts. 7 tips for teachers building collaborative, fearless PLNs. 7 tips for teachers building collaborative, fearless PLNs. How to Transform and Personalize PD Within Your Own District.

New Jersey '15 - Projects Students Will Never Forget - Google Slides. ePals. ePals. Google Connected Classrooms. MERIT Program 2015. Chrome Tips & Tricks - Google Docs. Chrome Tips & Tricks - Google Docs. LoTi Framework - Effective Technology Integration. LoTi_Framework_Sniff_Test.pdf. HEAT_Framework_Poster.pdf. Untitled. New Jersey '15 - Three Ways Google Tools Can Save Teachers Time - Google Slides. Effective Technology Integration.