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Hire Certified Magento Developers. Magento Development Services, Magento Store Development, Website. From project discovery to launch – this is how we assist you!

Magento Development Services, Magento Store Development, Website

The team at Magentio has been designing, developing, integrating, supporting and tailoring solutions for your Magento based stores since its inception in 2008. Our Magento development process follows agile methodology; we employ version control to manage several developers working on the same assignment, adopt code modularity wherever possible, and implement complex and well-planned testing routine. As a result, when it comes to eCommerce and Magento, we really know our stuff. Magento Product Listing & Store Management Services. Magento 2.0 Upgradation Services. The new kid on the block Magento 2 is the latest version of Magento eCommerce platform, which empowers over 2, 00,000 retailers and businesses across B2B and B2C industries to effectively and quickly deliver engaging shopping experience.

Magento 2.0 Upgradation Services

It is estimated that one in four businesses have Magento powered websites. Magento 2 offers enhanced scalability, and wide range of tools that bring in enough flexibility to cover all your SEO, marketing and catalogue management requirements. Magento 2 comes fortified with new features to boost your site’s performance, conversion rates and productivity. Magento eCommerce Support Services, Magento Maintenance Services. Get Magento Support & Maintenance to Ensure Your Store Running At Full Speed We know that downtime and site issues can be detrimental to the success of your business.

Magento eCommerce Support Services, Magento Maintenance Services

Therefore, we have thoughtfully designed Magento support packages that can offer you the comfort and assurance that we are carefully monitoring your Magento Store right from fixing a bug or applying a patch to migrating /updating your store to the latest version or installing any new, third-party extensions, without you having to worry about all such issues. Choose the Best Plan for Your Magento eCommerce Platform SilverOur basic support plan is designed to provide medium level service at affordable rates. Best suited for: Start-ups, small businesses.GoldOur gold support plan is designed to provide a greater coverage including most scenarios and comes with a dedicated project manager as well as office support. Magento Extension Development Services, Magento Extension Developers. offers extension development services to help transform your eCommerce site into a powerful selling engine.

Magento Extension Development Services, Magento Extension Developers

The endless customization opportunities available through extensions is undoubtedly one of the best things about Magento. It’s no surprise that “Magento extensions” are creating waves in the eCommerce market with their ability to infuse functionality to literally every sphere of operations, site optimization, reporting, analytics, and more, thereby offering a world of possibilities for your eCommerce store. Magento extensions provide you with tactical gear that lets you overcome the inherent limitations and helps you in creating a website corresponding to your unique needs and is customer-friendly. Magento 2.0 Extensions Development The expert development team at Magentio is working aggressively at developing new Magento2 extensions to boost your stores with added and innovative functionalities.

Magento Extension Development Services, Magento Extension Developers. Magento Migration & Re-platforming. Make the Switch if your current store is falling short!

Magento Migration & Re-platforming

Every online store is different – depending upon third party extensions and integrations, different module themes, customizations, and the rest. Migrating to or upgrading Magento is a very tricky and complicated process, as the framework on which it rests is quite intricate and advance. Switching your eCommerce platform without substantial Magento experience can bring in unnecessary hassles, and adversely impact your online store. Magento Implementation Services. Get All the Assistance You Need To Accelerate Your Business We will help transform your business with truly creative eCommerce implementations that contemplates all the essential factors such as niches, brand image, growth strategy, etc., so that your business can take a huge leap forward with respect to sales, market share and overall growth.

Magento Implementation Services

Our team will provide you with expert guidance for your project from conceptualization to implementation to ensure business success. Whether you are a start-up looking to establish your new eCommerce store or an established organization vying for a wider audience base, we can: Magentio, Full-service Magento Studio.