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GE Energy Redesign on Web Design Served. ROSS CLODFELTER. Mutt Ink ::: A Collection of Varied Visuals. Web Design Blog | Web Design Standards | Viget Inspire. One of the neatest things about CSS Transforms is that they change the hit area of an element to whatever transformed value we set.

Web Design Blog | Web Design Standards | Viget Inspire

So, if we rotate an element, the hit area for that element doesn’t stay a box in the defined X and Y plane; it changes to the transformed shape. CSS Transformed Hit Box With that in mind, when I was handed a design comp with a skewed design element and links with angled edges within it, I realized for great justice it was achievable by skewing an element and applying overflow: hidden to the container. The markup for this demo is really simple: Minnesota Ice Fishing. MU. Racket – Web Design, Print Design, Art & Photography. Studiowill. WWW.GRAPHICFURY.COM. T2.