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Photo: Panic by star5112 Over the past week I noticed that Jaws Wired Shut has started receiving visitors via searches for things like “jaw wired shut” and “jaw wiring” and “jaw wired shut what not to do.” And I am grateful for the mention on Diner’s Journal, as it has not only connected me to lots of wonderful new readers, but also to many other broken jaw and non-chewing patients looking for resources and recipes, as well as past patients who have assured me with their great advice that this is not, in fact, the end of the world. Jaws Wired Shut: The Panic Button Jaws Wired Shut: The Panic Button
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i 22 Votes Background: Born in Newport beach California, I graduated from high school in southern Orange County, CA. where i met some of the best connects i hav in the MMJ world, a lot of which i still have to this very day. I graduated from CIA, I’m a personal chef, food photographer. I’ve worked at many hotels and local catering companies as well as owning Delicious Delights Catering. Cooking with Hash. A+ Guide for the medical marijuana patient. Includes recipes. #mmj #cannabis #mmot #weed | Kushits Photo Blog Cooking with Hash. A+ Guide for the medical marijuana patient. Includes recipes. #mmj #cannabis #mmot #weed | Kushits Photo Blog
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Below is a collection of original and adapted recipes I’ve featured on The Chic Life blog. I hope you find some you enjoy and if you try one, leave me a comment or send me a message using my Contact form (click) to let me know what you think. Enjoy! Click here to view the Top 10 TCL Recipes of 2010 Click here to view the Top 11 TCL Recipes of 2011 Breakfast Recipes Recipes
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recipes I feel very torn on the subject of recipes. When I started this blog, I wanted to write about how to make food without a recipe. Forkable Recipes Forkable Recipes
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Orangette's Recipes The following recipes have appeared, at one time or other, on Orangette.BeveragesDavid Rosengarten’s Gin and TonicGordon’s CupHot ChocolateMelon Made SippableMy Pimm's CupPamplemousse Breads and Bread-Like ThingsBanana Bread with Chocolate and Cinnamon SugarBanana Bread with Cinnamon Crumble ToppingBanana Cereal MuffinsBanana-Coconut BreadButter PopoversCream BiscuitsFlour TortillasFresh Ginger MuffinsGlenn's Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Candied GingerHoney Gold Oatmeal BreadJack Lang's Sourdough BreadMarion Cunningham’s Fresh Ginger MuffinsOat Scones (from the Standard Baking Company of Portland, ME)Oatmeal PopoversOatmeal Sandwich BreadPumpkin Bread with Hazelnuts and Golden RaisinsRancho La Puerta Whole Wheat BreadShirley Corriher's Touch-of-Grace BiscuitsSweet-Potato BiscuitsWhole Wheat Apricot Scones Orangette's Recipes