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Campfire Delight: 6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted & Toasted-Marshmallow Cake. There’s something about layer cakes that always brings me great comfort–from both making them and eating them.

Campfire Delight: 6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted & Toasted-Marshmallow Cake

To me, layer cakes are baked bliss, truly. Don’t get me wrong, cupcakes are wonderful; cupcakes are sweet; cupcakes are darling (and perky), but they just aren’t layer cakes. Perhaps part of the glory of layer cakes is the intrigue of what’s beneath all of that swirled frosting, or the wonder of what fills the stacked layers under a perfectly composed exterior.

Ever notice how layer cakes will offer one or two little hints as to what’s inside, without giving too much away? Think about a beautifully frosted pink cake with a few white sprinkles and a single strawberry on top: one could imagine that there are layers of vanilla cake inside with possible alternating layers of sweet pink strawberry cake, or maybe even layer up on layer of strawberry cake with fresh strawberry jam in between. Truth is, we never can tell, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m always ready to find out. Yum. Carrot Cake Sandwiches. The Pastry Affair - Home - Lemon Chocolate Tart. I put all of my recipes through a test.

The Pastry Affair - Home - Lemon Chocolate Tart

It's a ridiculous test with even more ridiculous criteria but, consciously or unconsciously, every recipe on this website has been sent through it. This lemon chocolate tart was the first and only to pass this test. Only one recipe passed? I imagine you must be thinking. What could this test possibly be? This serious test is to find the recipe, the first recipe, that makes Foreigner's I Want To Know What Love Is play out in my head. I'm going to take a little time A little time to let this sink in I will covet this sweet tart Now that heaven has finally found me In my life, there's been heartburn and shame I don't know if I can face a failed recipe again Can't stop swooning now, I've searched so long To find this perfect bite. I want to know what love is I want you to show me I want to taste what love is I know you can show me Well, at least that's how the sultry tones of Lou Gramm sounded in my head.

Try this tart. Yields 8 tartlets. The Pastry Affair - Home - Apple Cinnamon Cake. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so says the old proverb.

The Pastry Affair - Home - Apple Cinnamon Cake

I've been on an apple kick lately, eating my way to dozens of apple cores in the last month. I ate apples with sandwiches instead of chips. I ate apples whenever I had the inkling for a snack. I ate apples before I sat down to meals, and then after. I'm an apple nut. Though I haven't been sleeping as much as I should, I've stayed healthy and well. The first awkward bite into a ripe apple makes my heart sing.

I am talking about the glorious, almighty Honeycrisp apple. I don't even care that they tend to be the most expensive apples in the store. My mother warned me to stave off my apple cravings until my grandmother's apple tree ripened, but I couldn't help myself. However, this Apple Cinnamon Cake was on this year's list long before the the apples on my grandmother's tree turned red. This Apple Cinnamon Cake is layered with beautiful depth of flavor. One Year Ago: Pumpkin Alfredo Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). The Pastry Affair - Home - Banana Cake with Chocolate Glaze. Banana cake is as unpretentious as bread and butter or toast spread with strawberry jam.

The Pastry Affair - Home - Banana Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Banana cake doesn't set out to dazzle your eyes (though it may very well dazzle your taste buds). It's not trying to re-create the (cake) wheel, by any means. Banana cake is as old and wise as the simple chocolate cake. I doubt you'd ever find this cake listed on the dessert menu in a fancy restaurant. However, that doesn't mean this banana cake isn't something to talk about. Banana cake has been a summer tradition in my family for as long as I can remember.

While the cake bakes up in the oven, wonderful, sinful smells waft about the house. Nevertheless, my family is still in debate about the best way to eat this cake. Do yourself a favor and create a little weekday magic by making yourself this simple, but charming cake.