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enlightenment by *AutumnsGoddess on deviantART Main Entry: en·light·en·ment Pronunciation: in-'lI-t&n-m&nt, en- Function: noun Date: 1669 1 : the act or means of enlightening : the state of being enlightened 2 : capitalized : a philosophic movement of the 18th century marked by a rejection of traditional social, religious, and political ideas and an emphasis on rationalism; used with the 3 : Buddhism : a final blessed state marked by the absence of desire or suffering technique drawn in adobe the lotus, added textures by different and light but something I was moved to do once again ---------------------------------------- Copyright ©2005 Jena DellaGrottaglia-Maldonado All rights reserved. Please do not remove this image or alter it in any way without written permission. Stealing images is against the law. enlightenment by *AutumnsGoddess on deviantART
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Christmas Accent Brushes by =Scully7491 on deviantART Christmas Accent Brushes by =Scully7491 on deviantART Please credit me with a link back if you use these, and note me with where you did use them! I went around taking random pics of the Christmas things we've been digging out this week and decided they might be useful as a brush also!
Ok ok before you moan about me submitting MORE leaves brushes note that this package has a variety of "nature" images, even some Christmas themed ones! The results of a trip to the mountains one day and a craft store the next lol. Rules of Use By downloading these brushes you agree to the following terms of use: Nature Brushes by =Scully7491 on deviantART Nature Brushes by =Scully7491 on deviantART
Prints II Submission Tutorial by %godofodd on deviantART Run time: 12:20 You may find it faster/smoother to download the file to your desktop and play it in your browser. Also, be sure to check out my Prints II Windows XP FTP Tutorial to learn how to upload via FTP. In November, 2006 deviantART Prints II was launched. The most important change is the addition of the Standard Print Account, available now to all deviants free of charge. That's right, every single one of the 3.5+ million members of deviantART now has a free Standard Print Account. Prints II Submission Tutorial by %godofodd on deviantART
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Photoshop Brushes Photoshop Brushes Added 30th Dec 2009: Been busy the past couple of weeks creating a new Grunge Wordpress Theme, this will be free to download soon. This new Wordpress Theme is created using the brushes and images featured on my Photoshop Brushes site. Also been working on some twitter Icon design ideas, will be adding more goodies including more free textures to the PSBrushes site soon. Follow me on twitter for the latest updates on what I'm doing
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NaturPics-club on deviantART NaturPics-club on deviantART Welcome to NaturPics-club The group for everything that belongs to Nature! Rules: This group is only for Nature Photography, any other kind of art will be declined. To join the group just click where it says JOIN GROUP!
A little over a month in the new year I have come to some smart conclusions. I should focus on my college studies in class rather than study for the SAT / ACT again because at this point in time, those two are mere brownie points for college transfer students. Perhaps during the summer or off season I will give it a shot but for the now, my focus is on my 4 classes this semester. On that note, I have been doing well in class and so far, everything seems to be going in a positive direction. I also concluded that I can make a lot more money with my photography instead of doing just art. I have taken the approach to stock photography a few days ago and after being rejected by 3 sites (lol, I think this will be harder than I thought it would. skullhuntre on deviantART
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