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Browse Recipes. Recipe Collection. Pages This Blog Linked From Here Blogs We Knead Recipe Collection Follow this link for more printer-friendly versions of our recipes.

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Other Goodies New Yorkers are notorious for giving the cold shoulder but PLEASE do not hesitate to email with any and all questions, comments and suggestions! Also, check us out on Tasty Kitchen: Home. Recipe Index Pressure Cooking Today. Dashing Dish. Jaws Wired Shut: The Panic Button. Recipe Index. The Stoner's Cookbook.

Cooking with Hash. A+ Guide for the medical marijuana patient. Includes recipes. #mmj #cannabis #mmot #weed. Background: Born in Newport beach California, I graduated from high school in southern Orange County, CA. where i met some of the best connects i hav in the MMJ world, a lot of which i still have to this very day.

Cooking with Hash. A+ Guide for the medical marijuana patient. Includes recipes. #mmj #cannabis #mmot #weed

I graduated from CIA, I’m a personal chef, food photographer. I’ve worked at many hotels and local catering companies as well as owning Delicious Delights Catering. I have grown marijuana, bud-tended, vended, made hash of all sorts, consulted buyers and sellers and basically tried to master every aspect of this business. I study hard every single day, I’ve dedicated a major part of my life to decriminalization of marijuana and teaching patients new, clean and efficient ways of experiencing the many benefits of MMJ. I avoid cannabutter or anything else wasteful or possibly harmful to patients health. I also make hash from trim or stems to save money For tips on purchasing proper medical grade hash refer to my hash guide, the link’s up top and below.

The answer….. Veggie Dishes Everyone Loves. Recipes. Below is a collection of original and adapted recipes I’ve featured on The Chic Life blog. I hope you find some you enjoy and if you try one, leave me a comment or send me a message using my Contact form (click) to let me know what you think. Enjoy! Click here to view the Top 10 TCL Recipes of 2010 Click here to view the Top 11 TCL Recipes of 2011 Breakfast Bars Eggs Breakfast Cups (Individual Breakfast Casseroles) Smoothies Grains/Pseudo-Grains Oatmeal/Cereal/Granola Other Breakfast Sauces/Condiments Bread/Muffins Appetizers Salads Salad Dressing Meals.

Recipe Index « Cooking Healthy for Two, A Food Blog. Pinch My Salt's Recipes. Recipe Index. 101 Cookbooks' Recipes. Complete Archives Browse by Date or Category Appetizer Recipes Baked Goods Recipes Basic Techniques Breakfast / Brunch Recipes Build a Natural Foods Pantry. Gina's Skinny Recipes. Forkable Recipes. Recipes I feel very torn on the subject of recipes.

Forkable Recipes

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about how to make food without a recipe. B&B: Inn Cuisine's Recipes. Orangette's Recipes.