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Six Weeks to Sleeveless. Women often joke about arms that wave back, but arm flab is no laughing matter!

Six Weeks to Sleeveless

Luckily, you can get sexy and sleeveless in just six weeks. Fitness expert and author JJ Virgin says she wrote the book "Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy" for all the women out there with arm angst. Virgin says the key is to lift the heaviest weights you can safely handle and only do eight to twelve reps. YouTube. Top Six New Moves for Deeper Core Strength. Question: Are your inner thighs just as strong as the outer, back, and front of your legs?

Top Six New Moves for Deeper Core Strength

Yeah…I thought so. Your adductors are part of your Deep Core muscle meridian, a line that runs from feet to head that comprises your true core support and power. HANDSTAND, YOGA With Esther Ekhart. Tough Mudder Training Plan. To the uninitiated, running through one of Tough Mudder’s mud-soaked obstacle courses may seem like a trial for joining the world’s biggest frat race.

Tough Mudder Training Plan

More than 10,000 people may line up at any given event to soak in a tub of ice, crawl under barbed wire, or deal with electric shocks. Even though the first race took place only three years ago, organizers expect 400,000 people to compete in 36 events in 2012. To understand Tough Mudder’s rapidly spreading appeal, you must look at the event format, designed after British Special Forces exercises. Each event covers approximately 10 to 12 miles, with 35 military obstacles thrown in to test your strength and thermoregulatory system. Tough Mudder - Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet.