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Recursos geometría

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Tangram. KS2 Bitesize Maths - Symmetry : Play. CÓMO ENSEÑAR LOS COLORES Y LAS FORMAS GEOMÉTRICAS CON UNA ACTIVIDAD PLÁSTICA » Actividades infantil.

Fotos actividades en clase

Love2learn2day: Polygon Play (Geometry Class #2 Part I, Fall 2010) Math class today.

love2learn2day: Polygon Play (Geometry Class #2 Part I, Fall 2010)

We did so many things that I'm going to break it into a series of posts. :) Started with a brief review of tangrams by reading Grandfather Tang's Story . I provided tangrams so the kids could construct the animals as the story went along, but the story became too captivating...they slowly abandoned the pieces to fully concentrate on what was happening. Great book! We continued with a review of polygons. Last week, we quickly flipped through the book to see the polygons used there. We then made a flapbook...the word "polygon" on the outside of the flap and the characteristics listed inside. A Place Called Kindergarten: sort it out. We spent a couple of weeks sorting all kinds of things. sorting by size... sorting by color... sorting by shape...

A Place Called Kindergarten: sort it out

Geometría en cartón. ESCACHAMATAS-EL BLOG VIAJERO DE LOS PEQUES DE BORJA. Categoría: ARTE /PIET MONDRIAAN el día 2013-03-17 20:13:46 Leer más [+]


Els nostres moments a l'aula d'infantil: Piet Mondrian. Este tercer trimestre de P3 en plástica nos dedicamos a trabajar al artista Piet Mondrian.

Els nostres moments a l'aula d'infantil: Piet Mondrian

Después de trabajar el primer trimestre a Jackson Pollock como arte abstracto y en el segundo a Yayoi Kusama para trabajar el círculo opté por otro artista que nos sirviese para trabajar la forma geométrica que nos quedaba, el cuadrado (ya que el triangulo lo trabajamos el primer trimestre al ser el nombre de nuestra clase las pirámides de Egipto). Como este tercer trimestre ha sido tan corto no hemos podido hacer muchas cosas que tenía pensadas pero al menos hemos podido hablar de líneas y colores, tamaños grandes y pequeños y diferenciar un poco entre cuadrados y rectángulos.

Las actividades que nos dió tiempo a hacer fue la de observar sus cuadros y hablar sobre los elementos que aparecen y estas actividades plásticas: 1. Coloreamos al estilo Mondrian. 2. Les damos en un Din-A4 con esta plantilla para que pinten el cuadro al estilo Mondrian. 3. 4. 5. Geometria11.pdf. SECUENCIACIÓN DE ACTIVIDADES  EN  PRIMARIA. Actividades secuenciadas por niveles en educación infantil. APRENDER ES DIVERTIDO 1º Y 2º: Líneas rectas y curvas.

EL BLOG DE SEGUNDO: LÍNEAS RECTAS, CURVAS Y POLIGONALES ABIERTAS Y CERRADAS. - Aprende las lineas rectas, curvas y poligonales.


Haz clic en la imagen para iniciar la actividad 1. Cantemos Las Figuras Geometricas. Types of Lines and Angles Activity. Thanks for all of your sweet comments about my last post!

Types of Lines and Angles Activity

I made most of my geometry unit on my own. I will definitely be sharing some of the things, but I am thinking of finally taking the plunge and opening a TPT or TN store. Any suggestions on which is better?! Anyway….State testing is this week and next week. This week is ELA so I am administering the test to one of the students who has an IEP.

Click on the image for original source I created my own document to suit the needs of my students. Click on the picture below to download the PDF file. Enjoy! GEOMETRY IS MAGICAL {WORD WALL FREEBIE} El tangram. Recursos para el aula - Educapeques. 2D Shapes When You Only Have A Minute - Liz's Early Learning Spot. El tangram… orientación en el espacio. 12+ Math Art Projects for Kids to Try. The Classroom Key: 3D Shapes Anchor Chart. It's a snowy holiday Monday here in Colorado.

The Classroom Key: 3D Shapes Anchor Chart

I have a fun anchor chart to share for Anchors Away Monday. I made this chart with my class when we were studying 3D shapes. All of the kids cut and taped together their own shapes. Then we held them up and counted the faces, edges, and vertices. The avalanche of card stock shapes went home with the kids (thank goodness) but we kept this chart to refer back to. Montessori Shape Activities. I prepared some shape activities for Butterfly so we can give more focus the shape's numbered sides.

Montessori Shape Activities

I printed out my own chart, drew the shapes on, and then laminated it. We had a total of 26 sides with the shapes on the chart, so I made sure we had the exact amount, 26 popsicle sticks in a cup, so it can be a self-correcting activity. Butterfly got to work making each shape. She looked at the number of the sides for the shape she was working on, took out the right number of sticks, and formed the shape.

This next idea came from here, which was also pinned of course! All the same length, but with the right colour amount to fit each shape. Each shape is a different colour, so for instance, there are only three green sticks in the box for the triangle's three green sides. Having the right amount, the exact same for colour matching, helps build a self-correcting activity for the child. Construcciones geométricas con sólo regla y compás. What do dinosaurs say in preschool? Ask the children “What do dinosaurs say?”

What do dinosaurs say in preschool?