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5 Reasons Why Motion Graphic Design is in High Demand. If you want to become a motion graphics designer, there’s never been a better time!

5 Reasons Why Motion Graphic Design is in High Demand

It’s one of the most sought-after jobs in the world and the future looks even better. Motion graphics is not a new concept, it has been around for a long time now. The advancement in the field is fairly new though. Before we delve deeper into the reasons as to why graphic motion design in high demand as a career, let’s get a brief overview of the concept – Motion Graphic Design: The Concept At its very core, motion graphics is the culmination of graphics design and animation. It’s a simple way of conveying complex messages. They are usually eye-catching, informative, and fluid smooth. Here are the 5 reasons why we think motion graphics is in high demand- 1. YouTube is the second largest search engine. Humans tend to perceive motion and colors more easily than grayscale.It’s faster to understand messages in the form of videos than in the form of texts.

The need for graphic motion designers stems from the above. Augmented Reality Courses in Singapore. Rajesh Chakravarthy ACADEMIC DIRECTOR at MAGES Institute of ExcellenceMaster of Arts- Visual Effects, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA Rajesh has been working in the education, animation, and digital design fields for the past 18 years with 9 years of educational experience at various film and Creative Media/Tech Schools across the world.

Augmented Reality Courses in Singapore

He has a Master of Arts Degree in Visual Effects from Savannah College of Art and Design. As an Academic Director and Lead Lecturer(Games & AR/VR), Rajesh has successfully trained his students for successful employment and many of my ex-students are working in the animation and creative arts industry globally at Prominent Animation, Game, VR/AR companies such as ILM, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Bungie Studios, Microsoft, Gulfstream Aerospace, etc. Roshini Showreel - MAGES Animation Student.

Full Stack Web development program with world’s best institute – Graphic Design Trends. What is Full Stack Development?

Full Stack Web development program with world’s best institute – Graphic Design Trends

Web design is made up of three layers’ user-facing side, front end, and Business logic layer where the first two layers which are a user-facing side, and front end handles the portion of presentation of a page, app, or service, but the third layer i.e. business logic layer, or back end, handles information, validation, and the database which keeps track of the exchanged information. The old days of development saw a big division between front end and back end developers, but as businesses and organizations move towards continuous innovation, a full stack developer is in high demand.

If you can build an application from end to end, you’re likely to catch the eye of organizations on the cutting edge of technology. How These Top 3 Artists Began Their Creative Journeys. What makes artists thrive?

How These Top 3 Artists Began Their Creative Journeys

How do they begin their journey? Is the artistic path – be it for games, films or any other medium – a linear path? Does success come only to those who get super high grades and study in big, expensive universities? 7 common interview questions for AR Developers. If you’re looking to make your mark in the field of AR, you’ve got to prepare well.

7 common interview questions for AR Developers

You cannot wing an AR Developer interview. Mostly because the field demands a deep understanding of the concepts. And the candidates in consideration need to prove their worth. Technology has revolutionized the world today. AI Cyborg by Robert-MAGES Game Art Student. Motion Design Student Showreel. Professional Short Courses - MAGES Institute of Excellence. 4 Data Visualization Tools to Master in 2020 - Mages. Gone are the days of static presentation.

4 Data Visualization Tools to Master in 2020 - Mages

In the 21st century, you can do so much more! Check out these 4 data visualization tools that could give you a great head start in the field of data science and analytics. We, as humans, are visual creatures. We process visuals faster than any scribbled information. Data presented that way makes more sense to us. Data visualization, quite simply, makes all of this easily possible.

5 Tips Every Python Beginner Should Follow - Mages. Every aspiring developer wants to learn it.

5 Tips Every Python Beginner Should Follow - Mages

Everyone who’s started learning it wants to get better. If you’re a beginner looking to hop on the Python-bandwagon too, we have some useful tips that will help you grasp python better than your peers. Here’s why python is one of the most popular programming languages today – Python has a simpler programming syntax – easy to learn and use.English-like commands make coding easier (and more efficient).It’s incredibly versatile and powerful.When it comes to the “Internet of Things” – Python stands to be one of the most utilized languages.It has broad applications. Animation Fundamentals - By MAGES Students. Game Art design. MAGES Student Art Work.

Mixed Reality and the future of enterprises - Mages. With technology changing the way businesses are run, it’s crucial to learn how to adapt.

Mixed Reality and the future of enterprises - Mages

If you’re looking to master new and upcoming technologies to be indisputable assets for a variety of businesses, this article is for you. Read on to discover how mixed reality is changing the business and technological landscape and where to begin your journey to take advantage of this new future. Were you one of those people deeply invested in catching a rare pokemon that showed up at your park one fine day or found yourself trying out all the crazy Snapchat filters and sharing it with your pals?

