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Handmade Paper

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Postcard-Perfect Scenes, Constructed From Memory and Scraps of Paper. For nearly four decades, the artist and photographer Vik Muniz, 58, has been collecting postcards.

Postcard-Perfect Scenes, Constructed From Memory and Scraps of Paper

He sends some to loved ones and friends, but sometimes he sends them to himself to see which will arrive home first: the postcard or him. But many of his postcards end up snipped into little pieces and rearranged to create collage-like postcards of some of the world’s most famous places. “I wanted to make ‘somewhere’ out of thousands of little ‘nowheres,’” he said in a telephone interview from Salvador, Brazil, recently. “A lot of what happens with my work has to do with how the outside world conforms with the image you already have in your head.” Mr. To create a postcard, Mr. “The name, some of the addresses, a couple of narratives make a volatile amalgam of signs in my head that mean ‘Paris’ to me, and create a framework that I fill with whatever building, cobble, lamplight, baguette and tree I carry in my visual inventory,” he said.

After deciding on an image mentally, Mr. Mr. HAND PAPERMAKING, Inc. – magazine – newsletter – portfolios. The Critter Paper Beater is Dandy for Hand Papermaking Studios. Finding a way with limited equipment to beat fiber into paper pulp is one of the biggest obstacles for fledgling attempts at making paper by hand.

The Critter Paper Beater is Dandy for Hand Papermaking Studios

‘Beating‘ means processing plant fiber and cloth rags into a pulp with water, that one can then form into paper sheets. Hand beating with mallets works for traditional Japanese fibers and some plant fibers, but can be labor intensive and rough on your biceps. Kitchen blenders only cut fibers, leaving you with a small amount pulp and weaker paper. Hollander Beaters are machines that macerate, cut, and fibrillate fibers into buckets of ready pulp. Fortunately, the papermaking community has Mark Lander of New Zealand on their side. History of Little Critters Fun fact! The Critter project is not for profit. Today, you can find Critter beaters all over the world. Critter Beater Tips & Tricks Slow but steady wins the race! Beating cloth rag (cotton or linen, cut into 1-inch squares) will take 2.5 to 4 hours. Do you use a Critter beater? International Print Center New York. Mixed Media Artist in Austin Texas & Taos NM.

Helen Hiebert Studio. Carriage House Paper. Handmade Paper Exhibit April 2016. Music for the Pleasures of Pan 29"w x 19"t x 2"d Denise Snyder paper, string, sticks Flight Compartments, 24”w x 30”h.

Handmade Paper Exhibit April 2016

This one uses Floating Pond Algae in the background, and feathers with cattail paper. Anita Boyle Shell Game handmade paper, natural elements from my environment 18" x 24" Sold Social Fabric1302 Commercial StreetBellingham, WA Hours:Monday thru Saturday 11-6Sunday 11-4 Icarus, Past the Verge handmade paper, various elements 12" x 15" Paper is an amazingly rich medium. Denise Snyder's work is ephemeral, natural, clean and intimate, a fascinating combination of plant forms from branch to paper to fiber. Renee Sherrer's work is a study in layers. Top piece, Three Friends 7" x 6" bottom piece, Celebration 6" x 6" Assemblage of paper, rafia, thread, sticks, assorted objects The Story of R 18"x24" assemblage, handmade paper, found objects Saga of Circles and Dragonflies, 21”w x 37”h Two Paper Curtains Renee Sherrer appx 50" x 95"

Twinrocker Handmade Paper. Handmade paper, collages. Friends of Dard Hunter: American Contemporary Hand Papermaking.