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Episode I: Amiee Kang - Madmindstudios. Mad Mind Studios is a team of creatives with a common goal of helping your business achieve more success.

Episode I: Amiee Kang - Madmindstudios

I had the opportunity to speak with our lead designer, Amiee, and asked her a few questions pertaining to her role at Mad Mind Studios and her lifestyle. This is the first interview in our series, and I couldn’t have been happier to have started with such a fun, creative person! Hi Amiee! Can you tell us a little about yourself, like hobbies and where you’re from? Amiee: Hi, Thomas, thank you for having me. What college did you go to and what did you study? Amiee: I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where I studied Industrial Design. Why Every Company Needs an Insightful Brand Audit - Madmindstudios. A brand audit is imperative to understanding how well your brand strategy is resonating with the target audience.

Why Every Company Needs an Insightful Brand Audit - Madmindstudios

The audit breaks down your brand into all of the components (small and large) that make your brand what it is today. 10 Pitch Deck Design Tips. Pitch Deck Presentations for Entertainment Companies. Pitch deck presentations are commonplace in virtually all B2B companies, and entertainment firms are no different.

Pitch Deck Presentations for Entertainment Companies

While each business requires different styling, content and strategies when crafting the presentations, all of them need beautiful designs to help capture the attention of the target audience. There is no standard for an acceptable pitch deck presentation, but there are guidelines that we believe every company should follow when making them. 3 Types of Web Design Agencies That You Should Avoid. If you were to type “web design agency” into a Google search, you would get around 24 million search results.

3 Types of Web Design Agencies That You Should Avoid

Undoubtedly, 24 million web design agencies do not exist, and only a few thousand in the search results would be relevant to you. At the top of the list, there would be paid ads using Google AdWords that firms would have used a pay-per-click scheme to get there. Unfortunately, while it may signify some degree of credibility for being ranked near the top of the search engine, being highly ranked does not necessarily mean that the company can be trusted to build your business’s website. Developing a Professional Brand Strategy - Madmindstudios. A brand strategy is the methodical process that begins with market research but has an indefinite end.

Developing a Professional Brand Strategy - Madmindstudios

Ultimately, a brand strategy needs to be concrete at the time of inception, but it must be dynamic over a long timeline. Markets and consumers are ever-changing– a professional brand strategy is designed to be adaptive, but also has core values that should remain constant. However, if your core values change, a new brand strategy is required.

For example, I’d like to reference SeaWorld as a perfect representation of a new brand strategy rollout due to a fundamental change in their core values. If you went to SeaWorld 15 years ago, you were likely there for the purpose of entertainment; all of the marine-animal-shows, amusement attractions and rollercoaster rides demonstrated that SeaWorld was in the business of entertainment. Market Research Market research should always be the first step before constructing an adaptive brand strategy. Brand Positioning in your Marketing Strategy - Madmindstudios. Content Marketing: Do you Need It? – madmindstudiosblog. The digital age has changed the dynamics of business and marketing dramatically.

Content Marketing: Do you Need It? – madmindstudiosblog

Content marketing, however, has been a major contributor to a comprehensive marketing strategy since the inauguration of commerce. In 2017, content can be made in a variety of ways, including videos, audio podcasts, ebooks, blog posts and even in images. Branding your Web Design. Branding is an all-compassing term that includes many marketing aspects for a business.

Branding your Web Design

Usually, entrepreneurs will start with the logo, get a website and move on from there, not thinking about how the two contribute to the brand identity. While logos are important (and we have written countless times of their importance to branding), for this article, we will focus on web design and why it’s important to your brand. Checklist for a Successful Logo. A great logo gives your brand the opportunity to create a lasting first impression.

Checklist for a Successful Logo

There are many types of logos, but those that succeed all have a few things in common. 3 Tips For Branding Your Financial Services Company. Financial service firms have a tendency to market themselves in similar ways.

3 Tips For Branding Your Financial Services Company

They are usually branded as being professional, which is a good thing and your branding should likely have a professional element to it as well. However, what happens when your potential clients all have the same view of financial service firms due to the ubiquitous branding that most professional businesses use? 3 Tips for Luxury Real Estate Branding. When you think of luxury, there might be a few things that appear in your mind.

3 Tips for Luxury Real Estate Branding

Maybe you think of a specific color, professional clothing, possibly some words that have a luxurious feel to it. How can you apply that feeling of luxury to your real estate brand strategy? And if you already have a luxury real estate firm, it's time to match the branding to your business. Conventional branding wisdom unfortunately will not suffice for luxury branding, and this goes for any industry that involves luxury items. Real Estate Print Marketing: The Basics. Marketing for Real Estate may seem obvious at first. There are simple websites that you can be easily visible on, including Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and and you can then declare that you have engaged in digital marketing.

But there are other necessary mediums in which realtors need to market themselves and their services, and print marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important channels to maximize your reach. You may hear print marketing and wonder why we’re still talking about it in 2017. Why You Should Be Using PDFs for your Presentations. PowerPoint presentations seem to be the go-to avenue for creating presentations for a variety of purposes. Photo Retouching Los Angeles Services At Your Fingertips - Madmindstudios. A photo is worth a thousand words, and it only takes a few seconds to make an impression when you first look at a photo. It is not unusual for people to assume that photo retouching is basically airbrushing that does away with all the original detail to bring out something that doesn’t look anything close to the real thing.

That is a widespread misconception about photo retouching. Unfortunately, substandard service providers don’t help correct this misconception either. On the other hand, our professional photo retouching Los Angeles services are focused on unleashing the cleanest, most natural look. User Friendly Ecommerce web design with shopify. One of the easiest ways to convert the visitors of your ecommerce website into customers is by having a beautifully Shopify ecommerce web design. At Mad Mind Studios, we specialize in crafting user friendly interfaces that are intuitive for potential customers. As Shopify experts, the main focus in our design is to convert and retain customers. Irrespective of how intricate the needs of your business are, our team has the technical Shopify knowhow that will help you effortlessly build your business through solutions that are aimed for success. We create and build ecommerce sites that are easy on the eyes and are intuitive for all types of customers, no matter the level of education or their experience using the internet.

All your customers will have a seamless experience from the browsing process to purchases and checkout. Shopify eCommerce Website Development Experts. Shopify eCommerce Web Design We have extensive experience in Shopify ecommerce web design to know that people love interacting with beauty and elegance.