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Stitched Kids' Art Note Cards : Daily source of DIY craft projects and inspiration, patterns, how-tos. By Future Craft Collective In our house the piles of random artwork are vast and ever present.

Stitched Kids' Art Note Cards : Daily source of DIY craft projects and inspiration, patterns, how-tos

We all like to draw, paint, and sketch, and when one is drawing, painting, sketching, it encourages all others in the house to do the same. We love the process but don’t always know what to do with the widespread piles of artwork that are the result. We use some for wrapping paper. We use others for writing letters to send to far-flung family and friends. Some we recycle in a midnight purge, done at this hour to avoid the cries of, “You’re throwing out my ARTWORK?!” Materials Heavy cardstock, cardboard, or old file folders Random piles of kids’ artwork Envelopes Ruler or straight edge Thread Scissors Sewing machine Directions Step 1: Find some random envelopes.

Step 3: Cut your cardstock to the appropriate size. Step 4: Fold your card in half. Step 5: Select a few random pieces of your kids’ artwork to work with. Step 6: Cut out your favorite sections of each painting or drawing. Related. Google Map Envelopes : Daily source of DIY craft projects and inspiration, patterns, how-tos. Vintage Cereal Collection. We've posted cereal boxes here and there in the past, but never have we come across such a massive collection that follows multiple brands over the years.

Vintage Cereal Collection

This bunch lets you step back and see the evolution of the cereal industry as a whole, not to mention a great walk down memory lane of sugary happiness as a kid. Which ones catch your eye? I love the old Fruit Loop boxes. Via HypeBeast. Mother's Day Cards. Origami paper wreath. Here is a fun way to make use of leftover paper, gift wrap scraps or this year’s old calendar pages, while also getting into the holiday spirit – make an origami paper wreath!

origami paper wreath

With just a few folds it’s really simple and fun. Surprisingly sturdy, these wreath decorations are lovely to hang on doors and windows, and miniature versions are great on top of gift packages or hung on the tree. Try using holiday colors for homemade holiday decorations. –Fabra PS colors: gravel & chocolate Latest fave: Teflon bone folder Materials needed: Any Paper – try your favorite Gift Wrap Double Stick TapeBone Folder (optional)Satin Ribbon (optional)1/8″ Hole Punch (optional) Instructions: 1. Vintage Book Planner Tutorial. I desperately needed a day planner. With so much going on I can no longer keep it all straight in my head ’cuz something’s always falling through the cracks.

So on my way home from the morning school drive today, I went to the office supply store to shop for one. Nothing bulky, nothing leathery, don’t need pockets, grid paper, address book or all the bells and whistles, just a plain ol’ planner, but a spiral one for sure, so it will lay flat while I’m planning. I chose a monthly planner that also has weekly pages. Perfect. Enter: A cute vintage book from my stash, one simple but pretty file folder and this simple tutorial! Find a cool vintage book close to the size and thickness of your planner and either a manila folder, decorative folder or heavy card stock. Paper Flower Tutorial.

I came across these incredible paper flowers and I just had to make them (then made like 100, I loved them so much) Now, I’ve created a tutorial to share the love!

Paper Flower Tutorial

Perfect adornments for gifts, cards and even wall art! Art project using these, here! I found helpful tutorials here and on YouTube but I tweaked them using my own pictures and directions to make it simpler and more my style! You'll need: double sided patterned paper OR two types of patterned papercircle punch (I used Fiscars 1 ½ inch punch)glue stick or liquid glueflower center (I used vintage buttons) Punch out 8 circles on double sided paper or 16 circles (8 with each pattern). If your using 2 types of patterned paper, using a glue stick, glue both circles together (patterns facing out)Fold them in half and then half again, so that the circles are divided in four quarters.

Fold two sections in so that you will get a point. Turn the circle over and fold again so that the two edges meet in the middle. Paper Lantern Ornaments. Want a cute, simple decoration that you can make in minutes?

Paper Lantern Ornaments

These paper lanterns are perfect for the upcoming holiday season or as an everyday decoration! What a great way to add color to a room or to your holiday table :) Make a bunch and string them together as a garland, or put a bunch in a bowl, or in a hurricane glass in a bathroom or guestroom. You could also mail them (flat, before unfolding them ;)) to a friend as a fun "Merry Christmas" gift with quick instructions on how to unfold them.

I decided to use holiday paper, but was thinking these would also be fun as everyday decorations with leftover scraps of scrapbooking paper or found/vintage paper. What you'll need: - Paper - enough to cut 15 strips - ½"x4" (7.5"x4") - 2 small brads - Ruler, 1/16" hole punch or pushpin to poke holes, exacto blade or rotary cutter and a cutting mat 1. 2. 3. (Back) 4. 5. Paper doll dress bookmark. Petal-shaped gift boxes.