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Travel Guides - World Travel Guide. 50 Best Web 2.0 Travel Tools. 50 Best Web 2.0 Travel Tools Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 5:01pm by admin Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway with your significant other or a less-than-exciting business trip, there’s a pretty good chance that you used the Internet to make travel arrangements.

50 Best Web 2.0 Travel Tools

These days it’s hard to imagine a time before the Web made booking a cheap flight or mapping out a route so easy. Travel tools on the Web have continued to evolve, taking in all that Web 2.0 has to offer, and enhancing the ability to share information, work creatively and increase collaboration between users and companies. If you haven’t tried out these great travel sites on the Web, give them a go next time you’re planning a trip around the block or around the world. Travel Guides and Travel Videos to the Best Destinations Worldwi.