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Middlebury. Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts. Study at Lang New_sArt by Lang alum Grace Lang New_s New_s Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts is the newest and fastest-growing urban liberal arts college in New York—the most sought-after city in the world for college students.

Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts

See our virtual tour to learn more. Please check back for event updates. Congratulations on Your Acceptance Visit the New Student Website for steps required to complete the enrollment process along with information about housing, registration, and orientation. College. Colleges Ranked: Best, Easiest, Most Fun. When it comes to college, the one that has the best overall academic experience for undergraduates is the University of Chicago, followed by Marlboro College, Reed College, St.

Colleges Ranked: Best, Easiest, Most Fun

John's College in Maryland, and Swarthmore College. If you want a school where the students (almost) never study, here's your list: SUNY at Albany, the University of Georgia, Florida State University, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and the University of Mississippi. Party! They know how to party hearty at SUNY at Albany, Washington and Lee University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, West Virginia University, and Ohio University-Athens.

That's the word from the Princeton Review, which has just published its 2005 edition of "The Best 357 Colleges" in which it ranks schools in dozens of somewhat unusual categories. Following are the No. 1 rankings in selected categories: I Only Want the Best All I Ever Do Is Study! The Smiley Face Factor. Pepperdine University. Pepperdine University offers its degree programs at five locations throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties, as well as a learning center in Santa Clara, California.

Pepperdine University

At every campus, students have access to full-scale educational services, executive-style classrooms, faculty offices, technology support, and reference facilities Pepperdine University - Malibu Campus24255 Pacific Coast HighwayMalibu, CA 90263(310) 506-4000 The Malibu campus of the University is located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Canyon Road.

Parking is provided on campus. Academics - Pomona College. The University of the Arts. At the University of the Arts, creativity in all its forms overlaps and converges — like colors combining to form more vibrant hues.

The University of the Arts

Musicians collaborate with media makers. Photographers work with designers, writers with performers. A History of Creative Thinking For more than 130 years, we have defined creativity. College Personality Quiz: Part 11: Interpreting Your Scores. Scoring and More Information For each category: High Scores: 57 or above Medium Scores: 48 to 56 Low Scores: 47 or less What the scores mean: High scorers anticipate college in a favorable way and are looking forward to the collegiate experience.

College Personality Quiz: Part 11: Interpreting Your Scores

Adjustment will likely be easy as your enthusiasm will be a great asset in learning to master college life. Low or medium scorers may want to think carefully about their motivations for attending college. What your scores tell you about choosing a college: See below for a list of your scores, and read the descriptions above to see what the scores mean. Your scores are as follows: Academics. Academics. Bowling Green State University Home Page. Academic Majors & Programs Alphabetically - Freshmen, Main Campus - BGSU Admissions. UC Davis: University of California: Welcome to UC Davis. Resed Housing. 194 N.

Resed Housing

Professor St. Burton Hall has exclusive bragging rights to have in its basement both of Oberlin College's student-run newspapers, The Grape and The Oberlin Review. These offices sit right alongside the usual amenities of a laundry room, kitchen, spacious lounge, and computer lab. With a capacity of approximately 185 students from all four years, Burton offers the opportunity to meet a variety of people from many different backgrounds. Located on north campus, the hall has quick and easy access to the North Quad, Stevenson Dining Hall, and Philips Physical Education Center.

Burton is also the home of Sustainability Hall, on of Oberlin's Theme Communities. Amenities: Compare! Capacity: Compare! Floor Plans. OSCA - Wilder Hall 402. Overview - Oberlin College. Department Overview Students in the voice department take courses in music theory and aural skills each semester until all requirements are met.

Overview - Oberlin College

You will learn the necessary vocal and musicianship techniques to enhance your performance readiness, style, presentation, and speech. Every year, between 20 and 30 gifted singers enter degree programs in the Conservatory of Music. These students receive instruction from faculty members with impressive performance and academic attainments, and take courses on technique, performance readiness, musicianship, musical style, and linguistic accuracy. All students take weekly private lessons with a major teacher and participate in studio classes. Curriculum Overview Students in the voice department take courses in music theory and aural skills each semester until all requirements are met. Degrees and Majors - Oberlin College. The Conservatory of Music seeks to educate young musicians at the highest level.

Degrees and Majors - Oberlin College

The conservatory offers rigorous programs designed to prepare students for professional lives as performers, composers, scholars, and teachers. We welcome talented music students with demonstrated records of achievement to apply. Program: Musical Studies - Oberlin College - acalog ACMS™ Return to: College of Arts and Sciences The Musical Studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences is overseen by the Musical Studies/Double Degree Committee, a General Faculty committee that consists of faculty members from both the Conservatory and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Program: Musical Studies - Oberlin College - acalog ACMS™

Music for Arts & Science Students CoursesAlthough most courses in the Conservatory are open to qualified students in the College of Arts and Sciences, many Conservatory courses and the schedules of applied music teachers in fact become filled entirely with Conservatory students. Thus, although efforts are made to accommodate Arts and Sciences students, they should not expect to enroll in all Conservatory courses of their choice. Courses limited to Conservatory students are noted in the catalog course descriptions. The courses listed below are specifically designed for Arts & Sciences students: * CMUS 100 - Introduction to Western Art Music (Offered Second Semester)

Admissions. Admissions. University of Michigan. UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance - Department of Musical Theatre - Degree Programs. Curriculum.

UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance - Department of Musical Theatre - Degree Programs

UM School of Music, Theatre & Dance - Department of Theatre & Drama - Degree Programs.