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Learning Spaces for refugees

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Vodafone 'Instant Classroom' is digital school in a box for refugees. The Vodafone Foundation has unveiled a portable "Instant Classroom" that it hopes will give 15,000 child refugees across Africa access to tablet-based education.

Vodafone 'Instant Classroom' is digital school in a box for refugees

The digital school in a box, which has been unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, can be set up in 20 minutes and can be used in classrooms where there is no electricity. The Foundation has partnered with UNHCR to bring the Instant Classroom to 12 schools in Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) over the next 12 months. Each Instant Classroom is shipped in a secure and robust case that weighs 52kg and comes equipped with a laptop, 25 tablets pre-loaded with educational software, a projector, a speaker and a hotspot modem with 3G connectivity. The Classroom can be charged as a single unit from one power source in 6-8 hours, after which it can be used in a for an entire day without access to electricity.

Estella's Brilliant Bus. Primary school buys double decker bus to convert into flash new classroom. When headteacher David Godfrey found there was no room left in his school following an increase in pupil numbers he was flummoxed by a lack of budget for building new rooms - until he hit upon the enterprising idea.

Primary school buys double decker bus to convert into flash new classroom

After scouring the internet he found the bus for sale at a bargain price on internet auction site ebay and quickly placed the winning bid. School staff then set about ripping out the tatty old seats and replaced them with desks and a plasma TV screen during a two-month renovation project. Children at Central First School in Ashington, Northumberland, are now studying in the double decker which accommodates around 15 pupils at a time. The bus cost the school £5,000 and the transformation a further £3,000 but it has still worked out hundreds of thousands of pounds cheaper than building an extension. And the added bonus for Mr Godfrey is that pupils love the "treat" of being allowed to study in the vehicle. Mobile Education for Refugees. Child-Friendly Spaces Offer Fun, Safety and Relief. Even as simple as a tent or an outdoor classroom, a Child-Friendly Space plays an enormous role in giving a child a sense of normalcy amid chaos.

Child-Friendly Spaces Offer Fun, Safety and Relief

Children are especially vulnerable during emergencies and conflicts. Many have been traumatized, some separated from their families. These children are also at greater risk of being exploited, abused or trafficked. In situations like these, a Child-Friendly Space serves many purposes. It gives children a safe space to run, sing and play together. New temporary learning spaces for refugee children in Northern Cameroon – Medium. In the Minawao Refugee Camp (Far North Region of Cameroon), 15 ECHO-Funded Early Childhood Development spaces have been built by UNICEF and PLAN International-Cameroon, and handed over to the Ministry of Basic Education, in order to provide a safe space to play, learn and recover from psychosocial trauma to children who have experienced the conflict.

New temporary learning spaces for refugee children in Northern Cameroon – Medium

It is a bright day here in the Minawao Refugee Camp. The school year hasn’t started yet, and children are still free to spend their whole day playing outside the tents. But today, their laughter is louder than usual. Thanks to ECHO Children of Peace project and UNICEF, these children are discovering their new classrooms, more comfortable learning and recreational spaces for Early Childhood Development (ECD) activities. Vibrant Village. The Vibrant Village Foundation invests in the potential of communities around the world.

Vibrant Village

We provide support in the areas of nutrition and health, clean water, agriculture, education, arts and economic development. Our goal is to achieve results that are measurable and long-term to improve individual lives. Child Education. Voice of Teachers on Flipboard. Getting the Fundamentals right- unfolding of Right to Education Article 25-A. Understanding the precise process of implementing Article 25A of the 1973 constitution of Pakistan in its true letter and spirit is a profound one, which is to-date, not completely understood by the majority.

Getting the Fundamentals right- unfolding of Right to Education Article 25-A

The simple statement of Article 25 A enshrined in the eighteenth constitutional amendment on April 19, 2010, “The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be determined by law” entails complex implications for implementation within the educational setup in Pakistan as we know it. The State according to Article 7 of the Constitution comprises Federal and Provincial governments ‘and such local authorities in Pakistan as are by law empowered to impose any tax or cess “in the federation.

The 1973 constitution had declared free and compulsory education up till the secondary level primarily the responsibility of the state through Article 37 B. . [1] Annual Status of Education Report 2012. Teachers Without Borders. Syllabus for ASAP: Education in Emergencies. Education Collaboration … It's a new day to learn – A worldwide education connection.