Then, not only are you a 90s kid, but you are most certainly an unintentional subscriber to the crazy technological progress. With applications like PokemonGO, Snapchat, Google Earth or games like Beat Saber, and Arizona Sunshine, you are already exposed to the worlds of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Data Science Courses in Singapore. Extended, Virtual, Augmented Reality Course in Singapore.

Mages — Lockdown due to COVID19 has impacted the future of... Top 5 High-Paying Technology Career Paths in 2020 - Mages. It’s the year 2020, the start of a new decade!

Top 5 High-Paying Technology Career Paths in 2020 - Mages

And looking back at the last few years, we have come so far in terms of technology. The new digital age keeps surprising us year after year leaving us frantic with the whats and hows of adopting and adapting to this fast-paced era. With that in mind, here are the Top 5 Technology Career Paths that will pay the most in 2020 and beyond. It’s clearly a ‘Never-Enough’ age. Businesses are always charged with passion to do something better. Take this for instance. Why You Should Study Data Science in Singapore - Mages. Are you someone who loves sculpting through volumes of data and chiseling out valuable information from it?

Why You Should Study Data Science in Singapore - Mages

Do you feel like a math wizard, magically churning out creative patterns with your numbers at hand? Chances are, you are a Data Science enthusiast! Data Science is the new electricity in this era. It has picked up a lot of momentum in the recent past thanks to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are tons of data being collected in a day. A data scientist’s goal is to then analyze all the collected data and elicit useful business insights to drive the company’s goals forward. If you are looking for the best place to pursue a Data Science career coupled with affordable living standards, educational costs AND a hot job market, then look no further – Singapore is THE place to go to.

Choosing to study abroad can be an overwhelming thought at first glance. The Benefits Of Opting for Digital Drawing Courses As Well As For Digital Illustration Courses – Short Courses in Singapore. Pen on paper has been the traditional medium to generate and express ideas freely and naturally, that budding artist is taught from the beginning. Despite this, most big companies such as Apple and Wacom continue to invest in digital drawing. These companies build innovative hardware and applications, like iPad Pro and Bamboo Paper, to enhance performance while on the go. This is why there are several institutes that render digital drawing courses. Digital drawing through various hardware and applications is leveraging the latest technology advances, and is providing users with several benefits as mentioned below; Access from anywhere Digital drawing frees one from carrying a pen and paper everywhere.

Experimental possibilities Mistakes can’t be undone when one uses pen and paper. Steps to Choose Best 3D Concept Design Courses ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Game production and VFX sectors are evolving by the day. As an artist, it is important to know the latest trending tools, techniques and skills to perform the task within the given time. The introduction of 3D technique has created many new concepts of design and pushed the content to new horizons. 3D modeling is a process of creating a mathematical representation of an object in three different dimensions with the help of software or tools. This is similar to sculpting. 3DX models are used in various industries and areas such as interior design, video gaming, animation and architecture. Always remember that you must use a good 3D modeling software to create accurate models. Advance Body Mechanics- Student Showreel 2019.

How To Become A Game Artist While You’re Still In School? Interested in becoming a game artist without the hassle of a full-time, expensive, conventional university course? Now you can start as early as Year 10 of school and get ahead to beat the competition! (without burning a hole in your pockets!) You know you’re a self-starter. You will go out of the way to learn things you love – especially technology and art. You’re highly-focused. . … and you’re looking to get ahead of the curve! How These Top 3 Artists Began Their Creative Journeys - Mages. Top 5 High-Paying Technology Career Paths in 2020 - Mages. Motion Graphic Video Workshop - 21st March 2020. Create your own Motion Graphic video in this Workshop & understand the technical requirements of moving images, the use of design, typography, sound, space, timing & much more. What is Your Future with an Animation Degree? Contrary to conventional thought when animation was considered just the art of making cartoons, the industry has now expanded massively.

Animation came a long way from the old days when Cartoon Network was the end of all animation skills. Presently, it is very dynamic, and a degree in animation and visuals can take you to new places instantly. Setting your foot into the corporate world can be daunting when you do not have a certified diploma in animation and visual effects. But this is now possible in Singapore at a world-class institute. All you need to do is make a list of prospects with this degree, set goals of excellence, and set out. What are the future possibilities with an animation degree?

Animator This refers to the skills of designing premises for any animated movie, video, or television show. Animation Degree Courses. Khóa học Hoạt Hình 3D(Chứng Chỉ) Learn Z Brush by MAGES Institute of Excellence. Your gateway to Games, Art, and Film industries. Most Useful and Job-Ready Digital Painting Courses in Singapore ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Digital painting is an essential part of the contemporary world.

There are many students in Singapore. It is 2D and 3D imaging that makes the quality of the picture better. Maximize The Fun Of Playing By Learning Multiplayer Game Development - There’s no comparison between the fun we have while playing a game individually and when we play the same game with a number of players at the same time. Why is it so, ever wondered? Gaming as an activity is always fun when played with more. Multi-player games provide a greater platform for the audience, and the better audience involvement the better revenues a game generates for the developers. Which Games are Helpful for Enhancing the Learning Capabilities of the Children? ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore.

Everybody loves playing games, especially kids who start learning things through games. Today, games play much wider role in human lives. Other than providing great physical and mental health, games are also now used for educational purposes. Your gateway to Games, Art, and Film industries. Mold your imagination into reality by learning character designing for games. Imagination is a powerful tool. Gear up your animation skills by pursuing Digital animation courses ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Why you should look for a career in the field of 3D - Animation? ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Animation Tutorial- Expression- Animating A Take. Skill-Based Institutions vs Big Universities - Everything You Need To Know - Mages. As students aspiring to have a career in the creative industries, the central question is where do you study? Should you go for big, generalised universities? Foundation Certificate in Art and Technology.

Why Is Singapore The Best Place To Study Games And Animation? - Mages. Mages Student develped Anatomy of Fetus - Augmented reality. Student Testimonial - Foundation Certificate. The Game designing course and the associated profession. Gone are the days when playing games were considered to be leisure time activities and source of entertainment. Today the gaming industry has turned into a serious profession offering a wide scope of career opportunities. While fiddling with the different keys and command tools have always kept the teenagers and youngsters occupied, the intricacies of game designing is what keeps them on their toes. Game designing is not as simple as it might sound to be. Learn Digital Painting- A Growing Trend.

Master the Art of 3D Game Development using Unity 3D. What are the skills required to be a successful computer game designer? ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Differences between a digital painting and a traditional painting – Short Courses in Singapore. How To Make Your First 3D Model From The Comfort Of Your Home - Part 2 - Mages.

How Jon Blow Inspired and Shaped the Indie Game Development Industry - and Made Millions with Braid - Mages. Career opportunities in Multiplayer Game Development - Mages. 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking a 3D Animation Course - Mages. Importance of designing games around a character or a protagonist ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. The rising demand for 3D animation across various industries, and its future scope. Career prospects after doing the digital animation course ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. 7 tips for making an awesome game development portfolio - Mages. How to avoid bad writing in games - Mages. Animation and the modern world: The new avenues that have opened up - Mages.

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Career As An Animator - Mages. Will Artists Lose Their Jobs To Artificial Intelligence? - Mages. Professional Certificate Courses at MAGES Institute of Excellence. Games Showcase and students work. Diploma in Game Technology – mages Courses. Animation and the modern world: The new avenues that have opened up - Mages. International Admissions - MAGES Institute of Excellence. Advanced Diploma of Design and Illustration ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Cross-Platform Game Development with Unity. How learning games business management is beneficial for an individual’s career? – Short Courses in Singapore. 3 Guidelines to Start a Career in Animation ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. How Animation has Changed the Education Industry? ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Major Steps You Need To Be a Gaming Professional ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore.

Learn to be a professional concept artist with concept art course ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Enrol your kids in a game programming course during the upcoming holidays ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. What does a diploma in 3D animation covers? – 3d Concepting Art. Learning game programming for iPhone ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. How serious games are engaging children to teach coding skills. How Serious games such as Avengers coding kit introduces children to Programming ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore.

Why Good AI can Make or Break Your Game. Zbrush Character Design ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. AR and VR Use cases ~ Animation Training Institute Singapore. Diploma in Game Technology - Mages Institute of Excellence, Singapore. Post Graduate Diploma - MAGES Institute of Excellence. Living in Singapore - MAGES Institute of Excellence. Scope of Augmented Reality – Graphic Design Trends. AR and VR Use Cases ~ Singapore Training Classifieds. Using Consumer Robotics to Learn Programming ~ Singapore Training Classifieds. Using Multiplayer Features to Engage Players ~ Singapore Training Classifieds. Z Brush and 3D Concept Art Course Singapore. Professional Certificate Courses at MAGES Institute of Excellence. Post Graduate Diploma - MAGES Institute of Excellence. Advanced Diploma to enhance your abilities- MAGES Institute of Excellence. Graphic Design Diploma Singapore - MAGES.

Do Virtual Reality Course in Singapore and Set Your Sights Towards a Career in Virtual Reality

Learn Games Business Management Singapore with best institute. How Unity & Game Development Courses Help Aspirants by Shantanu C. How To Be A Successful Game Designer. Current Trends In The Game Designing World – Mages Institute. Game Development Courses to Make a Great Career Ahead.