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Le mystère des squelettes de fées et de loups garous trouvés à Londres. LES MYSTERES DE LONDRES, les 5 feuilletons signés France 2. 4 Wacky And Wonderful Afternoon Teas In London - Secret_LDN. In celebration of Afternoon Tea Week this week (we really do like to celebrate everything, don’t we?)

4 Wacky And Wonderful Afternoon Teas In London - Secret_LDN

We’re giving you a list of weird and wacky teas to fill your afternoons… 1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea, One Aldwych If we can’t visit Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory and lick the wallpaper and eat everlasting gobstoppers, then this is certainly the next best thing. The menu is full of scrumdiddlyumptious treats, including cake pops, homemade candyfloss and golden eggs. . £39 per person (£49 with a glass of champagne). 2. Complete with chocolate dinosaurs, raspberry cake planets and mango mousse volcanos, you won’t want to miss this geeky afternoon tea experience at The Ampersand Hotel. . £32.50 per person (or £45.50 with a glass of champagne). 10 Harrington Road, SW7 3ER. 3. Stumble down the rabbit hole and celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland at the Sanderson. . £35 per person. 50 Berners St, W1T 3NG. 4. . £30 per person. 5 Secret London Gardens So Hidden You *Could* Sunbathe Naked - Secret_LDN.

Ok, so before we get into trouble, we’re not encouraging you to strip down to your birthday suit around London.

5 Secret London Gardens So Hidden You *Could* Sunbathe Naked - Secret_LDN

The likelihood is, no matter how secluded the location, you’re in a densely populated capital city and you will be seen (and probably photographed, Snapchatted and made into a YouTube sensation). If you want to go down that route, by all means, be our guest. 1. Phoenix Garden This gorgeous little space behind the junction between Charing Cross and Shaftesbury Avenue is beautifully looked after and the perfect place for tranquil lunch breaks and sunshine down-time with your pals. 55 activités gratuites à Londres : le guide ultime ! Je viens de passer six mois à Londres.

55 activités gratuites à Londres : le guide ultime !

J’ai bossé comme serveuse, j’ai économisé de l’argent pour mes prochains voyages (A LIRE : Peut-on mettre de l’argent de côté en vivant à Londres ?) … et j’ai profité de Londres comme jamais !!! Comment est-ce possible de profiter de Londres sans dépenser un penny ??? Pour en arriver là, bien évidemment, j’ai dû faire des choix et m’organiser pour en voir le maximum sans dépenser trop d’argent. Je suis devenue la championne des bons plans et des activités gratuites à Londres ! 1. 15 brilliant places you probably didn't know existed in London. There's so much more to London than big clocks, dildo-shaped skyscrapers, bridges and old Victorian tat.

15 brilliant places you probably didn't know existed in London

Ditch Zone 1 for a day and go explore London's awesome suburban wildernesses – the one-day travelcard will be so worth it. 1. Epping Forest Martin V Morris/Flickr. 23 Things You Won't Believe You Can Do In London. 16 Incredible Library Bars In London. The Magical Lantern Festival Is Returning To London! - Secret_LDN. Returning for it’s second year in the capital, the Magical Lantern Festival will be illuminating Chiswick House Gardens in early 2017.

The Magical Lantern Festival Is Returning To London! - Secret_LDN

In a wonderful combination of art, culture and heritage, the festival will see a spectacular assemblage of light sculptures, including a 15 metre wide luminescent installation of the Houses of Parliament. The theme for the coming event will be ‘Explore The Silk Road’, which is an ancient trade route connecting Europe to China. The lanterns will all represent places along the way, including Europe, Asia, Arabia, Egypt, Persia, India and Ancient China. Not only will there be magical light sculptures to marvel at, but there will also be a fun fair and an ice rink.

Annnd a virtual reality experience where you can either run with dinosaurs or ride a rollercoaster (because you know, it’s the 21st Century and we do cool stuff like that now). The festival opens on January 19 2017, and will continue until February 26 (Thursday to Sunday). Things To Do In London For Halloween. Carte interactive du #Londres archéologique! #archeologie #SIG #London #archaeology.

A Map Of London In Latin. 40 things to do in London [Infographic Checklist] London has so much to offer, some of the world’s best sights and attractions and with so much to do and see.

40 things to do in London [Infographic Checklist]

It’s hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to visit, but below we’ve tried to narrow it down to our top 40. “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can offer”,By the English writer Samuel Johnson Attractions: 1. London Eye 2. Hyde Park 3. The London eye is the tallest (443 ft. tall) Ferris wheel in Europe, it’s located on the South Bank of the River Thames. Restaurants: 1. Dinner’s at The Fat Duck (Heston Blumenthal) are one of the most celebrated in the world. Nightlife: 1. Shopping 1. Village Fantastique de la Pierre Ronde.

Sorties sur Lyon (famille)

Jeux de piste. Les-cabanes: Webmagazine cabane,construction,location cabanes dans les arbres,autonomie,annonces,forum et reportages... Voyager à pied (randonnée) > France > Rhône-Alpes. Randonnée Rhône Alpes - Page 4. Une maison sans fille est une maison morte: la personne et le genre en ... - Nicole-Claude Mathieu - Google Books.

Oui, effectivement le voyage est plus paisible. C'est d'avoir lu la partie sur l'excision qui m'a fait réagir. – numero_six

Sciences : Stonehenge aurait été inspiré par des illusions sonores. La disposition du cercle de pierre du Néolithique a été conçue pour reproduire d'étranges effets musicaux. Stonehenge design was 'inspired by sounds' 17 February 2012Last updated at 09:51 By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News, Vancouver The structure may mimic the way designers perceived sound-wave interference Music could have been an inspiration for the design of Stonehenge, according to an American researcher. Steven Waller's intriguing idea is that ancient Britons could have based the layout of the great monument, in part, on the way they perceived sound.

He has been able to show how two flutes played in a field can produce an auditory illusion that mimics in space the position of the henge's pillars. Mr Waller presented the idea at the AAAS meeting in Vancouver, Canada. He told the BBC: "My theory is that the ancient Britons, when they were hearing two pipers in a field, were experiencing sound wave interference patterns, where in certain locations as you walked around the pair of pipers, you would hear loud or quiet zones.

"If you could look at it from an overhead view, it would look like the spokes of a wheel. Voyages : En Thaïlande dans le secret des grottes de Bouddha. Au royaume de Siam, les moines bouddhistes ont investi des grottes propices au recueillement.

Voyages : En Thaïlande dans le secret des grottes de Bouddha

Ces cathédrales de roches où trônent des bouddhas géants ont toutes leurs légendes et leurs secrets. Sur le sable brûlant de la plage de Sam Roi Yot, les vagues du golfe de Siam s'écrasent mollement comme terrassées par la chaleur. Un-cloud your files in cement! 'Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. Des guides touristiques destinés aux enfants. Global Greeter - Balades avec le réseau International des Greeters.

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Global Greeter - Balades avec le réseau International des Greeters

Le Père Noël et les rennes.